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June 2, 1997
Counter stuff
8:21 PM EST
The counter hasn't been corrected yet...... if it doesn't get corrected its ok really..... but I would prefer that those 800 visits are accounted for, ya know? Anyways... I'm busy the rest of tonight.... this is my last update for the day. Slipgate

E3 newsgroup???
8:19 PM EST
There is an E3 newsgroup on The Adrenaline Vault..... it uses, just so you know... that link should still work for the majority of you, but for those of you who it doesn't work with, is the news host and is the newsgroup on the news host. Yup, Prophet told me this. Slipgate

Really fast computers?
8:15 PM EST
On GameCenter there is a story about how Pentium MMX's are getting bumped from 200 to 233 mhz. Also, Packard Bell (dear god) is making a 233 mhz model as well according to this OGR story. Thanks to the man Prophet for letting me know. Slipgate

5:29 PM EST
When I switched to the Quakemania counter..... it was 800 hits behind because I had 800 hits less yesterday when Polish made the counter...... so that's why it said 125xx for some of you people (it's really over 13300). Polish is fixing the counter and adding the forgotten hits :). Slipgate

Quake mania makeover
5:12 PM EST
I've added the hosted by QuakeMania link and switched over to a Quake mania counter. Slipgate

The Quake 2 Vortex returns
4:37 PM EST
The Quake 2 Vortex is finally back, with Blackstealth and Katarn working on it. I don't know if Katarn's closing down his own Quake 2 page to work on this yet or not. In any case, those of you who visited the Vortex (or those of you that didn't) it's back, check it out. Updates will be a little scarce for now since Blackstealth is having final exams. Slipgate

3DReview gets a Quake 2 page
4:28 PM EST
The website has a Quake 2 page now. Thanks Mad Dog. Slipgate

4:09 PM EST
QOOLE beta version 1.50 is out. Why tell you this? Well, this editor will support Quake 2 when it comes out, that's why :). Slipgate

Darn lucky Painkeep makers
4:05 PM EST
Again credited to Prophet for telling me, The Evolve Team, the guys who made the PainKeep deathmatch pack, are going to include the pack on the cover CD of the August issue of Computer Gaming World. PainKeep is pretty popular. Slipgate

When will QuakeC stop being used?
4:01 PM EST
Just kidding with that topic... anyways, for people who like Quake and work with QuakeC (better learn real code by December if you don't already know real code :P), here is a sort of QuakeC IDE that color-codes the text as you type it and stuff. It's not finished yet but close, check the page for details. Thanks go to Prophet. Slipgate

Quake server issues
3:48 PM EST
Thought I'd mention this quick even though other news pages have..... Prophet mailed me with this link about saving your Quake server running on Win95 or NT from possible hackers. Slipgate

E3 Live
3:44 PM EST
E3 Live is finally up and running.... thanks Prophet. Slipgate

A requested link
3:39 PM EST
+DethstaR+, a new member to the Quake 2 webring, asked for a link to his page about Quake 2. Done. Slipgate

Really old news
3:36 PM EST
There is a Duke Nukem Forever page at (warning to MIDI haters..... it features a MIDI but that can be disabled). Thanks to Prophet for that. Slipgate

Stingray review
3:35 PM EST
If this reveiwer isn't filled with a lot of hot air (and he doesn't seem to be) this is a pretty good card..... here's a review by the Allgames Network. My one complaint with this review is that they tested standard Quake on the card but not GLQuake for some reason (reason being the optimized version of GLQuake for the Rush voodoo set is not yet available....... personally I still think they could have tested the existing GLQuake). Thanks Prophet (p.s. check out that Prophet link). Slipgate

Underground Aspect redesign
3:24 PM EST
Came upon a letter from yesterday from the maintainer of The Underground Aspect in my mail backlog...... his site has a pretty cool redesign now, check it out. Slipgate

Mail backlog
3:17 PM EST
I'm going through a whole lot of mail in my inbox right now (a little backlogged)...... so any major updates may be somewhat delayed today. Slipgate

June 1, 1997
5:44 PM EST
The survey is almost finished being written...... I've had to rescript it a bit since now I can use QuakeMania's cgi form script and I was originally writing it with a Geocities account in mind :P. The survey I did a while back for school will have its results posted soon... Slipgate

