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Friday, September 18, 1998 - Submit News!
New Endor Screenshots
Endor Productions has released 15 new screenshots of their upcoming commercial release called "Entron: Freedom's Edge." This is all the info available on this game so far, as they're pretty tight-lipped about it, but expect to see more screenshots and possibly an AVI or two up on the site soon.

Action Quake2 v1.0 Released
It seems we missed this one earlier, but version 1.0 of Action Quake2 has been released. For a list of changes as well as the files, visit the AQ page.

New REAL Stats Machine
Version 1.02 of The REAL Stats Machine is up and running on their alpha test server. New features include highscore pages, navigation trees, all-time high scores page, and others. The TRSM team is also accepting beta-tester applications, which are available at their site.

WebDesign Service Offered
MrBaldy has started a new free webdesign service for 3D gaming material such as Quake2, Sin, Half-Life, and others. If you'd like to enlist his services drop by his page for the contact info.

Pured3D 2 Giveaway Contest
Purified 3D is having a giveaway contest for Pure3D 2 SLI combo, compliments of the good folks at Canopus! They have a few trivia questions up on their site to be answered by September 29th. Go on over and enter!

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Thursday, September 17, 1998 - Submit News!
Review of Quake 2: Ground Zero
The guys over at GameOver Net have posted a review of the second Quake2 mission pack: Ground Zero. You can find it here.

New Sites/Movements/Makeovers
Quakers Domain has a new home and a new look...go take a look.

Slow News Days/No News Days
Hmmmm, no news worth reporting yesterday, and hardly any today...guess most everyone is paying attention to school these days ;) Well I know that NetGuy and I are not complaining...we both have tight school/work schedules; but we wanted to let you folks know that we aren't ignoring ya.


Tuesday, September 15, 1998 - Submit News!
Modern Warfare Sound Sampler
After announcing that the Modern Warfare mod is going to have a CD-soundtrack available, the MW team has posted a sample of the music on their site. This is the Modern Warfare "theme song" and is available for everyone to listen to. Check their page for the files and for more info.

Phaser Frag Released
A new version of Phaser Frag, a laser-tag type mod, has been released. Phaser Frag was entered in PC Gamer's mod contest a while back and took fourth place, so you know it's gotta be good. The PF team is looking for mappers, skinners, and modelers for their next version release.

LMCTF Tournament Info
The LMCTF team sent along word of their tournament:
The Real Stat Machine is a new statistics program tailored to LMCTF. If you're running a server and aren't down with gibstats, you'll definitely want to keep an eyeball on this page. Clan Incredible Tech has taken over the reigns of the original LM tournament, the Ragnarok. Sign up begins today for a new tournament which starts in a few weeks, if you think your team has the right stuff, send them your application. The Rag is a major tournament, the Loki's Minions development team wish luck to those who apply.
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New Sites/Movements/Makeovers
There's a new Quake2 page up here for your viewing enjoyment.

Hosted Sites Update
The Bot Lair has appointed a new webmaster and has reopened! Be sure to drop by and welcome them back.


Monday, September 14, 1998 - Submit News!
Ward Six Entertainment: Legacy Interview
You can find an Interview with Jason McIntosh, head of Ward Six Entertainment, about their upcoming commercial total conversion for Quake2: The Legacy of the Watchers: Nightfall over at the Converted2 site...check it out.

Got a Riva2 (TNT)? Feel comfy playing with environmental variables (Windows registry keys)? Then go check out check out this little .txt file over at Planet Riva.

Quake 2 Invite Capture Ring Tourney Results
After 6 long months of intense fragging in the CTF Tournament, Invite Capture Ring (ICR), a winning clan has emerged victorius! TULL took the 1st match 7-0, Crayola evened it up with a 7-0 in the 2nd, and TULL pulled it out over the Crayola clan 4-3 during the 3rd match for the win. Congratulations to TULL, the first Q2 ICR champions!

New Sites/Movements/Makeovers

Sunday, September 13, 1998 - Submit News!
3DNow! Support for Quake2 3.19
The System Informational Website has made available a customized patch which will provide 3DNOW! support for Quake2 3.19 (you must have 3.19 already installed for this to work!). You can go visit their website, or download it here.

New QuakeHouse Poll
There is a new Poll up at the QuakeHouse that you can and should go vote on now. The new question is: "Do you think that PlanetQuake has an unfair hold over the entire Quake world?" Go visit the news page at the QuakeHouse to check out the results from the last poll, and to vote in the new one.

