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Monday, September 8, 1997
Test release info - Slipgate
Mike Myles and Andy Ionescu both pointed out that on MeccaWorld Quake 2 it states that the test release of Quake 2 should be in four to six weeks, and the full release by Christmas. This according to folks they've talked to at ECTS. I generally believe this statement since about a week or two ago (when the Norman situation with the sounds happened) when Norman explained why/how it was done, he said American McGee had said that id had seven weeks of development time left, which I took to mean that the test would be released somewhere around that time.

Entermedia misunderstanding - Slipgate
The Entermedia affiliateship actually ends tomorrow night (at midnight tomorrow). Entermedia has informed us of this error, so we have placed the affiliate graphic back up for legal reasons. It will be removed tomorrow at midnight.

The Cheese - Slipgate
I went to Quake 2 Cheese and saw that Fmellish had made the following post:

I got a great second job last week. I'll be doing what I love and working for a good company. Unfortunately it's just a temp job. I start this week. I'm working 2 full time jobs now, so outside of work, I'm going to have about 8-10 hours every 24 hour period for sleeping. I'm going to have to say goodbye to a lot of the things I love. But, this second job is only until the end of the year so I will be back in action around January. So until January The Cheese will only be updated on weekends. Sorry folks. I love Quake2, but I need to start making extra money if I'm ever going to marry April and get a place for us. I'll keep my web server up, and you can bet when the Quake2 Test comes out I'll let you know right away. I'm rather busy right now, so I won't do a full update for today, but make sure to visit the other news sites. There are about 6 Quake2 screen shots floating about that you may not have seen yet.
We'll miss you Fmellish! If your wondering, the 6 shots he's referring to are in our screenshots area.

Quake 2 vs. Unreal? - Slipgate
Tim Sweeney, lead programmer on Unreal, made 3 posts to the Unreal messageboard about what he understands Quake 2 will have that Unreal won't, and vice versa. The posts have been summarized on Or, if you want, you can read them yourself. Here's the first one, the second one, and the third one. Drywall of Inside 3D made a reasonable followup to one of Tim Sweeney's posts where Tim expressed surprise over Quake 2's decision to go with DLLs. Read Tim's original post and then Drywall's followup. The first and third posts are from a very objective perspective, but one thing I didn't like is that in the first post Tim Sweeney says something to the effect of "Quake 2 probably has robotic monsters since that would require less fluid animation, where our animation is organic and fluid and we have organic monsters." I don't take a game and slice down the story into an excuse for a fault of the engine, and I think robotic monsters in a space setting is just as good a storyline to a game as any other developed story, rather than attributing the story to an engine issue. Just my 2 cents.

Update: I posted a followup to Tim's message and expressed my above 2 cents, and thanked Tim for remaining objective and not outright demeaning id.

ECTS reporting redux - Slipgate
Madman went to ECTS yesterday and played several games including Quake 2, Unreal, Half Life, etc. He gave Redwood his "report" of what he thought and saw, check it out here.

Sunday, September 7, 1997
Too-many-screenshots! - Slipgate
Well, the three from Norman's site (see below) are up, along with 3 more the Sentinel got from PC Gamer. They are all in the screenshots area. My question is is that if 3 of these shots are from the latest PC Gamer does that mean that massive issue is out? Note to self: Check store tomorrow.

MeccaWorld at ECTS - Slipgate
MeccaWorld has a reporter at ECTS, and he has a "day one" report up already. He's seen Quake 2 and Unreal, and is discussing both among other games. Thanks Malcolm.

We've been graded - Slipgate
The Quake 2 Battlegrounds (see previous story today) gave A+ on news reporting and A on site design, and presented us an award. Thanks Douglas B.

New Quake 2 site - Slipgate
Check out PegasusWorld, a new Quake 2 site.

Paul Steed .plan update - Slipgate
I'll let it speak for itself. Good news for Quake 2, plus a massive "modeling tutorial."