Tell people
5:43 PM EST
If you know any other visitors of this site who are unaware of the new URL (or have the typo-url) please send them on their way here. Thanks. Slipgate

Any requests
5:42 PM EST
Any link requests or something similar that you've sent should be resent because as you imagine I've gone through quite a bit today to bring the Fault Line back (it was seriously deleted!). Just resend your requests anew and I'll manage..... by the way, on IRC, Undernet #quake2 is where I hang out to talk about Quake 2, you'll find me in EFNet #quake and #quakeed also. Slipgate

5:41 PM EST
I e-mailed everyone who's ever contacted me about this site today about the move (since it's not obvious looking at the old site) but my signature file with the new url had a TYPO! It said faultine instead of faultline, argh. Those people who mail me about this (the mail is steadily coming) are replied to with an apology and the correct URL. My signature is fixed now too. This is not good..... I may have to sit down and send out all of those e-mails again :(. I knew my typos would one day do me in, I hope all my viewers find their way to this site. Slipgate

Quake 2 Nebula repremiere delayed
5:40 PM EST
Woohoo, my first real update on my new site... The Quake 2 Nebula was supposed to repremiere tonight, but the maintainer Johnathan Ruff was at a graduation so the repremiere won't be for another day or two..... Slipgate

Speaking from a Quake Mania near you
12:19 PM EST
I'm on Quake Mania now..... the most rushed move in history. You see, Mindspring deleted the Fault Line for reasons best left undisclosed. Polish was very nice and willing to set me up here when I ran on IRC looking for space. I'm a bit calmer now, gonna let the news pages know. Slipgate

Keep suggestions coming!
10:31 AM EST
Please keep the suggestions coming for the Quake 2 suggestion packet. The day when I'm mailing off the first packet of suggestions is drawing closer. In another note, I originally had the date as the 19th, I have now decided to make that the 22nd, so that it can be Post-E3..... that way, we don't bug them about adding stuff they've already added (once we hear about the Quake 2 demo at E3 for example). Slipgate

Writing up a survey
10:28 AM EST
The nifty addition I mentioned yesterday that I'm working on is a survey. This one isn't like the one I had to do for school though (thanks to all who replied to that one, I got 100 on the project). This survey has to do with the Fault Line, what you like and don't like on it, and what should be on it, as well as some feedback to make existing areas better... I'm still writing it, will be up when I'm done with it..... I also have other stuff going on (that's why I've been taking time off lately). Slipgate

Disruptor plan update
10:26 AM EST
Disruptor updating his mighty finger (stronger than the sword you know). Here you go:

I was talking to Tim, Bear and John Cash today, and got a great idea for a QW mod. It's optional, but with the next release of QuakeWorld, the progs will support two new server vars.

dq 1 (Drop Quad)
dr 1 (Drop Ring)

Eg: You picked up the Quad. You run around for 10 seconds before someone kills you. You drop the Quad and it remains in play for 5 seconds before someone else picks it up. They now have the Quad for the remaining 15 seconds.

If no one else picks it up after you die 10 seconds into having the Quad, it dissapears 20 seconds later.

Read: The Quad or Ring are never in play for more than the normal 30 seconds.

The mods are running on Underworld ( Thanks to Tarok, Zoid,
and Bi||iard for their input.

Nebula repremiering with new look
10:24 AM EST
The Quake 2 Nebula is repremiering midnight today with what's promised to be a new kickass look..... If the graphic currently ocuppying the site is any indication, it WILL be kickass. Slipgate

May 31, 1997
I'm not back, just letting you know
6:07 PM EST
Just mentioning this quickly... this comes from Martin Kozicki, it's an Entermedia scoop (as not even the rest of the staff knows yet :) ).

EnterMedia's June 4th live Chat show with Hipnotic Interactive is being postponed. Hipnotic asked to reschedule post-E3, as they are currently working at break-neck speed to get a demo of SiN ready for the show. Activision, which is acting as Hipnotic's publisher/publicist, apologized to EnterMedia for the delay.

More information on a new date will be released shortly after E3.

