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Administrators have total control over every aspect of the bulletin board. They are, in essence, the owners of the board.

Administrators are able to set moderators for each forum, set permissions for any registered user, and edit/prune messages.

Moderators are the ringleaders for each forum. Each forum can have its own moderator, but one person may be a moderator in multiple forums. An administrator may also be a moderator.

Moderators have the ability to edit/remove messages from their particular forum(s). They cannot change permissions for a particular users, however. Only administrators can change user permissions.

Members are registered users of the bulletin board that have posted at least 1 messages. Members can edit their own profiles, but may not edit/remove messages, set user permissions, or assign moderators.

Junior Members
Junior Members are registered users who have posted fewer than 1 messages. Their privileges are identical to those of Members.

UBB Code
UBB Code is an HTML-like tag set that allows bulletin board writers to add additional functionality to their posts. Current UBB Code functions include hyperlinking URLs and email addresses.

A Forum is a broad discussion area covering a particular interest. Each forum may be controlled by a particular moderator assigned to lead discussion efforts and minimize abuse.

A Topic is a discussion point within a Forum.  Any registered user can start a new Topic within a Forum. 

A Reply is a post that is in response to an existing topic. Any registered user can post a reply.

A Thread is a conversation within a forum that includes a topic (the post that started the conversation) and all replies to that topic.

Can I attach files to my Topic or Reply?

No.  You may cut and paste within the input box for your Topic or Reply, however.

Why should I register?

You may only post Topics and/or Replies if you are registered. Registration is free.

My Email address has changed since I first registered... how can I change my profile?

Throughout the site, you will find an "edit profile" link.  Feel free to change any of your profile information (except your UserName) at any time.

Can I add a bulletin board like this to my own site?

Yes, the Ultimate Bulletin Board is freeware (a more advanced version is available as shareware) and available from Madrona Park, Inc. at You will need some basic knowledge of FTP in order to add the script to your site.  Your web host must also allow custom scripts.

How do I become a moderator for a forum?

Only the bulletin board administrator can control the assignment of moderators.  Contact the BB administrator if you would like more information.

What can moderators do?

They cannot restrict member access to boards, though they can appeal to the administrator to have a member's posting priviledge revoked.

I've just seen a post that was very offensive.  Is there anything I can do about it?

You should contact the Forum Moderator and tell them which particular Topic or Topic Reply you found offensive.  If necessary, they have the ability to delete or edit a post.

Can I incorporate HTML in my posts?

Maybe. Each forum can be independently configured to either allow HTML tags or not. (This is determined by the bulletin board administrators). Whenever you post a new topic or reply in a forum, you will see a note near the top of the page saying that HTML is either enabled or not enabled.

Even if HTML is not enabled, you will still be able to perform certain HTML-like function, however, using UBB Code, an HTML-like tag set that allows for certain basic functions like hyperlinking URLS and email addresses.

Who is responsible for this Bulletin Board?

The BB administrators have total control over the content of this bulletin board. Although the code for this BB was created by Madrona Park, Inc., Madrona Park, Inc. is not responsible for the content contained in the BB nor any negative ramifications associated with the operation of the BB. Madrona Park, Inc. has made this bulletin board program available at no cost to anyone who wants it. The BB administrators/owners assume total liability for this BB.

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