Good news! I've gotten the number of player character anims back up to 50 by reusing some frames from the two-handed weapon set in the one-handed anim set. I also shaved some frames by deciding to push John's linear interpolation code by making it earn its keep as I deleted some transitional anims. Which is a good excuse to open up another chapter of the 'Steed Way To Model And Animate'.

You see, whenever I animate a character it has a 'default' frame which is usually a 'ready' stance' that easily jumps to whatever animation that is required. For an illustration of this type of animation principle I'll discuss the walk cycle (I'll talk about a walk cycle because I had to redo a walk animation for the player character after I accidentally kicked the power strip 'off' button as I tried to get into a more comfortable slouch in my chair; I was so pissed that I blurred through the next version of the walk and had it ready to save out in 15 minutes). For this example, please realize that I am using Alias Power Animator with a skeleton driving the objects representing the character (I animate skeletons 99.9% of the time) and an IK chains set up between the respective upper leg joints and ankle joints. The root of the skeleton (or main parent) is the hips. I am also animating at a 10 frames per second playback.

A typical walk cycle done for Quake2 lasts eight frames, BUT even though the looping walk cycle is only eight frames the entire walk animation is normally be around 16 frames. Let me explain. The default pose is frame '0'. The first thing I set is the first STRIDE that is logical from the positioning of the limbs in the default. So I go to frame 4 and set the left arm forward, right arm back, right leg forward left leg back and set a key frame - stride 1('key frame' BTW is telling the computer that it is allowed to animate frame 1,2 and 3 by itself as it goes from the key frames I set at 0 and 4. Next I go to frame 8 and move the legs and arms in exactly the opposite way and set another key frame - stride 2. Then I go back to frame 4 and copy that key frame to frame 12 to allow for a loop from frame 4 through frame 11. Why not 4 through 12? Because this has to loop. 4 through 11 equals 8 frames. 4 through 12 equals 9 frames. Since 4 and 12 are the same, if you looped those 9 frames and played the anim, there would be a sticking point where the first and last frame repeated.

Last I go in and copy frame 0 to frame 16. This gives me a rough walk anim going from the default to a walk back to the default. Everything I just described should take about 3 minutes to do. This slam-bam quick flurry of ALT-k's in Alias let's me play the anim back and see if it's the proper tempo. If the timing's right it's now time to move on to the refining stage. This time-consuming part of the process is to add realism to the gait and for correct adjustment of the feet to prevent that shitty-looking 'skate' I see in some of our wannabe competition. Giving weight and making the feet not budge a millimeter as they go through their motions is definitely the first step towards realistic animations.

Want me to go over that, too? All right. I need a break from the MPC and since you've read this much so far, why not plod on?

Want to know one of my trade secrets? Copies of feet. Yep. Whenever I do an animation of a character that is supposed to be on the ground I make copies of his/its/her feet. If the feet are attached to legs and/or are uni-bodied (one piece) then I simply delete the vertices of everything but the feet copies. Then I freeze or template the feet and use them as my guides for proper foot placement for the character. When I set key frames at frame 0 and frame 4 of the first stride, I also set key frames for the feet copies at frame 0 and frame 4 with frame 0 copied to frame 3.

Before I get to the feet, though, I do some rotational key framing on the torso and waist as I knock out the walk. At frame 4 I keep the hips (root) facing forward and lean the torso and rotate it towards the extended leg along the z-axis (z is up in my setup). I set the feet right and match up the frozen copies to their dependent counterparts. I copy frame 4 over to frame 12 as well. Next I go to frame 8 and do the same in reverse. Then I go to frame 6 and raise the body up until the leg supporting the weight is rigid and looks correct; rotate the feet to match the planted and frozen copy; set the key frame and do the same all over again for frame 10. Finally I go through all the frames and tweaked them until the anim looks right (it would take me at least another page to detail that portion of the process). In the end it looks as if the character is at rest and decides to take 2 steps and go back to the same 'at rest' stance. Use your eyes and decide when it looks real enough and then you're ready to center the frames around the origin and save them out sequentially to be model-gened.