So, that I-Chat that was going to be with Hipnotic on June 4th is no longer on June 4th. Good thing to know, so you dont show up at the wrong time :). I'm seriously taking the rest of the day off, cya later. Slipgate

A very short break
3:09 PM EST
I know it's only early afternoon, but I've decided to stop updating for the rest of the day..... Nite can if he wants to. I have homework I want to keep on top of instead of struggling through at the last minute, and I'm also scripting some HTML for a nifty addition to this site soon..... btw, you can contact me one of two ways..... not only through e-mail but also through ICQ (I've been on ICQ for a while actually, even before news pages started pimping it!). My ICQ UIN is 1088038. In order to get me on your contact lists you'll need my authorization, and I'm not going to give that to EVERYONE but I will reasonably give it to some people. Nite and I are both on ICQ, you can find us using the search for a person thing..... our names or our nicknames are sufficient to find us since they are rather unique (his nickname is FA-Nite, not Nite, btw). Slipgate

Link addition requested
3:07 PM EST
Vorinth asked for a link to his Quake 2 page...... check it out, I've added the link for him. Slipgate

Monster3D Review
3:04 PM EST
Monster 3D review is on Allgames network...... they give it a VERY high rating (would have been a perfect rating except for one thing, read review). That actually comes from Hosebag of the NAWC. Slipgate

Avault stuff
3:03 PM EST
Prophet told me about this one...... The Adrenaline Vault has a blurb, you know the usual "Activision gets Quake 2" kind. They also have a DirectX FAQ. Slipgate

PC Zone Quake2 feature
12:33 PM EST
The July issue of PC Zone (UK mag) has a feature all about Quake2. Nothing new in the way of screenshots, but I haven't bought it yet. Thanks Jenkins. Nite

A shameless plug
10:48 AM EST
Whether or not your not sure where to go or what to do in this new world of 3d acceleration (what card to buy? what card to buy? what do all these fancy terms mean? etc.), check out Lafarga's Quake and 3D Video Cards FAQ. Great source of info..... talks about 3d cards and explains all those fancy terms to you first, and then goes into Quake specifics..... so it's really usable by nearly anyone, not just Quake players. I've added a link to it in my links section. Yes, I did know about this FAQ in the past, but I finally got a chance to sit down and read the whole thing through. Slipgate

Disruptor plan update
10:44 AM EST
Disruptor updated his plan with the following:

Ok, hopefully I won't get too many complaints, but here is how the new spawn in logic works.

It goes through the entire map and finds all spawn spots that don't have any players within a 128 unit radius (derriving n available spots). It then puts you into a random spot between 1 and n.

*RANDOM* is the key word here (/me glares at Blue and Redwood =)

Should there be any further suggestions, please e-mail me, but I think this is the fairest way of determining spawn in spots.

As usual, the mods are being run on Underworld ( for testing.

All this stuff about spawnspots....... what about Quake 2 :)? Kidding, of course this kind of decides the spawn ideas in Quake 2. Slipgate

The Prophet mailbag
9:51 AM EST
Well, not much mail from him just yet this morning (I know it'll fill my mailbox later today), but here's a story about Half-Life, that new Quake engine game sporting Ben Morris, Choryoth, and Wedge being made by Valve Software. I figured most of you ARE spooging over that, so here's a GameCenter story that goes a bit more in-depth than all the stories there have been so far. Slipgate

New Old news edition
9:50 AM EST
Tomorrow, I'll be moving all the present news on the latest news page off into another Old News installment. I'll keep this day's update on the latest news, however. Speaking of old news, the way my Archive page looks isn't all that keen, send me suggestions. Slipgate

Mailing list edition 3
9:45 AM EST
The Quake 2 mailing list had its third edition sent out today. The mailing list has 400 recipients, including Disruptor of Id Software. If you'd like to receive the mailing list, e-mail Nite. Slipgate

ID Software gets a redesign
9:44 AM EST
ID Software has redesigned their website, it's rather nifty now but the cool sound on startup is gone. Check it out. Slipgate

May 30, 1997
Exscape stuff
10:23 PM EST
Exscape has several articles of interest, some of which are linked here:

