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Saturday, September 13, 1997
The Parasite - Dyno
Of all the character pics that Paul Steed sent out, I would have to say the parasite interested me the most. I was dismayed to hear that all anyone else knew about it was that it was a dog-like creature, woohoo! So I sent along some mail to Paul Steed asking for some info on this baddie, here's what he said:

The parasite kind of evolved into a dog-like creature because I wanted to animate a four-legged monster who scares the shit out of you as it pursues. You have to understand that the way our creatures evolve sometimes is through a bouncing back and forth of ideas between designers and artists and artists and artists. For example, the designers will write up a spec on a monster they'd like to see in a given level. Usually there's no visually descriptive so Adrian, Kevin and I discuss what would be a cool look for this monster. Adrian then does a sketch and we go from there. I'll usually change the design slightly to accomodate the animations I have in mind, but I try to keep to the intent Adrian had when sketching it.

The parasite shoots this organic 'harpoon' from his torso above and behind his neck so I immediately thought, "wouldn't it be cool if when he shot this thing at you he would miss sometimes and get stuck in a wall or something." This would allow for a comical and possibly life-saving animation where this thing frantically tries to get 'unstuck'.

The parasite is very kinetic and is primarily going to be an ambush character who waits impatiently for you to walk by his hiding place. Then he jumps you and all hell breaks loose. One of the main reasons we think of him as dog-like is because if he sits too long in his idle pose, he randomly scratches at some cyber-fleas behind his ear. This anim looks pretty convincingly canine and made everyone laugh the first time they saw it.

You'll still dig it though. Adrian did an awesome job on the skin and he's definitely one of my favorite characters.

Interview with "Killme" - Dyno
There's an interview with Brandon "killMe" James, of id, up at the Quake Workshop.

Ruining the Game - Dyno
I thought I would comment on the recent talk about ruining the game with too many screen shots. I don't mind the screen shots much, but these pictures of the monsters seem more likely to ruin the game. When you play something for the first time, it's much better when everything is completely new. For those who see pictures of all the monsters before the game is released, nothing will suprise or frighten you about the game. But what else would you expect these magazine people to do, they are the press, they want readers... And they will get them any way they can. But if id Software is worried about ruining the game with too much exposure, they need to tell Paul Steed to stop sending out character pics. Hey, but I don't mind, doesn't ruin anything for me. All this info just makes me want to play the game more!

Opinions on the Female Monster - Dyno
What's wrong with the female monster? I think the female monster is very ugly and disgusting, all the better for blasting her head off with a DB shotgun. Good job id, she's the ugliest @#$#* I've ever seen. I've heard many people agree with me too.

Friday, September 12, 1997
Quake Characters - Blitz
Run on over to Redwood's and check out all the character graphics Paul Steed sent him! There's a new one called flipper that's really cool looking.

Quake 2 Press contest - Slipgate
Quake 2 Press is having a name contest. The rule is that the name must be in relation to the site somehow. The person who wins receives a free copy of a gaming magazine with the Quake 2 demo on it. Go to Quake 2 Press for more info. Thanks Lag.

QuakeCast - Slipgate
JudgeCal from QuakeCast e-mailed me to let me know that the audio from the last show with Kevin Cloud is up. It still seems to cut off at 53 minutes, but you hear more from Kevin than I recall you hearing before. Go to the QuakeCast page and listen. To hear Kevin Cloud you have to skip forward to about the 40 minute mark.

Quake 2 FAQ released - Slipgate
A new, up to date version of the Quake 2 FAQ is now out. Now the FAQ is available in HTML and standard ASCII text editions. It has also been uploaded to now (in a zip containing both the ASCII and HTML versions) and should be approved there soon. In the meanwhile, check out:

  • ASCII edition version 0.3
  • HTML edition version 0.3
  • Download both together

    Be sure to read the disclaimers and rules on how to find the latest version, the file naming convention, and the proper way to mirror the FAQ.

    Female monster - Slipgate
    No real news yet today, but I've gotten multiple e-mails (or messageboard posts) stating a disappointment with the female monster shown in PC Games' Quake 2 feature (shots also in our screenshots area). I don't know if this is just one of the female monsters in the game or all of them, so I can't really yet comment on that. Some seem to dislike the model and/or skin, some dislike the general look, etc. Here's one e-mail I got in regards to the female monster:

    Hi, I saw the recent PC Games Quake 2 photos and wanted to comment on the NEWER monsters. The Parasite looks Awesome, that robot with the tentacles is interesting, but I honestly must say that I was dissapointed with the female monster. I was expecting a femalish version of the gunner, so her look was surprising. I like all of the current monsters with the exception of her. Hey, I'm not sexist, but I do not like this particular model/skin. Could you post this or raise an opinion poll on the female monster. I'd be curious to see how others feel about this. Q2 will deliver!


