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Friday: 5-29-98 
The GuRu's Quote Of The DayI will be the first to admit that the cannon guy up on the movable cannon got me one time

A new single player map called Weapons Distribution Facility by Ian '[SnAzBaZ]' Packer This 2 level map was a lot of fun to play. I especially like the wide different assortment of enemies throughout the maps.  The enemies seem layed out perfectly and I like how you get rewarded killing them. It seems like just about all the weapons you get are from killing enemies. You get weapons fast a little later in the mission. It is a good thing you do because you definitely need them! The area towards the end isn't easy and it is almost a rush to get the hell out.

I found the hard skill to be quite challenging. I will be the first to admit that the cannon guy up on the movable cannon got me one time..hehe...I wasn't quite expecting that, and that added a nice touch.  I have yet to see a cannon placed like that in any map I've played.  About the only negative thing I can say about these two maps, if you can call it negative, is that the ending comes a little too quick without notice. I didn't realize that I walked through the exit, and would have liked to do some more looking around. Other then that, everything is top notch. I like this one a lot. It's worth getting.

Another Version of Q2 V3.15 has been released. There are four different files. Note:The (patch) one is the one you want if you already have 3.14. 3.15 includes several enhancments/fixes along with coming with a new DM map.

FULL q2-315-x86-full-ctf.exe
FULL q2-315-x86-full.exe
q2-315-x86.exe (patch)
Linux V3.15 Upgrade

ID's Christian Antkow talks about 3.15 in his latest plan

The Eraser Bot Launcher EFE v3.2 has been released and can be downloaded at Eraser Frontend
Thursday: 5-28-98 
No new maps today. Jailbreak 2.0 is finished and can be downloaded.

First Q2 mission pack called The Reckoning has gone gold and is now in stores. Includes 18 all new maps, along with 7 new Deathmatch ones. It also features a couple new weapons and enemies.
Wednesday: 5-27-98 
No new maps.  I went back a couple days and checked to see if I missed something worth adding, but didn't. There is nothing out right now that I would recommend playing. Hopefully tomorrow a good one will come in.

The level designer Qoole released version 2.50 which has many enhancements over version 2.45.

Started getting screen shots together and will have pictures of ALL maps in the maps section of this site, along with more info about each one. Should be done within the next 2 weeks. I'm trying to make time for it.  It's time consuming, and I only work on these things when I'm bored. I will also get rid of any dead links on the maps while I'm going through each one. I know there is a few, that either no longer exist, or have changed to a new location.  All links will be updated.
Tuesday: 5-26-98 
No new maps today.Quake Name Editor has been released, which allows you to create different messages.

ID Software's Paul Sneed latest plan talks about Quake 3 modeling and also gives credit to the people at Epic for Unreal.

Jailbreak v2 is expected to release later tonight.
Monday: 5-25-98 (Memorial Day)

1 new single player map in a series containing 3 maps that was released on Friday by Marty Howe called Waiting To Die. I knew this was going to be a good one right from the beginning when I left out of the spaceship. I had to look and stare at the ship a appreciate it. Excellent detail given to it, along with a lot of detail throughout all the maps. The beds in the holding cells adds a nice touch, along with about 100 other things that I could write a couple pages telling you about.

I really liked the game flow in it, although I was surprised to see big enemies near the beginning, right after the bridge, but I like maps that are challenging. I can imagine what the hard skill is, since I was playing on medium. This is definitely the kind of map you download.  There isn't a bad moment in it from start to finish.

Clan Splat has a new 7 map pack out for Paintball

Update to the web spider  Web Spider is a search engine that allows you to find tons of Quake related web pages.