Quakeworld update/help
About Quake movies

You can find other articles of interest by starting at the main site itself with the link at the beginning of this update. The Prophet is the man. Little note, this is my last update for the day. Night. Slipgate

A day late and no money in hand
10:10 PM EST
I thought everyone knew this months ago because that's when it was first being mentioned, but NiN is too busy to do the Quake 2 music. So they aren't the ones doing it. What are they busy with? The Crow 3. Yeah, I'm late on this news because I didn't really think it was all that NEW. Slipgate

Page typo!
10:09 PM EST
Jeez, now I'm the one making mistakes. Prestige of Maximum Carnage Quake II let me know that the mailing link for Prophet in the Gamesmania news update of earlier today didn't work due to a typo. It's fixed now. Speaking of him and Prophet, Prophet mails him now too. Slipgate

E3 redux
9:15 PM EST
Alright, here's the deal. Quaker Joltmeal needs someone who's going to E3 to report to the webmaster erraticAvoid (he used to be named MagicMonkey, but he renamed) anything they see..... You know, let him know what you see and find out that he could use for his news. He does Quake 2 news, SiN news, Hexen 2 news and ocassionally other news. You'll want to mail him about that if you can help him out.

I can't state what's going on with E3 and the Fault Line (ie, if I have a source of info for what happens at it or not) because things are still really sketchy there..... rest assured that if you hook up Quaker Joltmeal with info he'll hook me up too..... if I need the hooking up that is :). Naturally, any of you going to E3 are welcome to mail me. Slipgate

Gamepro story
9:09 PM EST
Gamepro has a story about Activision getting the Quake 2 rights also..... due to the funky refresh crap on, the URL Prophet sent me didn't work, which is why I'm giving you a link to the domain itself, you'll have to hunt down the story... sorry out of my control. Slipgate

Another Disruptor plan update
9:00 PM EST
Disruptor updated his plan again about the spawnspots thing. Here you go:

I've recieved a number of e-mails today about people *NOT* liking the new spawn in routines based soley on distance.

Would anyone terribly object to me finding the top three furthest spawn spots from anyone else on the map, and pick a random one out of the three?

I didn't get a chance to check out the spawnspots stuff on to begin with! :) Oh, and speaking of Disruptor's plan, somebody asked if I had put the graphic from his page up yet. I guess they kind of assumed I was planning to later on. So, as not to disappoint everyone, here you go:

By the way, just like Disruptor's picture in his plan, it acts as a link to the Quake 2 area of I didn't save it to my mindspring space, I'm actually accessing the same copy he does in his plan :). Slipgate

Activision and Quake 2 on many fronts!
7:25 PM EST
There have been a lot of Activision gets Quake 2 stories or blurbs since my last update, so I'll put them this way:

The OGR story
The PcGamer story
The PCME (PC Multimedia) story

No NEW info really offered up, but that Quake 2 hype is building up with the little blurbs...... if it keeps up I'll have news but the Quake 1 fiasco will be repeated. Slipgate

Pentium 2 Killer? Yeah right =)
6:09 PM EST
Thought I'd mention this..... the Cyrix chip formerly known as M2 ships today..... it's Cyrix's competition for the Pentium II. Read this for more :). Thanks Prophet. Slipgate

Gamesmania story
6:08 PM EST
There is a brief blurb on GamesMania about Activision getting publishing rights to Quake 2. Thanks Prophet. Slipgate

6:07 PM EST
Good old Entermedia (this is NOT forced niceness, they are good) has some new stories and some updates on their site now. Topics include an update on the Activision/3DFX/Hexen 2 contest (which I really haven't looked into yet) and other stuff. Slipgate

Disruptor plan update
5:42 PM EST
That's right, Disruptor updated his plan!

Wow! I just discovered the coolest thing in QuakeWorld (now that the double damage bug has been fixed)... "Rocket Juggling"

If someone with 200 health, 200 armour jumps towards you and you blast them up high into a corner, fire rockets where they are going to land and you'll pop them back up in the air again.

I juggled someone 3 or 4 times before they died. Try it =)


John Cash is my hero!

If anyone feels like playing some QW, hop on Underworld ( Cash hacked out some code to make it such that QW no longer cycles through spawn spots sequentially, but every time you get placed in the map, it checks all spawn spots against all players in the world for the furthest distance available (I hope that made sense) and plops you into the least populated area.