    Jim Harris
    As I told Jim, I don't think its wise to jump the gun with an opinion poll when we don't know if that's the only female monster, if that is actually the female monster slated for the final game, or anything else. We should wait till we are better informed.

    Thursday, September 11, 1997
    QuakeCost 3 - Slipgate
    Little slow, but Quake 2 Times now has QuakeCost 3. Also, I'm writing a couple of articles for the Times, I just haven't had much time to dedicate to them..... soon I promise! BTW, the QuakeCosts poke fun and may be found offensive to some, but don't take it to heart.

    Sigh - Slipgate
    Fixed the fact that I had 2 links to the new programming site on the hosted sites page. I must be getting sleepy these days. news - Slipgate
    DooFoo would like reporters for, and he's looking for a good Quake 2 website to put at The Quake 2 site gets e-mail addresses and 10 megabytes of space. Thanks DooFoo.

    DLL site - Slipgate
    Meant to mention this earlier today (some folks inadvertendly (sp?) found out from my hosted sites page) that we now have a new programming site up at It's starting by teaching some programming to start, then it'll go into DLLs, and once Quake 2 is out it will have lessons pertaining directly to Quake 2 to follow on the previous lessons. Not all lessons and tutorials are up yet, but the site is ready to rip roar.

    Check it out, make use of it. We'll get a banner to it for the hosted sites page soon.

    On an interesting note, this programming site of ours is made by the 2 authors of the Oak Bot (now also going to make the Oak Bot for Quake 2).

    QuakeCast threedux - Slipgate
    Well, halfway through Kevin Cloud talking, QuakeCast totally died and the IRC server temporarily went on the fritz too. The IRC server recovered, but QuakeCast didn't and now QuakeCast is officially "over" anyways. I hope that at least a RealAudio file was saved and will be put on the website later so we can hear what else Kevin said after it broke. He seemed confident and enthused that Quake 2 was on schedule, explained that he can't really estimate a test release right now until they get closer to completion of the project, discussed how the release date of four to six weeks became so prevalent (basically it seems that Activision likes dates..... but id wasn't using dates and so just fed a rough number to Activision, which was unfortunately told to the press at ECTS). This was about 9 minutes of his conversation (the rest, I don't know, that's when QuakeCast broke).

    QuakeCast redux - Slipgate
    Watching QuakeCast right now (8:38 PM)... Kevin will be apparently on starting at about 9:10 PM...... hurry over!

    QuakeCast - Slipgate
    Tonight on QuakeCast, Kevin Cloud! Don't miss it! 8:30 Eastern time, and you need RealPlayer of course.

    Screenshots - Slipgate
    I've updated the
    screenshots area with the 16 new shots from Also put the PC Gamer screenshot of the day in the screenshots area. BTW, check out the aforementioned PC Gamer feature, lots of cool info (including the fact that id decided not to have a Use key after all). Screenshots area is now at 14 pages (and still going to get bigger, I imagine).

    Quake 2 Technical page news - Slipgate
    The article about how light radiosity on our Quake 2 Technical page has not yet been corrected/updated with the information from John Carmack and Ken Alverson because Snoopy's (the site maintainer) computer was on the fritz for the last 2 days. He appreciates the mails, and he will correct it as soon as he can.

    Links Page Updated - Dyno
    Ok, I made my first update to the links page. I changed some dead links, and added all the links that I used to have with Dyno's Quake2 News. Still, I can be sure that I don't have all of the Quake2 pages linked there. So if you have a Quake2 page and you want a link, mail me. Take note, only Quake2 pages will be linked, and beggars for image links will be ignored.

    Quake 2 BSPs - Slipgate
    Redwood spoke to Tim Willits about Quake 2 BSP changes, check out the scoop, as Redwood calls it. I've debated quoting this but to be on the safe side I won't for now. Just follow the link.

    Quake 2 creatures - Slipgate
    Check out these 2 Quake 2 characters, provided to Redwood by Paul Steed. These are just character sheets, by the way, but here they are:

  • Parasite (dog like creature)
  • Brain (just look, don't ask)

    Response to Kevin - Slipgate
    Being a Quake 2 site ourselves, we have helped propogate the glut of screenshots and the speculation that Quake 2's test would be released in four to six weeks. To this I apologize, over here we're dedicated to bringing you an archive of all the Quake 2 shots that exist, which is why we put up any new ones that come out, although I have felt ever since PC Gamer started the shot of the day habit that it was and would be getting too excessive, which is why I stopped putting copies of the screenshots in the news, and just referred people to our screenshots area, so that we could prevent the game from getting ruined for people who didn't want to see the shots, and they could go look IF they wanted. As for the Quake 2 test release speculation, that is information I received in a variety of ECTS reports and was apparently given by one of the staff showing Quake 2 to the reporter. As it turns out, this is not true, and I'm sorry that I helped propogate such a baseless speculation. I eagerly look forward to Quake 2, and in the meantime I have ordered a
    Pure 3D card (yes, finally GL for me!) and I will be purchasing Hexen 2 this weekend. That should bide me over long enough I hope :). To the folks at id Software: Take your time, and make the best damn game that ever came out of that little office ever.

