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For Quake II



While searching for signs of old shipwrecks to plunder,
you notice a large and uncharted formation.

"Might as well check it out while I'm here...", you mumble to yourself.

As  you get closer you realize, "There's something down there... Something big!"

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You're a treasure hunter, but you've found more than you bargained for... a secret buried beneath the earth's surface for millennia. Trapped, there's nowhere to go... but down...

Welcome to the Quake2 Project, L.U.C.
We are committed to quality add-ons for popular games. This is our premier Quake2 add-on. We're deep into development now and have a large texture and sound effects base as well as growing custom entity list.  We've completed or are in mid-development of 11 new monsters, several interesting new items, and of course some killer levels. This will be a complete TC and nothing of Q2 will remain except the engine. As of yet, not even an approximate release date is set.

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Last Updated: 26 Dec 1998