Zoid is finishing up with his QuakeWorld mods and I think he's looking to release soon, so we'd like to release both the new client and server, as well as the progs mods we've been working on.

As usual, if you have any bug reports with the progs changes, please don't hesitate to e-mail me.

Thanks to Garebear for telling me that. Boy, I'm a little late on the news today...... I'll be quicker about updates soon because I'm almost done with school...... and then I'll have a hell of a lot of time on my hands. Slipgate

Who to credit, who to credit??
5:34 PM EST
The news updates by Nite weren't credited to anyone really...... but it was of course MULTIPLE people who mailed me about this :). So, here goes a CREDIT LIST! The people who mailed me about this were: Rotwang, Prophet, and KaTT. (I asked Nite to do the update as I was busy). Slipgate

The Activision press release
5:32 PM EST
Activision of course made a press release regarding getting rights to Quake 2.... the press release hypes Quake 2 just a bit :). Slipgate

Gamer's Alliance Quake
3:33 PM EST
Due to popular demand, I have added a link to Gamer's Alliance Quake to the links section, which I so cautiously designed. Nite

Quake2 to be released by Activision
3:29 PM EST
"From an aging and distant rumor from a galaxy far far away..." erm. Activison have now officially been given the rights to distribute Quake2, as well as Hexen2. Does this mean we get free badges? Nite

FAQ updates
3:26 PM EST
Oops... when I update the FAQ it kinda slips my mind to update it here. Arg. Well, that's all the more reason for you to do regular checks! =) About that bug, it's fixed. Nite

May 29, 1997
FAQ update
9:11 PM EST
Thanks to Rotwang for telling me about the fact that Nite updated his Quake 2 FAQ (we have a link to it with the "FAQ" button on the left. The surprising thing is, he actually did TWO updates since the time I last checked the FAQ (about 2 days ago!) and I never heard about either from him. Oh well...... Anyways, check it out, just be aware there is an error in it I've mailed him about. The error concerns GLQuake2 being supported or unsupported by Id. Remember that Quake 2 will include GL, Verite, and normal rendering as well as the ability to switch between the three in Quake 2, instead of constantly getting ANOTHER quake.exe like it happened with Quake 1. As a result, naturally GLQuake2 and VQuake2 will be supported as far as technical support and such because we are all talking about the same EXE here....... the "unsupported" phrase is meant to describe Quakeworld and GLQuake for Quake 1, because Carmack is just making too many improvements/etc. to keep the data consistent with Quake 1 anymore, and he's moving on to building them to be great for Quake 2. Ok, wordy explanation for a little error, without further ado, read the FAQ :). Slipgate

Slipgate now knows what FFA means!
9:04 PM EST
Thanks to Sandip Mehta for telling me it means "Free For All". Slipgate

Plan updates
7:18 PM EST
Wow, been a while since any id Software guys updated their plans!

Well, the happy day is upon us. I would never have guessed if I hadn't seen it on Redwood's! Well, Cash updated with this:

Been a while since I've updated, so here goes...

Sounds like M3 (love that name) was a blast; wish I could have made it there.

A bunch of us are going to be out at E3 to say goodbye to the Ferrari. I hear we're supposed to have a LAN set up and let people play against us there... we are *so* outta practice it could be ugly. I was playing pretty well last night (hell yes I'm practicing up a bit), but my play it still very erratic.

I observed a game with a guy from the UK who plays as Ettu the other night. That guy was evil. Don't know how he is in a FFA, but he was damn good in a 1v1 and a 2v2. Those sequenced respawn points have *got* to go. Disruptor, Tokay, and I came up with a few ideas we'll probably test out on Underworld.

Had to make an unexpected trip to PA over the memorial day weekend. My grandmother (the last of my grandparents) died on thursday. Not a fun holiday.

My wife took my M3 this week :-( Said it's her turn. She got a bit upset when I said "Please just don't wreck it". She said "I'm not the one who wrecks them". Ouch! Gotta love it.

