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id's Quake II will be the first to take advantage of the Voodoo 2's multi-texturing capabilities out of the box. Expect others using Quake II technology to follow suit.3Dfx Voodoo 2 Configurations

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Canopus Spectra2500 Discontiuned!

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The Canopus Spectra 2500 - The curent card only to offer a passthrough to connect the TnT to Voodoo2, has been discontinued and is not being made. I found a place that still has them and grabed one, e-mail me and I might tell you where to get it!

Chris at Purified scored the sauce from Canopus' VP of Sales and Marketing regarding those rumors of Canopus getting out of the Consumer 3D market.

Yes, we have been doing a lot of soul searching lately regarding the graphics business. We truly love it but it hasn't been loving us back. The saturated Voodoo2 market over the summer gave us quite a start. The prices dropped like a rock and the channel was stuffed all summer. The SPECTRA 2500 sales have been great, in fact, too great. We under forecasted and ran out of product. Based on the summer experience with Voodoo2 boards, a decision was made to not restart manufacturing because boards would not be available until late January at the earliest. We had no idea demand would remain so strong. As time slips away and prices for TNT boards start to erode, we felt that we should not step back in. Our market in Japan remains strong and we will continue in that market with the 3200 and other products

When i get this card there gonna be a review as soon as possiable.



He's Back!... But he needs HELP! - Virtigo is back, and needs Help. If you can help by writing reviews please e-mail me  Send and sample of your work please. Ok like I said before, Im going to Review full systems and tell u how to make a power house! And keep some cash in the pocket. I got my cable modem! HOORAY! And I'm ordering my new comp. Friday. PII 400 128meg, TNT and VOODOO2 it's gonna rock!


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