Pointless Audio Quake2 Mod
Okay, Pointless Audio has a new Quake2 mod which sounds very, very interesting. This is how iMMoRTaL described it:

The PointlessAudio Quake2 Mod has nothing to do with audio. It just basically takes your Quake2 weapons and tweaks them so much you think you're on acid. Aside from weapon "f00kage", there is also GRAVITY CONTROL which makes for extremely wierd Deathmatching! It's called "f00ked uP" (play it and you'll know why), and it's a server side only patch! Feel free to jump on in and frag without any downloads. Take a look at some screenshots at www.pointlessaudio.com/mod/ as well as grab the server file!"

Uh, excuse me now...I'm gonna go find my partner, blackwizard, and a "f00ked uP" server so we can go check this out cuz it just sounds too cool! I love slow news days ;)

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Saturday, September 12, 1998 - Submit News!
Another Zoid .plan Update
There is yet another updated Zoid .plan file:
Sept. 11th/1998

Quake2 3.19 Solaris Dedicated Server Release
I've released the server ports of Quake2 3.19 for Sun Solaris based systems (both Sparc and X86). They are available at:

Quake2 for Solaris x86 2.5.1 Systems or later.

Quake2 for Solaris Sparc 2.5.1 Systems or later.

/// Zoid.
Captured.Com Mirrors Q2CTF
Captured.Com is now an official mirror for id/Zoid's Q2CTF. You can also find a local copy of the official Q2CTF manual as well as links to all of the files there.

PlayStation QuakeII
DarkBlueSamurai tells us that there was a playable demo of Quake II for the PlayStation (alas, only the first level) at ECTS. You can read all about it at his site.

BotJohnny 2.00 Beta Released
BotJohnny 2.00 beta has been released, with most of the changes being bug fixes. There are updated configuration files for Eraser, CRBot and ACE, with updates for 3rd-Zigock, Tangential, Chaos, Viking, NIQ, EraserULTRA, Famkebot, Rocketbot and Pro-Eraser due over the next couple of days. Updates for DEraser and Ninja Eraser hopefully will be released shortly after that. Check out the BotJohnny Homepage for info.

Lady Death At Quake3D Rage
Quake3D Rage is giving away a Q2 Ground Zero Mission Pack for the best Lady Death skin submission. For more details please visit their site.

Updated CTF Guide
S.A.S's Guide to CTF has been updated with info on the new CTF expansion pak, and includes other CTF related topics, i.e., demos and help sections. You can find this very useful guide here.

New Sites/Movements/Makeovers

Friday, September 11, 1998 - Submit News!
Linux Quake2 v3.19a + Solaris
Zoid made a .plan update about a slight booboo he made when releasing the new linux packages.
I missed including an object file in the gamei386.so for the 3.19 Linux builds. This results in a server crash if a spectator tries to go into camera mode. The server will die with an unresolved symbol (GetChaseTarget) since I forgot to link the camera code in. Sorry.

This requires rebuilding the kit. I've put together new 3.19a set of builds. The only change is a relink to include the missing object. This doesn't affect players much, but does affect people running servers.
Check the rest of his .plan file (the 9/10/98 part) for the new links to version 3.19a. He also mentions in today's update that he has released the Quake2 dedicated server port for Sun Solaris based machines (Sparc and x86, both v2.5.1 systems or later)

New GX Q2CTF Bible
Gamer's Extreme has released a new "bible" in their series of gameplay guides. This one covers the basics of playing CTF online, including defensive and offensive strategies. More experienced CTF players will want to look at their "hardcore" features, including rune math and squad tactics.

New Weapons Factory CFG Pack
The Bind has released a new pack of CFG files. This pack includes a readme as well as several cfg's that cover the basics of all the WF classes. Check their page if you're interested.

New Lithium II
Lithium II version 1.21 has been released. This fixes a bug with the new v3.19 release that displayed some of the rune models improperly.

Full Version of AllStar CTF
The full version of AllStar CTF has been released. This collection of CTF mods includes 10 different versions, & 8 maps. The CTF mods included are Zoid's Threewave CTF for Quake 2, Classic CTF, eVolution CTF, Expert CTF for Quake 2, L-Fire CTF, Lasermine CTF, NIQ CTF, ThunderWalker II: Rolling Thunder, UNR Clanwar, and Weapons Factory (whew!). There is also a front-end GUI for AllStar server admins to take advantage of. Be sure to check the page for screenshots as well as the files!