I had MANY reactions to this, actually. First off, wow he'll be at E3. Second off, I can't picture Cash being as erratic now as he claims. Third, what does FFA mean? Fourth, Underworld is quite a Quakeworld testbed. Fifth, sorry about the grandmother, John. I've had family members die so I know how it hurts. Lastly, about the M3, ouch, that does hurt :).

Disruptor also updated about (presumably) a Java fix for Win NT. In addition to that, he added a little html to his plan, check it out in my fingers section (it's a graphic in the upper right corner of the planfile). Here is all Disruptor had to say:

Thank god... I was going insane!

Interesting...... I guess. About the graphic, again, if you want to see it utilize my finger section to read his plan or THIS LINK. Slipgate

Infocenter ticker
6:57 PM EST
Good old Rotwang sent me this mail regarding the Infocenter's shutdown and a possible addition to the Fault Line. It's not the entire letter, just part of the letter he sent me that I am quoting...... the rest is meant for just my eyes :). Without further ado:


I really liked the Java news scroller on the Infocenter. Maybe you can persuade e-munch to lend that to you. Blue could use it too. The new format is very nice, much nicer than before (the left frame looks much cleaner). I thought the bright blue background behind the news text was a little too active, but that's just my opinion. :)

(snip! :) )


So do any of you think I should add that ticker? I can if you want, I took the trouble of finding out how it was put together when E-munch first started using it, of course I would ask his permission before doing so. Slipgate

Opening the Prophet mailbag!
6:56 PM EST
Prophet sent a whole ton of news today. Here's some of the bigger highlights:

Entermedia has been updated with some stuff, go check it out (hey, I've heard of that network somewhere before, haven't I? Hmm? :) ).

Here is a review of the Total 3D graphic accelerator card (you want good graphics in Quake 2 I assume :) ).

A Final Fantasy 7 TC (ok, I love Final Fantasy, that's why I'm mentioning this).

Next-Generation has a John Romero thingy...... read if interested.

Oh, and that's only a few of 23 e-mails I got today :). Slipgate

Speaking of bpmusic.....
6:44 PM EST
Sorry to bring this in here, but go to to hear RealAudio samples of the tracks of the Doom soundtrack audio CD. Tip: Listen to the RealAudio 3.0 versions, they sound AWESOME. Slipgate

Links work
6:31 PM EST
I've removed the link to the Quake 2 Infocenter (sob... sob), and added the link to Katarn's Quake2 Area. I've fixed the link to Dyno's Quake 2 news (it had moved slightly), and I've also added a link to Bobby Prince's under Other Links. Speaking of other links, Talon Strike (if any of you visit it) moved, I've updated the link. On a final note, I've added the link to the Quake 2 site Underground Aspect. Slipgate

May 28, 1997
The Vortex might return
11:47 PM EST
Last update for the day. I mean it! :) Alright, zonked enough by e-munch's page being shut down, I now have this news. The Vortex (a Quake 2 site in this webring), run by Blackstealth, was removed from Telefragged long ago. Katarn of Katarn's Quake2 Area and he will be doing a page together, so the Vortex will return better than ever. If this means that Katarn's page is replaced by the Vortex or if both pages will exist, I don't know. I'm too zonked and sleepy to care much right now. I'm also too zonked to bother with mailing links. Good night. Slipgate

Umm, holy crap
10:54 PM EST
I come on the Net after a long day of homework, and what do I find? E-munch has CLOSED DOWN HIS QUAKE 2 INFOCENTER!

From his page:

Sorry, but the Quake 2 Infocenter has been shut down as of 5.28.97.

It's been shut down mainly because it takes up way too much time and I get little or nothing out of it. Sorry to the regular readers (if any) of my page, and from now on you should visit The Fault Line, the best Quake 2 site on the web.

Thanks to all the people that supported me through this, but I'm moving on to do other types of pages for other games.

There's no turning back, all files on the site have been deleted. When I find out what to do for my next site, I'll probably end up posting it here or somewhere else.
e-munch -

Wow, this is incredible. He was the one page truly comparable to here in the public eye. Not only by the other viewers, but by myself too, his site will be sorely missed.

