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NAME: Machine gun guard

WEAPONS: Machinegun - fires between 4 and 8 bullets per attack

DAMAGE DEALT: 2 per bullet


"Bigger, meaner, and deadlier than above with a machine-gun for a right arm."

"Above" is refering to the other soldiers, the light infantry and assault trooper. This soldier is armed with a machinegun, which naturally makes him more of a threat than the other soldiers. When he fires his gun, he will move it around to ensure that at least some of his bullets reach you, but if you're quick on your feet this could work to your advantage. The garrison guards have a relatively small amount of health, and can be taken out with one direct hit with a shotgun. One or two of them are easy enough to fight, and you will probably survive with a few minor scratches. Groups of 3 or more of these bad boys can be a real problem, however. Try and find cover and kill one at a time.