Day 4 of playing Unreal....I have finally beat the single player mode and I'll be the first to say that the Single player mode kicks some serious ass, even though I hate the majority of weapons.. I haven't played a better single player game since Q2. I can now say that I liked the single player experience better than Q2. Now the DM's in Unreal are a dirrent story, and aren't on the same level as Q2. I don't think it will ever be on the same level. It's made for single player mode, which isn't really that bad since Q2 is here. d:)
Sunday: 5-24-98 
No new maps today. I'll check any ones that come in later tonight.  Another Bot RAMBOT can be downloaded on his page. Eraser Front End v3.1 is out and features drag and drop support.  The Unofficial Quake 3 FAQ "Frequently Asked Questions", gives you some info and answers a few questions regarding Q3.

Day 3 of playing Unreal....I now have something new to say about it.  The AI in the single player game is smart, much improved over the Q2 engine.  A few times I had monsters somehow sneak up behind, and actually give me the surprise attack.  Monsters actually strafe in this game.  I still don't understand a couple of the themes, and why they differ so much.  One minute the maps remind me of something out of Indiana Jones and the temple of doom, the next they remind me of some sort of space theme with florescent lights everywhere.  I still think this game is a single player one and not a deathmatch game.  Just my opinion.

New Strogg Gone Mad Version 1.2.01 released.

Fixed the damn text in this site again so it can be viewed in both Netscape and Explorer at any width!!
Saturday: 5-23-98 

1 new SP map today by Michael Contorno called Tab5:House of Jorg.  Another quality map by an author who designs nothing but excellent maps.  A new mod has been released which comes with lots of new weapons and new player classes.  You can download the beta version of it here Weapons Factory Mod.

I haven't played a lot of Q2 of late, since Unreal released, and have been busy doing other things.  I might have missed a couple good maps that are out there, but I really doubt that. There hasn't been a lot out there worth adding.  I will however go back when I get the time and do a follow up for the days I wasn't play testing maps and will add the ones that I think are good later this week after finals.

Now my review on the long anticipated game everybody has been waiting for Unreal.  The first thing that caught my eye were the unbelievable graphics in the 3dx mode.  They are so good, they even look good in the software mode, minus a 3D card!  I don't think graphics get any better then this. They are definitely better then I expected, and I finally got to witness it on my screen. Now the second thing that caught my eye was the multiplayer DM's being terrible and not very fun. d:(  It was so bad, I had to leave within 10 minutes, only to come back later, and be disappointed once again.I have never played a worse multiplayer game in my life. I'm sure a patch will be available soon, but there still isn't the same "feel" as Q2 DM's.

The weapon's in Unreal are disappointing. Who's idea was it to come up with a weapon that shoots blobs of green acid?  These weapon's are lame and lacking firepower, even with the two different methods of fire.  Q2's weapon's are far superior than Unreal's.  There isn't a single weapon I don't like in Q2.  I have yet to find one that I like in Unreal besides maybe the one that resembles some sort of RL.  Looks like I will still play Q2 for DM's, and leave Unreal strictly for single player mode.
Friday: 5-22-98 

Added a single player map that is a couple days old from Kneel called Pharm/Kattle/Produce/Pharmer.  It is a mini series with four maps.  I liked this one a lot, and it is pretty damn good, considering this is the author's second map.  Don't know about that name...hehe...but the maps are pretty challenging, especially on skill 3 I have found.  Definitely worth downloading.

I changed a couple things on this site, including the unreadable small text.  It is a hassle to get text readable, alligned, and look good in both Netscape Communicator and Microsoft Explorer.
Thursday: 5-21-98 
No new maps today. I just finished playing 2 maps I D/L earlier this morning, but didn't  like any of them.  Hopefully later tonight there will be one.  Right now there is a major drought on maps. Gibstats, the logging utility v1.8a has been released.  If you don't have the full version of Gibstats, I recommend getting it at their site, especially if you want to know some serious stats. d:)
Wednesday: 5-20-98
No new maps today. QuickStart v2.04 , the winner of the recent poll on best overall launcher for the eraser bot has a new patch out that fixes numerous bugs and adds new features.  The first mission pack by Xatrix Entertainment called The Reckoning is finished and should hit stores real soon.
Tuesday: 5-19-98

Well, after about a week with no maps worth mentioning, Dave Waters has put together a very good small "simple" DM map called Simple Death.  It is based around one circular outside area made for 2 to 4 people.  The texture selection used was excellent and fits.  The map is well lit, which I like, and don't see enough of these days.  This is the first map that I have liked in five days!!
Monday: 5-18-98

No new maps today. Fourth straight day without a quality map that deserves mention. d:(  Designer Brian Hook updated his plan today, and brings up some issues regarding video compression for Quake 3.

