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NAME: Technician

WEAPONS: Rapid-fire Blaster, shocking prod, claw

DAMAGE DEALT: 1 for each blaster hit, 5-10 per claw/prod hit


"An almost completely robotic brute, controlled by a brain that floats around inside its metal body in a red preserving fluid. This creature moves about by hovering on four jets that sit under its body and is equipped with three weapons: a shocking prod, a flesh-ripping claw, and a laser blaster. Use energy armour if you've got any."

Another flying enemy, this one is slow and easy to hit, but can take a lot of damage. His weapons are little more than a nuisance if he is alone, but with a pack of them, one will almost always sneak up behind or above you (they're nearly silent) and give you a nasty shock with one of those metal tools. Take out the one closest to you to avoid a jolt like that, but watch out for blaster shots. Preferred weapon is a super-shotgun - two direct hits can take him out.