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Sorry, Quake2.com is not currently hosting any new sites.

Quake2.com hosting info

Quake2.com hosts subsites related to Quake 2. However, we won't just host any site, we prefer to host sites that can contribute something significant not otherwise being covered.

General Quake 2 news pages won't work. Quake2.com's front itself covers that. Other Quake 2 sites that we deem contribute something significant that we aren't already covering (for example, we'd have only one programming site, not two, except in very special circumstances) do stand a good chance of getting hosted.

In order to request hosting for your site, e-mail hosting@quake2.com, and our content advisor will get back to you. He will weigh your site and give you a yes or no answer in a few days from when you request hosting. If he likes your content but your design leaves something to be desired, he will help you redesign it into something better. If we host you, you'll be on a subdirectory of Quake2.com (http://quake2.com/your_site/). We also provide an image type counter and @Quake2.com email alias. Also, no network affiliates. We need all subsites to be able to comply with the contract terms of any advertising or affiliate deals we sign, and we can't deal with contract conflicts. This includes things like the LinkExchange. If your in an advertising deal, please get out of it. We need you to display our prescribed banner.

Also, we host NO Quake 2 clans whatsoever.

Important things to note about the server or our hosting:

  • Case-sensitive filenames (Tokay.txt and tokay.txt are two different files).
  • We run on Linux. In other words, Unix.
  • We supply you with 10 megs of space. You can request more if you need it. No large file downloads unless they are a mod you created and then we will supply you with ftp space.
  • 1 E-mail aliase for each site maintainer
  • TC's or similar team projects will get a mailing address that forwards to all members, and they can edit the .forward file if they gain or lose members to add or remove addresses.
  • We'll set you up on a subdirectory with the name you choose.
  • You must provide us with a 400x60 pixel banner to your site. We have a banner rotation program that we require all subsites to participate in. A banner of a fellow subsite or a sponsor is shown on your website.
  • All accounts must be netmasked to prevent unauthorized access and password sharing.
  • You must be prepared to place the prescribed banner in a prominent area of your site.
  • A text (or optionally button using) set of links saying "Hosted by Quake2.com, which is hosted by Net Megs." MUST be present upon your site moving.
  • We have a preinstalled image counter, look on Net Megs support page for directions.
  • We host NO clans.
  • No porn (pr0n).
  • No illegal distribution of software (warez).
  • NO NETWORK AFFILIATES or other advertising deals (I.E. Linkexchange and others). This is because Quake2.com's advertising deals and affiliateships affect all subsites, and we need you to be able to comply with contracts we sign, therefore no contracts that we could possibly conflict with.

  • All questions regarding hosting, be it about the server hardware or anything else, should be directed to hosting@quake2.com. As a general rule, we usually host sites that provide an important resource to the Quake 2 gaming community.