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Tuesday, May 5, 1998 - Submit News!
New BotJohnny Released
A new version of Bot Johnny, the Eraser, CRbot and ACE launcher has been released. This new version (1.4) has a ton of new features as well as some more bugfixes.

BotCommander Update
In other bot launcher news, version 0.92 of Bot Commander, the CRBot front end, has bene released. Aside from the usual bugfixes it also has an Eraser-like bot 'database' which you can fully edit, and a Random Bot Spawn option.

Cooperation is Key!
This new forced-cooperation mod called Linked Quake II sounds pretty cool, check it out:
The mod has a new variation on teamplay, players can actually connect together with a rope and they then share health and are forced to work together. It is an attempt to get people cooperating with one another more.
EFE version 2.6 is now available from Industry News. This new version has an extra config feature as well as other new features and support.

New QBS Released
Version 1.30 of QBS the News update utility has been released.

Server Crash Fix
By now I'm sure you've heard of the backdoor attack that people have been making against Quake2 servers, crashing them and whatnot. A patch has been released which fixes this attack until the new version of Quake2 (v3.15) is released. It's STRONGLY suggested that all server admins apply this patch to all of their Quake2 servers.

Help Wanted
  • If you're a coder and a modeler looking to help on a new SPQ2 level project, check out this page for info.
  • The Rebirth Deathmatch TC needs a level designer who can put in custom textures.
  • Paqman, a mod based on PacMan with the added gore of Quake2, is needing a modeler or two. If you're interested check here.
New Sites/Movements/Makeovers
  • Master P has a new skins site up here. He's also having a logo contest.
  • Voo2Quake is back again at the Sentinel.
  • If you've got some Quake2 and CTF screenshots of really awesome scores, the higher the better, submit them to this new archive and have them posted for all to see!
Hosted Sites Update
Quake2.com is proud to announce yet another Rebel Boat Rocker influenced site. Randy Pitchford of Rebel Boat Rocker now has his Quake2 Weapons FAQ hosted by us. It can be found at http://www.quake2.com/q2wfaq. Drop by and check it out!


ܥe# @[K,Zl,ZlZZ Z K(ZZZTZf)K MS Sans Serif Symbol0Courier NewTimes New Roman Quake2.com News
Last updated 5/7/98 1:45 PM EST

Quake2.com logo by Walter |2| Costinak
Recent major headlines
  • ThunderWalker CTF Released
  • New CTF Exclusive Screenshot!
  • South Park TC Foxed?
  • New Eraser with Source Code
  • Solaris Q2 Server Released
  • LMCTF 3.0 Released
  • New Eraser Released
  • Recent Site Updates
  • DF Development: Test Released!
  • RBR: Below Decks: Now Hosted!!
  • Quake Workshop: QERad Interview
  • A World of Quake2: New Reviews!
  • Stealth Ent.: Help Wanted
  • DFDevelopment: IRC Session
  • Q2FE: New Screenshots!
  • Most recent .plan updates
    Click for full list

  • John Carmack: 5-04-98 4:15 AM
  • Paul Jaquays: 5-03-98 9:00 AM
  • Brian Hook: 5-02-98 10:30 PM
  • Christian Antkow: 5-01-98 12:45 PM
  • Dave Kirsh: 4-19-98 9:00 PM
  • Monday, May 4, 1998 - Submit News!
    New Chaos Deathmatch Mod
    Version 0.3 of the Chaos Deathmatch Mod has been released with a new weapon, some new items, and new additional features including CTF support.

    Quake-O-Matic Compression
    If you're a user of Quake-O-Matic, you might be interested in their new Compression utility that compresses maps and mods for use with the launcher.

    Quasar Mod Now Available
    The Twisted Criminals have released Version 1.0 of their Quasar mod. Quasar is based around laser tag, with more features including new maps, new weapons, new sounds, etc.

    New Q2 Camera Update
    A new version of the camera that's used in the Eraser bot has been released. Here's the lowdown:
    This patch is a server mod to turn clients into semi-intelligent cameras for watching/recording deathmatch games. The client is controlled by the server and attempt to watch whatever action it thinks is the best at the current time. The patch has also been merged with the most recent version of Eraser Bot if people want to see it in action at home. I have released the source on the web page as well for anyone who wants to tweak/merge this with other mods.
    New DroneBot Released
    A new version of the DroneBot has been released. This is version Gamma 21.

    New Quick Start
    Version 1.60 of QuickStart the Eraser Bot Wizard has been released with a load of new fixes and additions.