    Kevin Cloud .plan update - Slipgate
    Kevin Cloud, Quake 2 project leader and awesome artist, updated his .plan about the glut of screenshots and test release info among other things. I recommend you check it out. He explains the reason for the glut of screenshots, tells folks not to expect a Quake 2 test in four to six weeks (explains why) and mentions he'll be on QuakeCast tonight (If anyone doesn't know how to get to QuakeCast, go to You need RealPlayer to watch the show). Here it is:

    DISCLAIMER: Regardless of what you read below, I agree with you.

    I've been reading on the net that the Quake 2 demo will be released in four to six weeks. This is pure speculation.

    I want to release a Quake 2 demo. It is uncertain whether the demo will be just a Qtest-like tech demo or a full featured demo. We have certain internal expectations for getting it completed. However, it will be done when it is done. I don't want to raise people's expectations for no reason. Please don't expect a demo in four to six weeks.

    Over the last few weeks I've seen a ton of Quake 2 screen shots on the web. Six screens from here, and ten from there have all add up to complete over saturation. It was not my intention to blanket the web with screen shots.

    In order to limit distractions, we scheduled a number of magazine visits during the same week. During this period I did not keep a close enough watch on the content of the screen shots or the amount they took. Besides some of the shots being completely boring, many of them are of unfinished areas, or areas that will never make it in the game. This is not the fault of the magazines. Rather I dropped the ball in not properly controlling the release of new screen shots. I apologize for this mistake. In the future I will try not to let it happen again.

    I'll be on Quakecast tonight. I don't know what all will be discussed. I am sure the guys there will make it interesting for everyone.
    Quake 2 feature - Slipgate
    Check out Thanks Rotwang, Philip T. Pi, and coin. It has new screenshots and info, and shows lots of cool features like flies on rotting carcasses and stuff.

    BTW, from what I understand, what was supposed to be a 20 page spread in the US PC Gamer is only 6 pages.

    Paul J. on Quake 2 - Slipgate
    Paul Jaquays made the following .plan update regarding Quake 2 (thanks Rotwang, whose return address is nonfunctional :( ):

    QUAKE 2
    Regarding what is going into the game, visa vie features: Some very cool visual effects and physics are making their way into the code right now. This stuff is so cool that I think we should wait until the game ships to even TELL you what they are. I guess you could call them "trade secrets."
    Quake 2 shots error - Slipgate
    Page 2 of the screenshots area had one screenshot being repeated twice. It is fixed now. Thanks Prodigy.

    Wednesday, September 10, 1997
    Quake 2 Press move - Slipgate
    Quake 2 Press has moved to

    Quake 2 impression - Slipgate
    Saw the following e-mail from Jamie Harrison on The Sentinel, with his impression of Quake 2.

    More Quake2 memories. Major noticable use of colored lighting, all the weapons that cast light have a slightly different color that reflects of surfaces as they rocket by. The first level I played was in a pretty rough state. There were electrical sparks cating light in cormers and far reached broken walls spurted electrical particals. You can crouch, I know Hexen2 has that function but in Quake it makes a change.

    Perhaps the best thing I noticed was certain monsters once killed attract flys. There is literally a cloud of black particles swarming over bodies in some areas of carnage. Excellent.

    The Bezerk can gain on you in the most frightening speed. And when you get hi you go flying. His arms rend you into bits quicker than any gun.

    Baddies have multiple skins. So once you give a monster a kicking to within an inch of death there stands a bloody wreck infront of you. Another supercool touch. I shot the head off one monster and he fell to the floor with his gun still firing up in the air. Nice touch.

    OH, 1 last thing. When carrying guns with the hands visible one hand will drop down when you start running to aid balance and the other hand is continually flexing its fingers and regripping the handle. Cool. Guns also push your sights up so to keep a steady aim is a new skill to be learned.
    Calling good Quake 2 sites - Slipgate
    Got the following note from DooFoo:

    To any quake2 webpages *GOOD ONES*, i have the doamin of waiting to be filled.. this domain will be YOURS, ftp uploadable, unlimited email accounts, and all the space you need.. e-mail me at if you have a quake2 site that would like me to look over to see if i could put it there..
    Screenshots - Slipgate
    I've updated with all the shots on 3Dx I identified as "new" and today's PC Gamer shot of day. Could someone look at 3Dx and tell me if there are ANY new pictures I haven't already covered on page 1 or page 2 of the screenshots area? I think I've got them all but I want a second opinion.

    In other news, we now have 13 pages of screenshots.

