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MAX AMMO: 150 with a bandalier, 100 without

DAMAGE DEALT:Max of about 40

RATE OF FIRE:One shell in about 1.25 seconds

"This mighty sprayer carries a lot of ammo but is virtually useless at a distance. If possible, get in nice and close to use the Shotgun instead of your Blaster to add some lead freckles on the Strogg's ugly faces. Remember, it requires shells and takes some time to reload."

This weapon is similar to the double-barreled shotgun of the first Quake, in that both fire a buckshot which is most powerful at close range, and both are nearly useless at long range, and both take some time to reload. One difference is that the QuakeII shotgun uses 1 shell per shot. Also, due to the physics of the new engine, you can send monsters flying through the air if you shoot at their legs. This weapon is most effective against any enemy but the big ones (berzerk, tank, etc.), and will likely be a good default weapon in deathmatch (in case you don't have any of the big ones).