I finally downloaded the 1 hour, 10MB, 20 Painkeep maps earlier today, and have came to the conclusion that they suck.  Actually, they are the wrong Q2 Version and are not playable with v3.14.  What a waste of valuable time!
Sunday: 5-17-98 

No new maps, although there are Painkeep maps at  Painkeep which feature 20 new maps. I haven't had the time to check them out yet, but they can be downloaded.  The maps are broken down in four seperate zip files, totaling 10MB.,,,

BotJohnny v151 has been released that fixes bugs and updates v1.4.
Saturday: 5-16-98 
No new maps today. Deathmatch Manager v22 is a utility for customizing and managing your LAN Q2 session's, or single player practice sessions. SkinED is a pixel editor for Q2 that allows you to create your own skins.  New patch QuickStart v2.02 for the launcher QuickStart released.  You need the full QuickStart v2.0 FULL
Friday: 5-15-98
No new maps. A program called WMned is a multi name editor which allows you to create names. Version 0.96 beta of the Quake Launcher Front-End is out
Thursday: 5-14-98

No new maps today, although added 2 maps that were released a month ago that are average. StroggDM2: House of Glass and StroggDM3: Elemental both by Mark Major (Shmitz)
Wednesday: 5-13-98 

1 new DM map today by Iikka "Fingers" Keranen called Fingers 4th Q2 DM Level Added main page borders.  Fixed problems with viewing in the Explorer.
Tuesday: 5-12-98
1 new DM map, Tools, by Jan Janelle This map plays and looks good. I added more bots in the bot section.  A new bot Demonshooter v0.98 is out.  A new mod which changes the AI intelligience in the SP mode can be downloaded here Stroggs Gone Mad.  A Q2 site HMS: Rigormortis is mainly a demo's page and pics page that I liked.
Monday: 5-11-98

5 new SP maps today! 1 by Mark Barnett named Chemical Plant.  The other 4 are in a mini series called Covert Operation by Dave Watters that will keep you busy.  New utility released called Quake-O-Matic0.92 adds helpful popup menu's, skin support, and a couple other features worth checking out.
Sunday : 5-10-98

1 new DM map by  Craig Sparks called Confidence Lost.  I highly recommend downloading this map.  They don't get much better then this.  The level editor Qoolev2.45 is out, which now supports Hexen2.  A utility called BPSv1.31 can be downloaded here BPS.
Saturday: 5-09-98

No new maps added. Sorted maps better. Made buttons for SP and DM Maps. New utility called QuickStartv1.68 is out.  It is an excellent program if you use the Eraser Bot.
Friday: 5-08-98
No maps made this site. New Arena CTF MOD from the Deconstruct Team
Thursday: 5-07-98
1 New DM map by Sten Uusvali called The Rage. New Eraser Bot 0.98 released that fixes numerous bugs, glitches.  Also, adds a pause feature during gameplay.  Started archive section on this site.  Implemented buttons for a better meun system instead of direct links on the main page.
Wednesday: 5-06-98 
No new maps today. Changed graphics, added map backgrounds.
Tuesday: 5-05-98 
1 new DM map called Evil Hours by Robert Selitto. I liked this one a lot with bots. d:) A new bot called BotJohhny is out.  Alphabetized maps for easier finding.
Monday: 5-04-98 
No new maps today. DroneBot released. I still like the Ridah's Eraser Bot better, although it's not bad.
Sunday: 5-3-98 
Moved locations. BestQ2Maps created!

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