    Revenge of Stroggos Beta 2 Released
    Revenge of Stroggos version 1.32 Beta 2 has been released. This version has a ton of new bugfixes and enhancements.

    Help Wanted
    • Quaker's Domain is in need of a new newsman.
    • The Rift is also looking for a news updater, as well as a links and file person.
    • This site (which was down when I tried to get their name) is in desperate need of programmers.
    • Mappers and modelers are needed for the Simpson's TC. They say that the legal stuff has already been taken care of!
    New Sites/Makeovers/Movements
    • The Masters of the Universe TC has opened up here.
    • With Neurogamer down, Quake Designs by Count Pimpy Luv has moved to another location.
    Hosted Sites Update
    • The Mailbag has been updated.
    • A reminder that DF Development has released their first public test of their mod. It has a new monster and a new map in it!

    Saturday, May 2, 1998 - Submit News!
    LMCTF Patch Released
    The Loki's Minions CTF team has released version 3.18, which fixes a bug in version 3.14.

    SonicMayhem Newsletter
    SonicMayhem, the guys that put together the great Quake2 music, have a newsletter called "Inside Track" that they release every couple of weeks or so. If you'd like to subscribe you can get the details at their webpage, SonicMayhem.com.

    Solaris Holy Wars
    The Solaris version of HolyWars version 2.0 has been released.

    Site Movement
    If you've been looking for Naughty By Nature at it's usual home, you won't be able to find it. Due to hosting problems, the site has temporarily moved here.

    Hosted Sites Update
    Quake2.com is proud to welcome our newest hosted site, Rebel Boat Rocker: Below Decks. This is a new Rebel Boat Rocker news site updated by our very own jobe. He's already got an interview with RBR programmer John Faulkenbury posted, "exclusive screenshots of Knight Rider 3D," and a link to Duval Magic's Quake2 Weapons and Combat FAQ. Check 'em out!


    Friday, May 1, 1998 - Submit News!
    New Eraser Bot Released
    Version 0.97 Beta of Ridah's Eraser Bot has been released. This new version fixes the green-line bug as well as improves on the bots' grapple usage, AI, and has major camera tweaks.

    Weapons Factory and Star Troopers Merge
    An immediate merger has been announced between the Weapons Factory Mod and the Star Troopers Mod. "Programmer John Rittenhouse of Star Troopers will take over all weapons development while Gregg Reno assumes the role of general programmer. The merger makes a lot of sense given the enhanced gameplay of Weapons Factory and huge armory of Star Troopers. There are currently 8 player classes in development, each with his own special abilities and firepower. Tom Reno will continue to create maps and maintain the website."

    MPlayer Quake2 Tournament
    On May 8th mplayer.com will kickoff the weekend long Quake ConFRAGation Tournament. Using the mplayer.com Quake Rankings System, Quake Shareware and Retail players will frag all weekend long with the Top 40 ranked players winning cash prizes up to $250. Entry fee for the weekend long event will be $5.00 with mplayer.com Plus members gaining free entry. Registration for the Quake ConFRAGation Tournament starts May 1st.

    Mplayer.com members can register at http://www.mplayer.com/events/confragation.html while Non-Mplayer.com members will need to create an mplayer.com account at http://www.mplayer.com/join/; then, register.

    About mplayer.com's Quake Universe: Mplayer.com provides action gamers with a variety of Quake and Quake II offerings. For the Quake player, mplayer.com offers Quake and Quakeworld on mplayer.com game servers as well as Quakeworld Internet Matchmaking. For the Quake II player, mplayer.com offers Quake II on mplayer.com game servers as well as Quake II Internet Matchmaking.

    Mplayer.com's game servers for Quake, Quakeworld, and Quake II provide mplayer.com members with the ability to create virtual Quake, Quakeworld, and Quake II servers with customizable settings such as Frag Limit, Map, Time Limit, style of play, skins, and style of team play for public (anyone can drop in) and private matches that are password protected. This capability can be used for clan challenges on neutral territory.

    Mplayer.com's Quakeworld and Quake II Internet Matchmaking provides members with Qspy like access to Quakeworld and Quake II servers running all across the Internet. This allows mplayer.com to support all mods that are being run on non-mplayer.com servers on the Internet.

    On a final note, mplayer.com provides Rankings and Ratings for both Quake and Quake II. Additionally, mplayer.com supports a variety of Quake mods such as Capture the Flag, Team Fortress, Rocket Arena, Get Rich Quake, and Q-ball.
    Disposable Heros Demo
    The demo of The Coven's Disposable Heros dm pack has been released. This demo has 3 maps in it and one of the patches taken from their deathmatch pack.