    Radiosity explained - Slipgate
    Ken Alverson was kind enough to send me the following e-mail (quoted in its entirety) where he explained what radiosity is:

    After reading on about the correction to the radiosity lighting article, I was prompted to read the article itself. Decent article, but unfortunately it is dead wrong. Radiosity is not a simple lighting technique. I'll try my best to explain it in a few words here. Basically, in radiosity lighting every surface in the map is broken into tiny peices (in the ideal case it would be per atom, but we don't have that sort of processing power). Each of these peices is considered a light emitter, although some peices, called patches, initially emit no light. For the moment, lets assume that each patch is identical in size, because this simplifies things, but often isn't the case (although I believe QRAD uses the existing light map points as patches, which would mean they are identical in size in this case). Now we have all these patches, some with light emission values, some without. We could run the level now, but it wouldn't be very interesting, because nothing would be lit, except for the emitters (imagine a room with a light on, but you can only see the light, everything else is pitch black). Now comes the radiosity part. For each and every patch in the level, checks every other patch first to see if it is directly visible, and if it is, to see how far away it is. If it is visible, it calculates the light falloff, and adds the emitters color, scaled to the falloff, to the current patch's light. Notice there is no reflection calculations going on at all, although light reflection is handled indirectly, but I'll get to that. If you run the level now, it will look a lot like a Quake 1 level, where shadows are complete shadows, if a light cannot directly hit a point it is black. Now you take the new patch light values, and run the radiosity calculations again. Because patches that were previously not emitting light have light values, they emit that light back out to other patches (to a lesser degree), creating reflected light, and the beginnings of soft shadows. Once again in the ideal, you would run this process infinite times, then take the result, but obviously that is impossible, so usually 25 iterations will produce a nice image, and 100 will produce a great image. Hope this helps =)

    BTW mirrors in Quake 2 will probably not happen, or they will be a gimmick like in Quake 1. They are a great slowdown, try looking into the mirror on the start map with r_speeds on...And start is a relatively simple map, with no creatures or anything to reflect...
    Ken Alverson
    St. X Webmaster:
    Screenshots stuff - Slipgate
    By sometime tomorrow at the latest we will be up to date on all the newest released shots. I'm working on that in limbo with homework right now.

    John Carmack on Light - Slipgate
    Our intrepid Snoopy from our Quake 2 Technical Page sent an e-mail to John Carmack asking a question about, well, light :). Question being: If Quake 2 is using radiosity light where the light reflects off surfaces, does it work by just making the surface a light source that sends light in all directions or does it work by incident angle=reflection angle, sending the light back opposite of where it strikes? Turns out to be the former of the two. Basically, the surface struck by light becomes a light source radiating light in all directions. Quake normally has light sources emit light at their full specified intensity (whatever the level author thought it should be) which becomes less as it radiates out and eventually stops. The intensity of the light reflected by surfaces with Quake 2's radiosity lighting is equal to the intensity of the light WHEN IT HIT the surface (since light reduces in intensity as it travels away from its source). The light is radiated back out at the intensity it struck the surface with, and the light continues until it dissipates totally or strikes another surface and the game repeats :). With the new info on the light, Snoopy is revising the information on his site since he had assumed it was incidence angle=reflection angle type of reflection.

    My Redwood rant - Slipgate
    I've received some mails about my post about Redwood before. A good friend pointed out that I turned VERY pro-Redwood in that post, and the guy who made the post to the Unreal mailing list mailed me effectively stating that he can have his opinion if he wants it. I didn't mean to dispute that people couldn't hold an opinion, but I guess that is what it looked like I was saying. I also exchanged some nice e-mail with Sumbry from (who is, incidentally, another good friend of mine) which wasn't negative in any way but did help me to put things in perspective. I'm sorry to those to whom it seemed like I was stifling their opinions. I'm beginning to wonder about my practice of posting my opinions on the news. I may just use my .plan file or set up a seperate rant section for myself (probably my .plan file).

    3Dx - PC Gamer stuff - Slipgate
    3Dx has a summary of the feature in the current UK PC Gamer issue on Quake 2. It also has scanned copies of 16 Quake 2 screenshots from the UK PC Gamer, which are believed to be previously unseen. I'll have those 16 shots in our screenshots area soon enough. Thanks Nite of 3Dx.

    Yes, Pure 3D is good - Slipgate
    TimeBRK sent a letter to Canopus (the folks who make the newly shipping Pure 3D accelerator card) and confirmed with them that the card has hardware support for OpenGL for things like GLQuake. Thanks TimeBRK.

    Quake 2 Battle ground moves - Slipgate
    The Quake 2 Battle Ground has moved to This is the same Quake 2 site that grades other Quake 2 sites. Thanks Prophet.

    Site changeover - Slipgate
    We've opted out of the hosted sites table with a hosted sites page. We also have a hosting info page, at long last. Also, pRy of the Quake 2 Times is our hosting content advisor now. The page should now be able to load-as-you-go, with the removal of some annoying table definitions with these changes.