Now we come to the part where I decided to save some frames and make the interpolation take a more proactive role (kinda like letting her get on top for awhile). Instead of setting the stride 1 at frame 4, I set it at frame 2. And instead of setting the last frame 4 frames after the repeat of frame 4, I set it at 2 frames after the repeat. This tactic alone has bought me at least around 40 frames to apply to the anims that I lost to the great 512.

What is up with the .plans lately? Quit apologizing and or trying to softly talk shit and insult. I am a very happy, upbeat person who thrives on competition. I work hard and play hard. But at times I would much rather beat on some heads instead of my chest. Unfortunately, however, laws and the rancor of my fellow humans and peers prevent such action. Reading veiled insults and smack-talking, professions of love, fulsome contrition and ball-less attempts at making all the 'can't we all just get along' liberals out there happy makes me sick.

Fuck the competition. In a social setting I would love to sit down with ANY artist at ANY other software development company and swap war stories, drink beer and have a awesomely convivial time. You can tell me how bad I suck or how bad I pissed you off with one of my posts. But when it comes time to play ball and put my artist hat on while I swing a sword for my employer, then step off and get the fuck out of my face. If you aren't into your job or your project then find another of company and a better project. If you are into who you're working for then defend them and kick ass in the name of them.

My game's going to kick your game's ass. Nyahh.

Remember Norman's? - Blitz
Here's an exclusive from Remember Norman's Quake 2 Page (the one with the funny sounds with American McGee). Well, they had posted a screenshot a couple weeks ago with a note that they would post another every week. Since there were no new screenshots, GFKiller asked Gorebag (the page owner). Here is the quote:

Is the screenshot a week thing true? Or is it just a joke?

>Thanks for reminding me. There are three hidden screen shots on the
>site right now.
>You can get to them using standard hypertext links. Just a question
>of finding them.
>Happy hunting!
If you can not find them do not worry. We will add them to our screenshots page in a day or so.

The Technical Corner - Slipgate
We're proud to announce we're now hosting the Quake 2 Technical page, which is a quick spot to get technical information about Quake 2's internal workings and requirements, which is already good and will be even better once the test release or game is out.

And you, fine sir, get a B - Slipgate
The Quake 2 Battle Grounds is now going to grade Quake 2 sites. The sites must be Quake 2 only, and Douglas B. of the Grounds will judge how good it is.

New Quake 2 page - Slipgate
I was crusing the newsgroup when I came upon a post of a guy mentioning his new Quake 2 site, check it out here.

Brian Hook .plan update - Slipgate
Brian Hook updated his .plan with his take on the whole incident with Shadow Warrior and the stereotypes present in it, as well as on racism. In the end, he included this statement:

ObQuake2: you guys are gonna love the power armor.
Woops - Slipgate
My links to the 166,666'th hit screenshot and q2 animated gif yesterday were incorrect, fixed now. Also, yes I made a type and said 16,666 before, that's fixed now too :). Thanks to all the folks who pointed those errors out to me.

Saturday, September 6, 1997
Our mission statement - Slipgate
Several people regard as just a news page. However, this is not the case. We host subsites, and although I realize that you don't see many subsites hosted yet, several more are already being set up. We provide interesting other resources for Quake 2 that aren't around normally, as Quake 2 Times and 4 of the upcoming subsites show. We also provide the FAQ and an archive of every Quake 2 screenshot released, a messageboard for your discussions to take place, and an archive of all the logs of informative id Software visits regarding Quake 2, the 2 webrings relating to Quake 2 present so far, and even the homepage of the major IRC chat channel on Quake 2. The reason the news page is presented primarily is so that you get at the meat of what was the latest thing to happen, either site-wide (as we will post news on developments on our site or subsites) or in the world/domain of Quake 2, but we are not just a news page and we don't like being considered as such. Consider us like PlanetQuake or Stomped, but dedicated to just Quake 2, and a little bit different in approach. That's what we do and that's what we're here for. I say this because lately there's been a few letters about certain aspects of the site and why they are the way they are. We do consider all rationally presented suggestions to us, and encourage people to make suggestions to better the site. We also garauntee that several provocative additions and changes to the site should be presented soon and have been under work for some time.