    Pandora Bot Alpha Released
    An alpha version of the new Pandora Bot has been released. This is the only fully autonomous client-side bot for Quake 2.

    Help Wanted
    New Sites/Movements/Makeovers
    • A new Quake3 site has opened here.
    • Q2 Exxtreme has moved here.
    • SpaceQuake has been redesigned and is looking for help.
    • The SSTroopers have moved.
    Hosted Sites Update

    Thursday, April 30, 1998 - Submit News!
    New LithiumII Mod
    The final version (v1.00) of the Lithium II mod has been released. This has a few fixes and additions, and they hope to have more features in the future including CTF2 support!

    Quake3 Suggestions Deadline
    Today is the *final* day for OpenQuake's Quake3 Suggestions Batch1. This list will be passed along to idsoftware for consideration into Quake3. Be sure to go on over and enter your suggestions!

    MPlayer Quake2 Webring
    MPlayer has started their own Quake2 Webring. The requirements for entering it are that you must have a Quake webpage and you must play on MPlayer sometimes.

    Quake2.com In the Top 100 Websites!
    Cool! Quake2.com HQ recently received a mail notice telling us that our humble site has hit Global Internet Website's Top 100 list at #62! We extend a huge thanks to all who have voted and shown their support! If you'd like to vote for Quake2.com you can do so by clicking here and then clicking the Submit button. Thanks again! =)

    Help Wanted
    • A Venezuelan Quake2 Site is looking for coders, mappers, and modelers.
    • If you're interested in helping a true "Total" Conversion (new weapons, maps, everything), contact Miguel Larios.
    New Sites/Movements/Makeovers
    • A new Quake2 site has moved from Totally3D to here at Questgate.
    • A new site featuring articles on C and coding, as well as other things has opened up shop here.
    Hosted Sites Update
    The first public beta test of DF Development's mod has been released. Warning: it is buggy, they admit it. They're also looking for programmers and level makers to help finish the product.


    Wednesday, April 29, 1998 - Submit News!
    New LMCTF Release
    I saw over on Blue's that a new server-side-only upgrade of LMCTF has been released. They've also released Linux and Solaris versions along with Win32. It should be noted that this is version 3.14, NOT the Tournament v4.0 coming up soon.

    New DeathMatch Manager
    Version 2.1 of Deathmatch Manager has been released. This is "a comprehensive Quake2 DM and CTF utility including many handy features e.g. Eraser bots, frag logging, midi playing, VWep support, sound customisation, obituary changing and restartable map cycling, all wrapped up in an integrated Win95 front end." This new version includes customizeable CTF skins and an offhand grapple.

    New EFE
    A new version of EFE (the Eraser Front End) has been released with the added option of creating a log file of your deathmatch game.

    Quake2 Map Converter
    A new version of m2m, a Quake .map to Quake2 .map converter, has been released. The utility is now out of beta and has hit version 1.0, adding QuArK maps support and a new params file for Quake2 map tweaking.

    Quake2 Map Converter- Part 2
    Yet another new release of a map converter. This one also ports Quake .map files to Quake2 .map.

    New UnnamedMOD Released
    Version 1.1BETA of the UnnamedMOD has been released. This new version has a few new features and bugfixes for server-crashing bugs.

    Help Wanted
    New Sites/Movements/Makeovers
    • Quake2 Skin's Central has moved to: http://skincentral.warzone.com. Quin who runs it has also changed his email addresses. Please in future send Models to: models@warzone.com and all skin's and news to quin@warzone.com. The gamesnet.com site will be closing very shortly.
    • The Bot Commander homepage has moved to Telefragged.

    Tuesday, April 28, 1998 - Submit News!
    New Battle of the Sexes Released
    A server-side only upgrade of Battle of the Sexes has been released. New to this version are poisoned lasers, muting annoying players, Bodyguard decoy command and many other gameplay enhancements, as well as numerous bug fixes.

    Holy Wars Linux Build 3
    Build 3 of the linux HolyWars mod has been released. Everyone who runs a linux HolyWars server should download this fix.

    New CTF Mod
    A new CTF variant called NIQ CTF has been released. NIQ CTF is a server-side only mod designed to have the ultimate in fairness during a match. Basically during the game each player has the exact same weapon. This leaves everyone with nothing but skill and ammo to get the job done. The weapons are cycled every 60 seconds by default to change to a new one. The server can control what weapons each player use and when they cycle. This mod has several other changes including a new HUD and more.