    New screenshots - Slipgate
    To all who mailed me: Keep in mind that when I wrote the previous update is when I was referring to them not having updated. In any case, they've updated with yesterday's shot, thanks Prodigy and Hexagon of Also thanks to Dan "The Gibster" McNamee for sending me 2 more shots from the PC Gamer issue. All 3 new shots are in the screenshots area now.

    PC Gamer? - Slipgate
    They haven't put up a new shot for yesterday or today. I thought they were going to continue this shot a day stuff even when their issue was out... maybe they are starting the weekly stuff they described before rather than daily. I'd like to take the opportunity to clear up two misconceptions people have had:

    When they say "on shelves September 16" on the PC Gamer shot a day page for Quake 2, they aren't referring to the game or test, they mean the issue of the magazine. It'll be on shelves starting September 16th so non-subscribers can purchase it. And yes, subscribers already have this issue (which has 70 screenshots, interviews, etc., I need to purchase a copy in a few days).

    Brian Hook .plan updates - Slipgate
    Brian Hook updated his .plan with his explanation for business types of why he (and id) port to so many platforms. He also said farewell to Morbid, who's stopping work on QuakeWorld since he's working at 3DFX now. That .plan update isn't quoted, but the aforementioned one is, below:

    People on the business side of things often ask me why we're bothering to port Quake2 to various platforms that likely won't generate significant sales, for example SGI, DEC Alpha Win32, Linux, and maybe even BeOS.

    The answer is real simple: it makes no business sense, but it's cool. John and I really click on this level -- we know when we're supporting something for no good reason other than it's amazingly cool, and we both get a warm fuzzy feeling knowing that software we wrote is running on systems all the way from $250K SGI Onyx2/2 to homegrown Linux x86 machines to good ol' Win32 x86.

    We'll probably make a little bit of money from the DEC Alpha and Linux ports, maybe even enough to justify the money and time spent on the porting effort, but none of these ports are being done for financial reasons.

    Writing portable code is cool. Writing software that runs on four different processor architectures (Intel x86, MIPS III/IV, PowerPC, and DEC Alpha) and four different operating systems (Win32, Linux, Rhapsody, and Irix) in various mixes is JUST PLAIN COOL.

    For those developers and biz folks that think we're being stupid and wasting our time supporting oddball platforms...I pity you, since you don't get it.

    Okay, M-x love-fest-mode, so ignore the rest of this update if you only wanted to hear about Quake2. Fair warning.

    I love working here. I love working at a company that stands behind its employees, and I love working for a programmer that does things for one of two main reasons:

    - it's cool
    - it's the right thing to do

    I love being able to make the right decision _technically_ and not feel like I have to justify it to management. I love the fact that we're a privately held company that doesn't freak out every time a quarter is ending and no new titles have shipped. I love the fact that I'll never hear John tell me "we can't do that because we need a new SKU out before our quarterly earnings reports are published".

    I love the fact that I got beams working tonight finally (thus my good mood).

    I love the fact that some of the best Quake players in the world are female.

    I love the fact that I work with people who know Trent Reznor.

    Alright, enough love fest for one morning. Quake2 will rage and pillage and plunder. Must sleep. Sleep good....
    Another .plan update he made clarifies his freedom of posting whatever he wants in his .plan:

    Woo-hoo, on a roll!

    Look folks, if you don't like what I say, I am NOT forcing you to read my .plan updates. If you don't like what Steed or anyone else says here, then do NOT read their .plan updates either. You have the freedom to change the channel, as it were.

    We are under NO obligation to tell people ONLY what's going on here at id and how Quake2 is going. If we want to rant about music, magazines, chicks, dudes, whatever, that's our choice. I cannot *believe* the crap I've seen on Usenet and other places as some IQ deprived individuals get all pissy because we "waste their time" with our egomaniacal, self-centered rantings that have nothing to do with Quake2.

    I guess what some folks are missing is that it's OUR choice to post complete and utter garbage, bad words and all. If I want to post recipes, talk about my dog (Anatolian Shephered "Akira"), say hi to my friends (Hi Taco! Hi Ryan!), talk about the CD I'm listening to (STP "Core") or how I feel about this summer's movies (they all sucked), then I CAN. If I want to give you the list of Hollywood women I'd love to meet, I can (Janeane Garofalo, Gabrielle Anwar, Gabrielle Reece, Julia Roberts, Meg Ryan). If I want to tell you what kind of car I'm lusting after, I will (Ferrari F355). If I want to tell you what kind of knives I cook with, I will (Wusthof Classic).

    If I want to emulate modem noise, I can (@&%!*MabdA ~~AT!).

    If I want to put random Apple ][ instructions up, I will (poke 1012,0).

    And if you read this far, it's not because I shoved your head in a vise and attached an ocular speculum to you in some weird Clockwork Orange torture scene. You got this far reading on your own. Ain't no one holding a gun to your head or quizzing you after this.