PC Games magazine - Slipgate
While at the store today I picked up the current PC Games magazine. It has a short mention/blurb on Quake 2 in a section describing "80" coming games you've "got to play." The number of games mentioned sure didn't seem like 80, but Quake 2, Hexen 2, Unreal, et al were mentioned.

Site changes + Q2 Model - Slipgate
I've upgraded the essential files page into multiple categories, go check it out. I also added a Quake 2 logo wireframe in .asc and .cob formats that I got a while back from Katarn.

Also, someone on the messageboard commented that he didn't like the way the fingers were presented on Your opinions and suggestions on any aspect of the site are always welcome, and in response to the finger issue, we are currently reworking the way we present fingers anyways, when that is done let us know how you like it.

New Quake 2 animated gif - Slipgate
I was sent this little animated Quake 2 logo. Click the link to see it. People, you really don't need to be sending different types of spinning Quake 2 logos to us! It's not really Quake 2 news and I've decided to not post any more we get.

166,666 visitor - Slipgate
Sentinel was the 166,666'th visitor. His screenshot is here.

Our New CTF Server - Blitz
I set up CTF on one of our Linux servers that will eventually be used to run Quake2. You can connect to it at, or just click off your Qspy. The server is physically located in NYC.

Update complete - Slipgate
The logo contest page has been updated as necessary.

Not with Entermedia anymore - Slipgate
We are no longer affiliated with the Entermedia network, effective immediately. For the logo contest and 100,000 visitor Brad Dietz we will be providing the prizes ourselves now instead of having them provide them for us, as was the original agreement. The logo contest page will be updated later today, but our cancellation of our Entermedia affiliateship is effective immediately.

Friday, September 5, 1997
Forgot to mention - Slipgate
This previously mentioned Quake 2 preview (day or two ago) has lots of new info never had before on the game, check it out.

PC Zone stuff - Slipgate
PC Zone is supposed to have 2 new screenshots of Quake 2. Can anyone get me scans of these? If so, thanks. Saw that on The Sentinel.

Quake Marines contest - Slipgate
Here's a cool contest where you can win Quake 2 free:

The Quake Marines ( are hosting a demo contest that lasts until October 5th called Kuhas' Sewage System Challenge ( The winner gets a Quake 2 CD once it is released and the top 10 entries will get posted on the contest page for download.
PC Gamer shots - Slipgate
The newest shot is up. I think I'm tiring of actually updating the page to indicate this mundane fact :). Go to the screenshots area to see it, and btw, that's a translucent window.

.plan updates - Slipgate
Kevin Cloud updated his .plan to say that full Hexen 2 would be on shelves by the 12th of September (ooh, just a few days). Brian Hook updated his .plan regarding a quote in a magazine and the good news that lots of cards are "Quake 2 ready." Thanks to Rotwang the Quake 2 news hound (who, due to moving to college, has had a change of e-mail address). Here you go:

September 5, 1997

I was alerted to being quoted by a PC game magazine regarding the Voodoo and its status as "pimp master chipset". Curious to see when I said it, I reread my June 26 (late PM) plan, and sure enough, I said that. A reminder though to you trade rags -- PLEASE get my permission first (that plan update predated my original request, so that magazine is in the clear).

Anyway, of note is that in that same plan update I said:

"If I have 4 consumer accelerators and 2 high-end accelerators "Quake2 Ready" I will be very happy. If I have significantly more than that I will be abso-fucking-lutely ECSTATIC, and I think 6 consumer accelerators and 4 high-end accelerators isn't out of the question."

Well, the good news is that TODAY we already have _5_ consumer accelerators "Quake2 Ready" (Voodoo, Permedia2, Rendition 2200, RIVA128, PCX2), and at least one high-end accelerator (Realizm), and another high-end accelerator that's a definite-likely (Glint MX).