    A new Quake/Quake2 launcher has been released called Quake-O-Matic. Its main propose is to have a easy way to start Quake with a MOD, some Maps, a Skin and your own configuration.

    Stroggs Gone Mad Update
    The Stroggs Gone Mad page has been updated with a list of routes for 9 id levels. This patch enhances the monsters in the game and improves their AI.

    Network Server Sniffer
    A little utility has been released that is a unique idea. What it does is watch your local LAN for Quake2 servers. It can be run all the time and when a server is started it alerts you. Pretty neat huh? You can get it here.

    Version Changer Released
    If your favorite mod hasn't been converted to v3.14 yet (what're they waiting for??) then you might be interested in this utility. It's designed to change between the many different versions of Quake2, so you can run your favorite mod on the older versions.

    Quake2 Desktop Theme
    A new Quake2 desktop theme for those lucky MS Plus users has been released.

    Help Wanted
    Quake2world is in need of some more graphics designers and a cgi programmer. They're also holding a logo contest with the first prize being a registered GameSpy.

    New Sites/Movements/Makeovers
    The Starship Troopers TC is now hosted by Quake N Stuff.

    Hosted Sites Update
    The Mailbag has been updated.


    Monday, April 27, 1998 - Submit News!
    New Eraser Beta
    Version 0.96 beta of Ridah's Eraser Bot has been released with some AI fixes, grapple support, and some other features/fixes.

    Tectonic v1.2
    Tectonic v1.2 has hit the scene with several bugfixes and the added option of erasing old Eraser route tables.

    New FreezeTag
    FreezeTag version 1.3e has been released. Among the changes/additions are custom map rotation, bugfixes, and the ability to THROW the frozen bodies!

    There's an interview with the Xatrix team up on Rust. This is the team that is developing the Quake2 mission pack.

    Help Wanted
    • MPlayer Quake News is having a button contest. Be sure to enter it and help them out!
    • If you'd like to help out a budding French Mod, email them here and give them your ideas.
    New Sites/Movements/Makeovers
    • The Battle of the Sexes has packed up and moved over to WarZone.
    • A new site called SpaceQuake has opened up and is looking for Mod and Map reviewers.
    Hosted Sites Update
    The Quake Workshop has an interview with Robert Duffy, the creator of QERadiant posted.


    Sunday, April 26, 1998 - Submit News!
    CRBot 1.4
    A new version of the CRBot has been released. This brings the bot up to v1.4.

    New QuickStart
    Quick Start version 1.56 beta has been released to the public. This new version has some bugfixes as well as faster .pak file reading.

    New Botster
    Version 2.0b3 of the Botster Utility has been released. This new version fixes some save game problems as well as adding some new features. Be sure to check it out!

    Quake Movie Oscars
    The Quake Movie Library is holding the Quake Movie Oscars and wants your nomination. They have it setup for people to vote on their favorite one by category, so head on over and cast your vote!

    Help Wanted
    • The Quake2 Press is looking for another news updater who can update during the day.
    • The Retribution TC has positions open for texture artists, programmers, and modelers.
    • The Metroid TC is in need of a new programmer.
    • This page is looking for a new logo.
    • If you're a coder or a modeler looking for work, check out these guys.
    • A not yet named TC needs Modellers and Coders for a Classified mod in the works yet its set in a medieval teamplay world for quake2 with kings ,explosives ,archers and other very promising ideas email snowball@digisys.net for more info.
    • If you're a coder and/or modeler, and want to work on a new paintball mod, contact -WarZone-.
    New Sites/Movements/Makeovers
    • The Comm Center has moved.
    • There's a new game site up at Voltagegaming.com.
    • Any sites opening a Quake3 page are welcome to join this new Quake3 Ring!
    • A World of Quake2 has several new map reviews up, as well as a position open for a CTF map reviewer.
    • There's a new non-id Quake2 technical support messageboard up here.
    Hosted Sites Update
    • The Q2FE (Quake2 Server Front-End) webpage has been redone with screenshots of their upcoming 3.0 release!
    • DF Development will be having an online IRC session with their developers on Wednesday, April 29th. It will be held in EFNet #DFDevelopment.
    • Stealth Entertainment is in need of a modeler or two for their next big project based on a hockey theme.

    Friday, April 24, 1998 - Submit News!
    There's a new Bot on the block, it's called the DroneBot and boasts a lot of features. They already have an early version available for download.