Kamikaze Quake2 Mod Released
A new mod called Kamikaze has been released. This is kind of a backwards mod, in that in order to kill your opponents, you have to commit suicide. Their page has a description of the mod as well as a couple screenshots that may help explain things a little better than I just did ;)

New BotS Maps
There are four new Battle of the Sexes maps that have been released. The files as well as info about the maps are up on the BotS homepage.

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New Sites/Movements/Makeovers

Thursday, September 10, 1998 - Submit News!
Holy Plans, Batman!
There has been a plethora of .plan updates in the past 24 hours or so. John Carmack, Brian Hook, Christian Antkow, John Cash, and Zoid have all updated their .planfiles (whew). I'm not going to paste all the .plan updates here, but most of you should note that last night's release had the VWep models missing, and has since been fixed, so you may need to download a new patch:
From Disruptor's plan: (intel/win32 releases) From Zoid's plan: (linux releases) Cult TC Announced
A new TC called the Cult TC has been announced. This TC will feature all new maps, textures, etc (like all Total Conversions should ;). Check their site for screenshots & info.

Voodoo2 Design Contest
Classy Glasses is holding a logo design contest, in which the most beautiful design will win a WickedVision package. The WV package comes with both a Wicked3D 12mb Voodoo2 card, and a H3D Eyewear System. Check their page for more details!

Help Wanted
New Sites/Movements/Makeovers
Hosted Sites Update
A World of Quake2 has a short article/rant written up called "What's up with cdrom.com?" It has info that may be essential to those of you who enjoy addons for Quake/Quake2 and Unreal, and who would like to see more in the future. Check it out!


Wenesday, September 9, 1998 - Submit News!
Quake2 Version 3.19 Upgrade Released
Christian Antkow updated his .plan to announce the release of Quake2 v3.19:
We've put up the Quake 2 v3.19 update patch on our FTP site.

I'll be sure to make the *-full (DM Maps)and *-full-ctf (DM Maps + CTF) releases available later on this eveing. There is an Alpha version of v3.19 available which we have marked as a beta because it has not been extensively tested. Mileage may vary. [snip]
The rest of his plan includes the changelog for this new version. Here are the direct links to bot the intel upgrade and the alpha upgrade (considered a beta).

Help Wanted
Hosted Sites Update

Modern Warfare CD Offer
Here's some info that might interest those Modern Warfare mod fans out there:
The Modern Warfare team is now excepting pre-orders for the Modern Warfare CD. Just a reminder that you don't need the CD to play it just makes the whole MOD more fun.

CD Features:
Sound Track: Music that specialized for Modern Warfare
The MOD: For those of you who hate downloading or redownloading, or don't have a good internet connection and want to play against the Bots.
Lan Maps: These maps will be huge and be stuffed with more vehicles, these Lan Maps are for Lan Parties they will be to laggy on the net but perfect to blast your friends away on your lan.
New Ingame Sound Scheme: Change all the ingame sounds to different ones or we will tell you how you can add your own
Desktop Theme: Change your desktop with the Modern Warfare Desktop Theme, you can be the ultimate Modern Warfare fan with Wall Paper and sounds for your Desktop.
Screen Savers: Screen Savers that are made by our own team they are going to rock.

All these are made by the team and we are going to work hard on them. If you want to purchase the CD or find out more go to our page at http://www.planetquake.com/modernwarfare.
LithiumII With CTF Support
Lithium II version 1.20 has been released, now with integrated support for Threewave CTF. This allows CTF play with all the usual Lithium enhancements. The same distribution of the mod can be used for both CTF and DM play!

New Action Quake2
Version 0.99 of Action Quake2 has been released, with fixes for a couple of bugs that were in the previous version 0.98 release.

Quakehouse Poll
Quakehouse is running a poll called "What will be the best fps game?" and they even have Quake3 as one of the choices. Be sure to check it out and vote for your favorite!

New Sites/Movements/Makeovers
Zer0's Bengal Cage has just reopened and has gotten a bit of a makeover. This site features articles, rants, news, and files. Also, check out Deadlode.com a new mod for Quake1 and Quake2 that promises to "give Quake2 TeamFortress back."