And in the coming weeks I'm very confident that we'll be running on and supported by Intel i740 (consumer), Real3D R3D/100 (high-end), E&S 3D Pro (high-end) and ATI Rage Pro (consumer).

Things are looking REAL good right now.
Quake 2 fiery gif - Slipgate
Jake Lodwick sent me what he calls "the followup to Sujoy's flaming Q on Blue's News." Check it out.

Quake, Quake 2, and the stylized Q symbols are copyrighted trademarks of id Software, inc.

Quake 2 only $46.17? - Slipgate
Tilo found this page with the claim on Quake 2 being priced at $46.17. He asked me if this was serious, and I frankly don't know. I'm hoping someone from id can tell me if this will be the real price or not. Stay tuned I guess :).

News on QuakeEd 4 - Slipgate
I got two tidbits of news about the id editor QuakeEd 4. First, Ryan "Sentinel" Katkov talked to Disruptor today on 3DNet about QuakeEd 4. According to Disruptor, QuakeEd 4 does not (in its present form) work under Windows 95. With further questioning he found out that it only runs on Windows NT 4.

Second, remember when American McGee said that they wouldn't release QuakeEd 4? Chris Spencer asked John Carmack to clarify on whether or not QuakeEd 4 will be released to the user community. John's reply was "We probably will be releasing it, but not supporting it."

Worldcraft 1.5 out - Slipgate
Yup, new version. Check it out at Redwood's and other sites.

Quake 2 chat - Slipgate
Glen made a post on the messageboard announcing that he has created a Quake 2 chat room (using Java) at Be advised that this chat room requires your browser to be Java capable. It offers the ability to either show the chat in the web browser window or to "float" the chat in a seperate window.

Mother Teresa dead - Slipgate
Saw on that Mother Teresa has passed away. May she rest in peace.

American McGee interview - Slipgate
Absolute Quake has an American McGee interview, along with some other level designers in other companies. Thanks Prophet.

Screenshots - Slipgate
The screenshots area is finally up to date again. Thanks to all who notified us of new screenshots. Your aid was much appreciated.

ZDNet story - Slipgate
Basher of the Wu-Tang (they aint nuttin ta mess wit! :) ) clan found this story on ZDNet about Hexen 2 and how elements of it, like monsters ducking attacks etc., are in Quake 2 also. That's about right.

Quake2 News Central - Slipgate
[EtG]jago wanted me to mention that his Quake 2 site had moved to Also, the site has a new logo, and [EtG]jago's Quake 2 and Hexen 2 pages have been removed from Time2Quake.

Brian Hook .plan update - Slipgate
Last night (where was I?) Brian Hook updated his .plan. He talks about how disheartened he is about Dave Perry of Shiny, and also has this cool Quake 2 tidbit:

Ran our first TIMEDEMO on Quake2 last night -- pretty darn cool. Numbers weren't quite what we expected, but I'll write more about this in a week or so after IHVs have a chance to tune for Quake2.
Thursday, September 4, 1997
Gaming search engine! - Slipgate
You ever wanted the novel idea of a search engine just for 3d gaming pages? Your wish is Quake Mountain's command! Check this out:

I invite with open arms anybody who has a Quake2 site or a gaming site in general for that matter to head over to

and make sure their sites are are to be put up on the search engine that will go up when it has a signifigant number of sites to start out with.

basically tell everyone out there who has a gaming site to head over to The Mad Gamer -- Search Engine and fill out the form so that their site will be posted on the search engine.

Hopes for it is that it will become the Yahoo! 4 Gamers, it is a gamers only search engine.