    Map Page Contest
    The Quake2 Map Page is having a contest with the prizes being a Space Orb 360, a copy of Deathmatch Maker 2, and Hexen Maker.

    Help Wanted
    • If you're a modeler who specializes in hockey figures, contact [Eel] Mulder if you'd like to help him out.
    • Quake2World is looking for a quality news updater.
    • The PowerMod Team is looking for a map designer.
    New Sites/Movements/Makeovers
    • There's a new SPQ2 Critical Review site up, called The Fugue.
    • Apocalypse 2006 has moved and is looking for some help.
    • If you're looking for a new Quake2 page, you can find one here.
    • Raezor Sharp Edge's new domain has finally gone thru...
    • There's a site dedicated to Quake2 and the H3D 3D Glasses up here.
    Hosted Sites Update
    • The link that was posted yesterday for Q2 Modeler was incorrect, however you can get to the site by following the new (working) link.
    • A new version of Wally the .wal texture editor has been released.

    Thursday, April 23, 1998 - Submit News!
    GameSpy Beta 2 Available
    If you're a registered GameSpy user, you have the luxury of trying out their new beta. Beta 2 was has been released with a streamlined interface, shared server lists, and more. If you'd like to get your hands on the upgrade patch (beta 1 required), you can get it here. For more info on buying GameSpy check out the homepage at www.GameSpy.com.

    Quake2Comp Mod
    The Quake2 Competition Mod is now at version 0.12. It has features like basic competition controls, error fixes, as well as Linux and Solaris versions available. Drop by and pick up the mod and the source as well.

    New Botster
    If you're looking for another bot launcher, look no further. Version 2.0b1 of the Botster launcher has been released. Drop by and check it out.

    New QuickStart Released
    Quick Start version 1.54 has been released with optimizations, tweaks, and several other additions.

    Quake2 Modeler v0.9
    Version 0.9 of Q2 Modeler has been released. This new version has quite a few new features worth checking out.

    Q2 Timer Release
    v1.02 of the Win95/NT and Linux versions of Q2Timer Patch for Quake II have been released. This is an essential download for anyone who is into speed running for Quake II.

    Help Wanted
    Quaker State is looking for some news updaters, if you're interested contact them here.

    New Sites/Movements/Makeovers
    Voo2Quake has been redesigned.


    Wednesday, April 22, 1998 - Submit News!
    Diamond Multimedia Quake2 Contest
    Here's some info about a Quake2 contest that Diamond is holding:
    So you think you know Quake II? Think you can frag the best of them? Diamond Multimedia says, "Prove it!" Check out the Underground Quakenet at the ultimate PC gaming resource, Diamond Underground. We've set up two fast Quake II servers, and to break them in we're sponsoring four tournaments. Each tournament pits two Diamond Multimedia employees (that's right, two Diamond employees. We like to have fun, too!) and 22 randomly chosen applicants against each other in an all out frag fest! Interested? Register at the Underground Quakenet and you'll be notified by email if you've been selected for tournament play. The top scorer in each tournament gets a Monster 3D II 8MB graphics accelerator or a Monster Sound MX200 audio accelerator. Runners up receive hot gaming gear from Diamond Multimedia. Losers get t-shirts and public humiliation! The first tournament is scheduled for April 24, so register today! Visit http://www.diamondmm.com/underground/quakenet.html for registration and other details. The Diamond Web Team will not be eligable for the prizes, just the gamers. Good Luck!!
    Holy Wars for Linux Released
    Build 2 of the HolyWars mod has been released. It fixes a problem with game parameters in the previous Linux version.

    New QuakeStarter Released
    QuakeStarter v0.58a has been released which fixes 3 major bugs and a couple minor ones. It also supports the CRBot, Eraser, Famke, and Oak II bots.

    RIP-CTF Mod
    Another CTF modification has appeared on the scene, called RIP-CTF. This variant has off-hand grappling as well as several other features.

    New Online-Only Mod
    There's a new mod being developed for online-only play. If you're into the online playing scene you might want to check it out here.

    Help Wanted
    • The Edge is a new site that's looking for people to help out.
    • Mappers, modellers, coders, and texture artists are needed for a TC in the works, if you're interested contact them.
    • Skinning for Dummies has relocated and is now looking for people willing to do skinning tutorials. No HTML skills are required.
    Hosted Sites Update
    We'd like to congratulate one of our hosted sites, Quake Workshop 2 for getting 100,000 hits since they joined us in December of 1997. That's alot of hits for 4 months! Congratulations!!



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