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NAME: Mutant

WEAPONS: Claws and teeth (clawing, jumping)

DAMAGE DEALT: 10-15 per claw, approx. 40 per jump


"The Strogg refineries have spewed toxins into the ecosystem for untold decades causing this once docile creature to mutate into a fierce, fast, flesh tearing beast." "

This monster is actually similar to the fiend/demon of the first Quake. He has a fast and deadly close-range attack where he swings his claws at you, but that's not nearly as deadly as his ferocious jumping attack. Give yourself LOTS of room when fighting this guy, and try to take him out as quickly as possible. Avoid cramped spaces, you'll need a lot of room to avoid his attacks. Try using the super-shotgun, chaingun, or hyperblaster to get him out of the way quickly.