    Ain't no one here forcing anyone to read our bullshit posts. Don't send me mail bitching about how I'm wasting your time (I shit you not -- people have sent me mail saying "Quit wasting our time with your idiotic rantings" and similar sentiment), because you're wasting yet more of your time by bitching at me.

    Alright, that's all for now. Next time I post, I swear it'll be about Quake2.

    Ahhhh...much better now.
    Little things - Slipgate
    Now the Entermedia graphic really is gone. Question: Does the hosted sites table entries wrap around on to two lines at all for anybody? If so, please tell me and include what browser you are using and what resolution. It should be one line per subsite no matter what your viewing it in.

    Quake 2 @ ECTS - Slipgate
    NetGamer's take on Quake 2 at ECTS is here (Look under September 9th). It's only a blurb, so I'll quote it here but I'll remove it if so requested.

    Before the European Computer Trade Show had even begun, we'd completed objective no.1, to play Quake II, at an Activision preview. While id weren't happy with the multi-player graphics and wouldn't let us touch it, the single player version is simply stunning.

    Running through 3Dfx Voodoo Graphics, the game looks and moves superbly with crisp levels and barely a hint of brown scenery. While some tinkering is required with the monster AI, the creatures are fearsome, each comes with multiple attacks. Shoot them and they can blow apart, lose their heads or collapse in agony to be engulfed by streams of black flies. You too get knocked all over the place when hit by weapons or physically struck, which gets very disorientating.

    But the stars of the show are the new weapons, from the rotary cannon with its barrel that speeds up the longer you hold the trigger to the laser with its blue swirling beam. There's also an array of rockets, grenades and much more. The surprise of the game, the plot and the rendered intro, so it's not just going to be mindless violence then!
    Don't boycott Redwood - Slipgate
    PegasusWorld was kind enough to let me know about this comment that appeared on an Unreal mailing list. It regards a quote from the Redwood interview last night.

    This comment was bestowed upon us during the interview with king ass whille getting a question about the whole id reaper source code.

    <Redwood> I think that the accusation is probably from an Unreal fan that is worried that Quake 2 is going to slaughter their beloved Unreal and have to make stuff up to feel better about themselves.

    We need to do something about this
    I tend to disagree. First off, because Redwood expresses an opinion in an interview doesn't mean he's an ass, and anyways the rumor WAS probably started by an Unreal fan. Anyways it would be illegal for Quake 2 to use Reaper source in a store-released game. As for "We need to do something about this" the guy was just expressing his opinion, just like whoever sent that message was expressing his. In his interview Redwood acted very objective, he stated his opinions on Quake 2 and Unreal based on what he had seen and played of both of them (both at E3) and he said that if Unreal does really well he'll probably cover it. idea? - Slipgate
    Some people have suggested having a countdown clock till the release of Quake 2 on the site. While this is a cool idea, its not really feasible yet since we haven't been given a date. The test release is in 4-6 weeks, which is too general for a countdown, and the full is claimed to be by Christmas, but they aren't particular on date yet. Maybe later when they give an exact date.

    PC Gamer UK - Slipgate
    This month's PC Gamer (UK) has a huge writeup on Quake 2 as well as other games. Check this link out for more info on what's inside, as well as a picture of the cover. Thanks Prophet.

    Quake 2 preview - Slipgate
    May have mentioned this before, but Prophet mailed me about it and I wasn't sure, so here you go. A big Quake 2 preview with new info right here, enjoy. Thanks Prophet.

    3Dx Diary - Slipgate
    Got this letter from my buddy Nite from 3Dx:

    Yup, I'm starting another page on 3Dx, this time it is actually a part of 3Dx and not a subdomain.
    What it is, is basically a diary with a list of all future activities, such as interviews, release dates, etc. for Quake-related games. So, if someone wants to know what will happen tomorrow, for example, they can simply look and they'll find out.
    Cool and stuff :).

    Tuesday, September 9, 1997
    I3D redesign - Slipgate
    Inside 3D, the page meant for explanations on how to edit for any current or upcoming 3d games, has been redesigned. Thanks Drywall.

    Site stuff - Slipgate
    OK..... Dyno's taking over links soon, if you want your page linked you e-mail just him, not me or all 3 of us please. Also, my schoolwork's really starting to pick up, so I have to focus a little less on the site for a little bit. Don't worry, I'm still right here... watching you :).

    Paul Steed .plan update - Slipgate
    Wow... I never saw this .plan update before the one previously mentioned today till I checked The Void. Here you go, cool info on animations and taunts:

    I'd just like to say that I believe the Crackwhores are chicks. I'm not too sure their pics are legit, but JoJo's stats seem believable. Candy wrote me at my request for ideas on a taunt for the fpc. Other news today would be the colorful e-mail exchanges I've engaged in as a result of my last post. Quake2's player character will have 500 frames of animation. For a taunt I have the guy grab his crotch and the girl will shake her chest at you and wiggle her rear as she slaps a cheek. I think as a salute I'll have the fpc blow you a kiss (I already have the dude pop one cool salute in your direction).