Thanks a bunch.
Are you guys all sick? - Slipgate
Ugh. Just found out that Natasha's Slipgate got shut down. Want to know what happened? Well, see people were harassing her with altered pictures of her, but this was the last straw:

Final update

I have tried and tried to carry on but have just received a picture of a dog with all its guts hanging out with maggots and stuff on it. I feel I cannot continue this site as all this is just doing my head in totally. I will still continue to play Quake. Thank you to everyone for your support!!! Hope to see you around and frag you :o)!
OK, now this is just sickening, OK? I mean, I love the fact that people visit this page. I just go ballistic whenever I actually see that the counter is going up at all. I'm glad to provide you guys with this news. But, is this the sort of thing the Quake community does? Is this who I'm making this page for? Was that dog picture really necessary? I'm really upset at this, just like Redwood. And rightly so.

Thanks to TE-VorpalKreep for letting me know.

ICQ off - Slipgate
ICQ has proven more of a nuisance than an assistance lately, so I've decided to uninstall and stop using the program. You won't find me on ICQ. I'm not on Ichat either. Just e-mail me if you want to talk to me, I respond in a reasonable amount of time to those and I don't have to worry about contact lists and hearing "uh oh!" every minute.

Test release info - Slipgate
Please folks, stop sending me/us e-mail about "when is the quake 2 test/shareware/whatever coming out?" or "is it out?" It takes a considerable amount of time to reply to every single one of these. Because of that, I've decided to do a little thing so that I can cut down on the number of e-mails like that. Said little thing is a headline saying just what the e-mail would say, it's above now.

PC Gamer screenshots - Slipgate
Turns out they had a poll to see whether people wanted them to keep coming out with new shots every day or not. The majority of people said they wanted it to keep coming, but not AS frequently once the issue came out, so PC Gamer has decided to do a weekly thing instead once the issue is out.

And yes, our screenshots area is a LITTLE out of date (2 shots out of date, precisely). I haven't got the time right now, so I'll make it up to date tomorrow.

Alien symbol - Slipgate
Prestige of The Sentinel realized that in Quake (in Episode 1 especially, towards the beginning) there are crates with the Quake 2 skull symbol (at least a version of it) on them. What does this all mean? Don't ask me to make any speculations, I have no idea :).

Brian Hook .plan update - Slipgate
Brian Hook clarified in his .plan that although 320x200 was gone, 320x240 etc. was still around and low resolution people would do OK. Folks, don't worry, its a step forward for the best!

Trinity specs - Slipgate
Over at Trinity - The Site, John Carmack specified what he thinks will currently be the Trinity system requirements. Thanks Prophet.

Zanshin interview - Slipgate
The man behind the color: Zanshin of the GLQuake Dojo is interviewed on

Thanks Billy Wilson.

KillMe - Slipgate
Found out on Redwood's that KillMe updated the Zestorer project page with the fact that he is no longer involved with it since he lives and breaths Quake 2 now.

Paul Steed info - Slipgate
Dyno updated before about how Paul Steed gave "bad news." Well you might not have seen the first .plan update which that one was referring to. You see, yesterday he updated about the Quake 2 plot and model information in the last paragraph, and today he corrected an errored assumption he had. First read the whole deal, then read the newer .plan update to see what the "error" was. Here's yesterday's update to his .plan:

Been doing some surfing lately and read quite a bit about the Quake2 plot. I'd like to give some input to that. When I came aboard in October of last year the plot of the story went like this:

"An alien force has been pounding the shit out of earth in an attempt to invade and conquer us. The aliens are a nightmarish and painful hybrid of machine and flesh. They are pure evil incarnate and probably eat raw human flesh as well.

As the game unfolds you are part of an invasion force which has found a way to reach the alien homeworld through their own technology (i.e. worm hole/black hole trans-dimensional transportation 'portals'). As you hit the dirt of the said alien homeworld you quickly realize that most of your buddies are in the process of being wiped out and it is of course up to you to save the day. Your goal? To shut down the defenses of the alien military complex which you've crash landed into and specifically incapacitate the 'Big Gun' which can shoot down any one of the ships in the awaiting fleet overhead.

Once you've accomplished the destruction/shut-down of the Big Gun, the fleet will begin pounding the alien planet into submission as most of their defending fighters are off pounding OUR planet."

