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NAME: Flyer

WEAPONS: Two blasters capable of 4 rapid shots each, 2 blades mounted on wings

DAMAGE DEALT: One for each blaster hit, five from each blade hit


"A small two-winged monster, comprised of a controlling brain and a cyborg body that allows it to levitate."

This is the one of 3 enemies capable of flight (as the name would suggest! :) They have a couple of nasty rapid-fire light blaster each, which aren't very powerful alone, but can pack a punch when fired in bursts. The flyers, upon being hit, will dart up, down, left or right out of the player's field of view, which can make them very dangerous - if the player ever steps out into the open, all of them (they're usually found in groups) will attack at once from all sides. If you get too close to them they will use metal blades mounted on their wing-like structures. These can hurt - they will whack you twice for a total of 10 damage. Remember, when you're fighting them, find cover, and go for them one at a time.