    Other than that, what can I say? The game is shaping up most awesomely and word from ECTS isn't amazing, but people seem to dig the game quite a bit. I heard we're showing the game on 15" monitors, though. Bummer. Regardless, it seems you all will have to be shelling out quite a bit of dosh this X-mas for lots of cool games coming out. Lots of crap coming out as well.

    Thanks to all of you out there in the community who support id, psteed and the betterment of mankind.


    Reminder - Slipgate
    16 days left in the logo contest!

    Redwood interview over - Slipgate
    The Redwood interview is over. Went pretty well. Expect the official log soon from the interviewers. Next up on #idSoftware's interview list is George Broussard of 3D Realms/Apogee, and then yours truly.

    New Quake 2 shots - Slipgate
    Pinhead of Quake 2 Infosite and Jest of The Quake 2 Realm both informed me of 2 new shots, now in the screenshots area. Thanks guys.

    Paul Steed - Slipgate
    Paul Steed updated his .plan with a heartfelt apology and explanation of how he acts in his .plan.

    Before I go quoting this, let me speak for myself of my experience with Paul Steed. I talked with him at length at QuakeCon, and I learned a lot about him there, from his .plan's, and from e-mail exchanges he and I have had, and I've long ago decided what kind of person Paul Steed was.

    He is an extremely nice and funny guy. He loves his work and is really truly surprised and happy to be given the opportunity to work at id. His .plan files are only meant as light hearted jokes he doesn't even mean. He's commented on ocassion of my posts and I've done the same for his, and he is one truly awesome guy. I couldn't stop talking to him at QuakeCon...... it only ended when |2| walked up and then he had to leave :). He only uses foul language as a means of joking. I personally come from a family situation that if I say the "F" word around my parents I receive Bodily HarmTM and hell, he's just messing around. In fact, my family has read this site and so far never complained, even after posting .plan's here. In any case, here's what he had to say about things:

    Even though I've been avoiding frequent posts because of work that needs to be done, I feel that I need to talk a little due to some recent correspondence I've trade with several people (Jeff and Andy mostly).

    I work at id. I've been here nearly a year now and it still feels quite exhilarating and new to be wandering these halls. I still geek out sometimes around the owners and I still feel very, very privileged to be here. At other companies I've worked I always climbed the corporate ladder or been recognized for working hard and doing cool stuff. Sometimes those two methods of advancement didn't seem to mix very well because more times than not climbing any type of corporate ladder isn't directly connected to the quality of work you do.

    When I started posting my plans it was a barrage of 'step off' commentary aimed primarily at you all know who. This was due to an even greater barrage of events that led up to the point I began posting. Believe it or not (Jeff and Andy don't) these quips and chest-beating diatribes were light-hearted flexings of my passion and appreciation for my fortunate situation here. I don't feel the 'need' to defend anything. Id stands on the merit of its work and that work will definitely stand up again in the near future. Quake2 is just ONE of many good games coming out this year. For some odd reason, I only feel qualified to defend IT when someone spews some inaccuracy or undeserved negative comment about it.

    Generally, I can't possibly believe that the public would want me to exhibit the aloof calmness and boring attitude that most 'established' people give off. I was a huge fan of id's before I got here so as I've said in previous posts, I feel sometimes like I owe it to other fans (you) to share my enthusiasm and experiences here at id without betraying the privacy and confidences of those others who work here.

    Granted, my Saturday post where I used profanity was facetious and immature. I just feel that if you say the word or you say 'f@#!', people know which word is being used. I swear too much. I know that. In conversation I have to catch myself all the time and use other words to convey the same meaning. But I don't need some stranger flaming me because I used a bad word that will poison the minds of the youths who read it. I'll make the decision to swear less on my own, TYVM.

    If through one of my posts I have offended you or yours in a completely irreconcilable way then I truly apologize. Although I feel strongly the need to have and express an occasional opinion, I by no means want to hurt anyone unintentional (I think you know if I'm trying to hurt you intentionally). Myscha and I made up and plan to have drinks one day. My attack on him hurt his feelings and I sincerely apologized and would hope that he meant his reciprocation. That is truly the only time that I've thought twice about the point of my actions and the abusive power these plans can have. I don't feel bad directing the comments toward him, I just should have e-mailed the content of my anger TO him instead of posting it.

    Finally I am making no excuses or apologies for appearing (to some) to act like a 10 year old in my postings. If I took myself as seriously as people like Jeff and Andy do then I probably wouldn't be here right now, I'd probably never have had the opportunity to share my knowledge, experiences and attempts at wit with such an amazing audience, and I'd definitely be one unhappy individual due to the fact I was so goddamn anal.

    Keep up your enthusiasm for id and my work on our games. Keep up your interest in the computer world and definitely remember that if it weren't for people like you, no one would ever know about people like me.