Kevin Cloud drafted the first iteration of this plot. I went in and named the aliens the 'Strogg' and explored the social and historical background of these bad guys to better set up the cinematics with a treatment that I wrote up. Several months later, Paul J. came in and added his more dramatic spin to things and the story is the id-amalgam that it presently is. The bottom line is that the three paragraphs I printed above sum up the plot of Quake2. They are the guide by which Kevin directs us all as we make the game, and the premise upon which I build the cinematics. Everything else is what we here at id add to it to make it an interesting read. Hope you all will dig it.

Also thought you'd be interested in knowing a little about what the player character will do in the game (since its what I've been working on 16 hours a day lately). As in the case of the drumming fingers on the weapons, we want to put some touches like that to the player character's animations which seem small yet have impact. I want to keep a lot of the specifics a surprise but let me just say that the player will do 55 different animations consisting of 500 frames. Let's just say that if during death match you get pissed at someone you'll be able to let them know. If you want to let someone know they're cool then you can do that. If you want to taunt someone you'll be able to do that too. Basically during deathmatch we're aiming to give you guys an even deeper connection to the world and an even wider range and ability to communicate through the animations. I know you'll like it.
I'm back, and I'll stay - Slipgate
Hey all. Been busy with school recently, which is why Dyno and Blitz did updates :). Part of the reason we brought Dyno on board. See, with college and all I'll be rather busy sometimes. Also, school's my first priority now of course. I debated stopping my involvement with this site and leaving it to Dyno, Blitz, and its own devices, but I've decided to just be as involved as I can without failing in school :). I'll keep involved with the site, I'm not about to go away. I did debate it, but I won't. Thanks to all the people who convinced me.

Paul Steed Plan Update - Dyno
Paul Steed updated his plan, some bad news about animations.

Bad news again. I forgot about the maximum number of frames per character being only raised to 512 for Quake2. This means that with a standing animation at 40 frames for both two-handed and one-handed weapons I had to lose about eight animations. After you add swimming and a swim idle animation, I lost another five. We're still at 42 unique animations so in the end it will still be a larger range of animations than usual. This number may be altered yet again by the god of 512, though. I'll hold out at 40, regardless.
Gamecenter a Crock - Dyno
Some people seem to be telling us not to believe Gamecenter, the reports they made of an October release. Evidently they made false claims about Quake as well. I wouldn't know, I wasn't following the developement of Quake anywhere near like I follow the progress on Quake2. I guess they are just excited like we are.

Quake2 Preview - Blitz
Computer Games Online has a Quake 2 Preview up. Thanks GFKiller for letting us know.

Quake2 Realm Back - Dyno
Jest wanted me to mention that the Quake2 Realm is now ready to be updated again. He had his machine taken in for some upgrades and it took much longer than he expected to get it back, boy do I know what that's like!

3Dx Changes - Dyno
3Dx made a some major redesign changes, worth checking out. Thanks Prophet for letting me know.

The Dopefish Lives! - Blitz
Disruptor updated his .plan with a cool animated Dopefish button.

[TE]VorpalKreep Mailed in saying that if you click on the Dopefish button it takes you to a cool site with all the info you want to know about the dopefish.

Resolution - Dyno
Missed Hook's plan update today about resolutions. I thought it was buried somewhere in Slip's updates in the Hook stuff. It's hard to tell with him, his plan is always updated. Anyways, thanks to those of you who mailed in about it, you know who are you, I actually forgot who you are. Well to the point, 320x200 will not be supported anymore... But they plan to now support 960x720.

October Release??? - Dyno
Just got some info here from Darren W. McClung about a Gamecenter article which focuses on September releases. Anyways, they seem to be saying that Quake2 will be released in October? Just read this:

"The demo on everyone's download list is Hexen II, and Activision promises that the full version will be out early this month (it's scheduled for a September 9 release). For those wanting more, Quake II will arrive the following month.... "
Well, since they mentioned demos, they might be talking about Q2test. But they do seem like they are pulling in above schedule on this one, I don't know. Check out the article if you want to see the rest.

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