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Sunday 6-7-98 
The GuRu's Quote Of The Day:   I think the name fits good because he must have been stoned making it.

No new maps.  Played a few, but they all basically sucked!!  I think the name of one I played was "Stoned".  I think the name fits good because he must have been stoned making it.  No, j/k. I turned it off though when I saw a couple lights that were supposed to be attached on the wall, floating freely in mid air. Not too good. d:(

- Fixed the Utilities html that was missing.

- Changed all my jpg's file association back to the regular type (opening up in IExplorer), since PhotoShop 4 shareware didn't do it for me when it expired! I guess showing an error message, followed by an order form, is there way to get you to spend $ on the program.

- Watched the Bulls dominate the Jazz
Saturday 6-6-98 
The GuRu's Quote Of The DayMost people who grab the BFG get excited that they own it, get trigger happy, and just fire the minute they see someone.

Yet another good DM today called Once in winter night in Ice Land by Stas Melnikov.  This map features a winter based theme located in a mountain canyon area. I had a lot of fun playing this one, and it gave me a different Quake 2 feel than the typical Quake 2 maps.  It is nice to see something a little different then the usual metal and dark brown textures.

The ice, which is frozen on the ground, has players sliding, including the bots. I first thought it was supposed to be snow, but once my player started sliding, I knew it was solid ice.  The bots behave all right in this one. They are decent enough to play against. They don't get blocked by any real hazards, such as water. The author never states in his text file the recommended amount of people this map is adequate with, but I found that 6 bots was pretty reasonable.  Any more and the map seems overcrowded.  Any less, it is dull with no action.  There are a couple different area's, which remind me of caves, that you can enter.  There is an enclosed area where the rocket launcher is. This area can get heavy with action with a lot of people.

The weapon placement is all right, considering the size of the map.  The grenade launcher is located up high, where you would want to place it, so you can launch them down on your opponents. The rail gun is located underneath the thick ice, and I thought this was pretty original. You can actually see it underneath the ice.

There is a BFG, in one part of this map, which I normally do not like in DM's, or single player, for the simple fact that you can clear entire rooms with it.  I actually never use the BFG, and find it very easy to dodge, if somebody picks it up and gets BFG happy. hehe.  Most people who grab the BFG get excited that they own it, get trigger happy, and just fire the minute they see someone. The BFG is extremely slow to fire, but very powerful.  Personally, I'm more of a RL and rail gun man, and would go up against a BFG carrier any day owning any one of the two.

There was one area, on the roof, that I had difficulty getting on.  I'm not sure if it is possible to get on the roof or not, but I couldn't after numerous tries, and would have liked to.  I kept getting knocked off by an invisible force that at first I couldn't figure out.  I don't know if this is a flaw in this map or what, but the ledge leads right up to the roof, as if the author designed it so you could go up on the roof to get on a higher level.  I found this a little strange, and I think it is a minor error in this map.. It would have been nice to get on it and lob a few down, although the ledge just below it gave me the height.

I recommend downloading this map if you want something a little different then the usual.  I'm not that much into maps where you slide around like your in a hockey rink, but it is still pretty fun and a good map. I'd give it a try.

- SP Map Section with more info is up. There are no pics right now, but will be in the future.

- Increased map pictures about 2X larger than before.

- Changed picture quality lower to increase the load up speed

- Started getting the DM info together.

- Changed Logo to darker

- Inserted table over date to seperate better

- Got rid of old buttons in SP and DM archive section, for now, until I change them

- Whoa, that's a lot of stuff! It's getting better though. d:)
Friday 6-5-98 
The GuRu's Quote Of The DaySee, the laser's don't start up until you are thinking, "Hey, there is the Quad sitting in the open, lemme go grab it"

1 new DM today called The Quad Dilemma by Enric Alvarez  This is a small sized DM map that is designed for up to 8 people or a basic 1 on 1 fight. It is mainly a circular area with the Quad being in the structure towards the middle.  The author has placed the Quad in an area very difficult to get, near red lasers, which beam down. I guarantee you will die the first time grabbing it.  See, the laser's don't start up until you are thinking, "Hey, there is the Quad sitting in the open, lemme go grab it" hehe. Once you grab it, you are toast and then you activate the lasers. You run the risk of getting melted by one of these lasers every time you grab it. And for those of you who don't know how important a Quad is in a real DM, here is some advice.  If you own the Quad, you own the map. Speaking of Quad,  I like the title of this map. d:)

I found the weapon placement to be very good and spread out just how you would want it in a DM.

This map has some real potential with a couple real people.  The bots don't act too smart in this one, and the author clearly states this. I for myself played with bots, and still had a good time with them, even though they behaved with a low IQ.  I really liked the design of the ship in the water.  I thought this was original. I have yet to see a boat in any map I've played, all though I'm sure there are maps out there with them.

This map is very quick and there is a lot of action.  I was playing with 6 bots who aren't intelligent, and the action was pretty fast paced.  I can just imagine the action with 8 humans running around. I have found there is no real safe place to hide, unless you post in this small area, which reminds me of a mini fort that stands above the water.  If you look out the narrow window, aim, and have the mind set of a shoot on anything that comes by, you run the risk of getting shot in the back or in the right side from somebody coming up the elevator entering the fort to kill you. Unlike the previous map, this map is a camper's worst nightmare. Download it!