    Green Ribbon Campaign - Slipgate
    There's a Green Ribbon Campaign, where the folks of the Quake community can band together on some issues like the HellKitten one and other bad things that happen in the Quake Community. I've been thinking about supporting it on this site, and I finally decided, "why not?" Click on the graphic in the toolbar to the left for info on the campaign.

    Reaper source rumor - Slipgate
    MeccaWorld's Day Two coverage caused a rumor that Reaper source was being used in Quake 2. I meant to post on this before but forgot (60 e-mails about stuff to post does that to you I guess). The Reaper source is NOT being used in Quake 2.

    Disruptor first commented on the situation with the following when asked if Quake 2 used Reaper source (saw on Blue's):

    ...No. Considering that;

    a) We've never seen the reaper bot source and
    b) Quake II doesn't use QuakeC
    John Cash himself commented further on this situation later to Blue in the following e-mail:

    Actually Disruptor wasn't totally correct, but it was just because of something he didn't know.

    I was talking with Steve Polge back when he was still with IBM. He did send me a version of the Reaper bot source at that time. We agreed that it was for research only and that I would not release or use it without his permission. When he changed jobs shortly thereafter I figured it was best for both of us if I didn't even use it as a research base. So, even though I did have the source I never inhaled.. ummm, used it. Nobody else here even had access to it so I can safely state that nobody at id has ever seen the source (I hadn't yet had the time to look at it when he made his job change). I just wanted to make this clear so that Steve doesn't think that there's something fishy going on. He's a good guy doing good work.
    Redwood interview - Slipgate
    About 2 hours and 20 minutes to go from the time I'm writing this. It should be pointed out that after this, the Undernet #idSoftware team has an interview with George Broussard planned, and then an interview with yours truly :). Anyways, Undernet #idsoftware tonight at 8 p.m. EDT..... go to and start submitting questions for the next 2 interviews (which don't have banner ads prepared yet). I'll be at tonight's interview with Redwood as Slipgate, but I probably will be doing homework :(.

    Quake 2 shots - Slipgate
    Finally up to date on shots again. Been busy with school. Thanks to all who mailed me. Check the screenshots area.

    Hosting - Slipgate gives 10 free megs hosting to Quake related pages. Check it out. Thanks DooFoo (an old friend who requested this news bit).

    Quake 2 Infosite - Slipgate
    Be sure to check out Quake 2 Infosite, a fine Quake 2 page in 2 languages.

    Norman's page redux - Slipgate
    Norman's page was updated. Now there is a contest to see who can find the 3 hidden screenshots first using standard hypertext links. You win a Gorebag and the Grunts T-Shirt and music CD. You also win a certificate for a free Quake 2 copy. Thanks GFKiller, who should be the rightful winner since he informed us pages where to find the shots in the first place.

    Cyborg dog - Slipgate
    Saw this letter on The Sentinel.

    Been examining your vast list of screenshots and notice that none of them contain shots of the mechanoid/cyborg dog thing. I was at ECTS in London yesterday and managed to get to play Quake2 for about 15 minutes and believe me when I tell you that any screenshots do it no justice, to see it the motion of the monsters, the hands gripping and regripping the gun, the chain gun spinning down after a quick release of lead and the colored lighting. Well it is nothing short of Godsent. Cyborg/dog thing it looked amazing: Metal body with tooth humanoid head and the motion is unbeatable. Everything moves so well. Hit a rocket at the floor near anyone and they will be thrown spining into the air like a rag doll. I snuck up upon a tank and shot a round into his chest with the doublebarrelled shotgun and the tank turned tail and ran off and hid, found the bastard behind some crates.

    John Cash upset - Slipgate
    John Cash is upset at both the European and US PC Gamer's for not mentioning him as being involved at id. They mentioned everyone but him. Don't worry John, we know your involved! :)

    Brian Hook is laughing - Slipgate
    Brian Hook made 2 posts to his .plan regarding a change in story for Quake 2 (he isn't serious folks. Laugh. Ha ha). Thanks [TE]VorpalKreep.

    ECTS coverage (lots) - Slipgate
    OK, I'll try my best here. If I didn't credit you and you mailed me I'm sorry. Göran Fröjd report on Quake 2 at ECTS is here (thanks Quake 2 Infosite). Next Generation's report is here, thanks Prophet. coverage of Quake 2 is here and here, thanks Rotwang (whose e-mail addy changed again, poor guy).

    Polls - Slipgate
    The Sentinel is running a poll with the question: "Since in Quake 2 single player, people can travel back to levels they've already been to. Do you think that deathmatch games should be confined to just one level and not the whole hub?"

    My old Spot - Dyno
    Really slow day today, anyways, here's an announcement. We got a chance to choose the site which will take up residence at Gamer's Alliance in my old Dyno's Quake2 News location. We decided to host The Quake2 Realm. They aren't moved in yet, but should be soon.

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