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NAME: Blaster

DAMAGE DEALT: 10 per shot (15 in deathmatch)

RATE OF FIRE: About 2.5 shots per second

AMMO USED: Energy (recharges automatically)

MAX AMMO: Unlimited

"This is the standard issue rechargeable energy side-arm. It does not require ammunition. Useful for taking down Guards as well as exploding barrels and setting off shootable buttons and secret doors. Keep one on you at all times."

This is the starting weapon in the game, and you will always have it with you (like the ax of the first Quake). It is not very powerful, it takes quite a few hits to kill anything bigger than an enforcer, but one plus (and this is a big plus) is that the blaster is long range. It always travels straight and will keep going until it hits a wall or enemy. This makes it valuable if your enemy is VERY far away - better than a shotgun. The blaster recharges itself when you're not shooting - if you fire you're blaster continuosly, it will not have as much time to recharge and your shots won't do as much damage, but it doesn't make a huge difference.