- Still haven't had the time to get all the info together on all the maps yet in the map section.  When the day finally comes, I will force myself to.

- Changed text color for easier reading

- Tried to figure out why I ever made a button named "Commands" hehe
Thursday 6-4-98
The GuRu's Quote Of The DayI found out that this map is a camper's dream come true.

1 new excellent DM map by Absinth called Peru3027B.C. This map features wide open area's,  great Roman type architecture (Peru, I would assume)  in some parts, and provides for some good overall action with a couple bots.  I found that the recommended bot number 4 seemed a bit dull, but when I added another four, it picked up the pace. The author's text file says it is designed for 1-1 action, but I feel it should be played with a lot more. This is just my opinion, but either way it's pretty fun.

I found out that this map is a camper's dream come true. hehe  There are many spots where you can post up high and take aim. Lots of sniper area's all around that you wouldn't expect, or even think of going.

The water area gave some of the bots difficulty, but that is only expected, and shows you the intelligence of bots. haha. The best way to solve that problem is go up the elevator, pick up the rail gun, go back to the water location,  then unload on them with it. haha. That always solves that problem. d:)

This map would be great playing a few "real" people, which I haven't had the opportunity to do so. This is the author's first attempt at a map, but you wouldn't think it was. A matter a fact, it is better then a lot of author's who have made a few, even if it is lacking in the texture area.. Now there are a couple things I particularly didn't like in this map, and I will come right out and say this. Why is there an elevator or cube in the middle of the room coming up from nowhere? I found this strange and it also had a weird funky ass texture on it. Also, the water area, mainly because of the bots, but that is minor.  These two things in no way bring this map down. If I didn't like it, it wouldn't be here.  I recommend you D/L it.

- After a week of messing with the SP section, getting it ready with displaying each individual map, I have decided I'm going to continue just having the links due to space. Once I move locations, and start paying money for my own site..haha... I will fix it up better. I will also include frames and other things to get it better. I will however add more info in the map section, instead of just displaying links with no author credit. I will also keep posting pics in this area and move them into the archive section as the new maps come in.
Tuesday: 6-2-98 
The GuRu's Quote Of The Day:   I thought I would post a screen shot up so you can see some of my work, along with all the misalligned textures.

No new maps for the last two days. This is a picture of one of my maps called UndergroundDM that I never got around to finishing. I thought I would post a screen shot up so you can see some of my work, along with all the misalligned textures. haha.  There are a lot of them, and I don't have the patience or time anymore to put work into maps. When ever I get the desire or time to work on a map, this is the one I work on still!! To me a map is never completed and always can improve. That's one of the reasons why I don't make them anymore along with just not having the time. But like I said, I'm no map maker and don't claim to be. You will never see this released to the public, but it does provide for some good action with a couple friends or bots. It is strictly made for DM play and it kicks ass in that department!
Saturday: 5-31-98 
The GuRu's Quote Of The DayA lot of the maps I had to get rid of because Walnut Creek CD-ROM likes fucking around with people like me.

No new maps today. d:( I played a few, but none of them made the final cut.  The ones I played are on my caliber of map designing. I never was a map maker and gave up doing that back in the Doom 2 day's. The things I create for Q2 aren't on a level to release to the public, and I'm surprised some people actually think there's is up to the standards of releasing. I won't say any name's, but putting together 3 large rooms and calling it a DM isn't what I call a good map.

The SP maps section is almost complete.  I will have it up in the next few day's.  I will have around three pictures for each map, the author who designed it, file size, date and some more info about each one. Once I put it up, you will notice a My Review Category.  The majority of the maps will be blank in this category because most of the maps are older and I haven't written anything about the map. I will start reviewing more maps as they come in.

It will be a lot easier once I get this all finished. I will not update every day like I have in the past. I want this strictly a map site and not a Q2 daily news site. You can get all the Q2 news at Quake2 or at Blue's News. Every couple of day's I will update and post the new maps that I like.

Also, somebody e-mailed me about the total number of maps I have on this site not being a total of 80. I know this! Once I'm finished with both SP and DM section, I will go through them and do a recount. A lot of the maps I had to get rid of because Walnut Creek CD-ROM likes fucking around with people like me..hehe...and they will occasionally change locations or delete them.
Saturday: 5-30-98
No new maps.

VWEP, the mod where you can view player's weapons, released to go along with the new v3.15

If you bought the new mission pack in the stores called The Reckoning, version 3.15 comes with it. I haven't got that yet, but heard it's supposed to be good. I might get it just for the DM's included with it. I can play the old ID DM's in my sleep!!!!

Tired of ID's server being busy? Download the 3.15 patch from me q2-315-x86.exe.  Note: This is an upgrade you use if you already have the prior 3.14 patch.  If you don't have version 3.14, then you will need the full 3.15 from ID Software right here FULL q2-315-x86-full.exe

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