I don't know how late I'm updating with this and if all the other Quake 2 sites have this update done yet. Thanks both to e-munch himself and to Rotwang for letting me know about the shutdown...... too much, man, too much. I can garauntee I'm not suddenly shutting this page down tomorrow or anything :). Please, don't mailbomb e-munch about this, he's made his decision, and he had reasons. Slipgate

Garebear and a neato mail
5:31 PM EST
Garebear sent me a very nice mail regarding my rant from yesterday. Here is what he said:

Nice rant on your page...about the Quake II Webring and all...well, I must say that I prefer YOUR Q2 page to ALL the other Quake II pages. Fact is, I don't even bother going to the other Quake II pages to see if they're better than yours because yours is the bomb! Also, I was just visitor 11112 ... ummmm, I know that didn't matter but I had to get that in. Don't you think that 11112 is just a great number...of course, not as great as 666 but still, a good number! :) Anyways, I love your page, keep up the great work, and if you haven't checked out my page (devoted to 3D games...Quake and Quake II sections coming up VERY soon) then please check it out.
P.S. I'm looking for someone to host my 3D gaming site...any ideas? Thanx!

Thank you for such a nice e-mail Garebear. I'm sure people will like your site. By the way, considering I wasn't joking when I said I'd be busy today, this is all the updating I will do. Nite is busy now too. Sorry guys, see you tomorrow! Slipgate

No Quake 2 showcase at M3
5:30 PM EST
According to those who have mailed me about this, Quake 2 was not shown at M3, but SiN was. Ok, thanks all. Slipgate

Quake 2 cheese moved again
5:29 PM EST
The site Quake 2 cheese moved to I've updated the links section. Slipgate

New page design
9:50 AM EST
It's nice to see alot of people acknowledging The Fault Line's great new look. I think it looks much fresher, and many people agree the new paint job does it a whole world of good. Thanks to Redwood for mentioning the new way of looking at life. Nite

Wampey Shows the Truth
9:35 AM EST
The results for the Quake2 questions on Wampey's Census have been released, and alot of the choices run in with my decisions. Ambient music seemed to be a favourite (luckily only two people chose Macarena). The punters also prefer character classes to a single character (507 want classes while 231 want a single class). Should Quake2 death sounds be funny or realistic? Come on, we don't want another Duke3D, do we? Over 550 people chose realistic. Runes? The majority wants runes at the end of each episode. I personally wanted them just thrown around the place. Finally, Star Trek or porn? Jeez... how can you not choose Star Trek? =) Nite

The Fault Line now MSIE friendly
9:48 AM EST
If you were visiting this page yesterday with MSIE, you may have seen some serious problems. If you're looking today, you'll notice it's fixed. If it happens again, I'll fire the janitor. Nite

Don't forget about me!
9:43 AM EST
Hey, guys, I'm here as well you know. Slipgate's busy today, right? I'm not. So if you want Quake2 news publishing today, email me. Now! =) Nite

May 27, 1997
NO TIME tomorrow
10:33 PM EST
I have REALLY NO TIME tomorrow for any updates or to even check my mailbox or connect to the net at all. Far far too busy. I'm out of the loop till Thursday afternoon. I'm serious, I won't be updating tomorrow. Nite may of course at his discretion update. Slipgate

Quake 2 displayed at M3?
10:30 PM EST
I heard a little earlier from someone on Undernet #quake2 that I trust that there was a display of Quake 2 at M3. Is this true? If so, were there any pictures of it taken, any blurbs about it, anything? I wasn't at M3, anybody who was please hook me up if this is for real. If it's not for real, I'd appreciate an e-mail telling me to be less gullible. Slipgate

Link for Maximum Carnage Quake II fixed
8:35 PM EST
I had Maximum Carnage Quake II labeled as Prestige's Quake 2 page. Doh! Check the links, it's fixed now. Any other moves or other such things I should know about? Yes, the Quake 2 cheese link is fixed (he moved). Slipgate

MeccaWorld has a Quake 2 site
8:22 PM EST
Wrey Martinson sent me an e-mail, asking me to mention the new Quake 2 site on MeccaWorld. Gladly will I do that. Here is the Quake 2 site on MeccaWorld. I've withheld his e-mail link so he doesn't get bombed, there is an e-mail link for him on the page anyways. By the way, this whole withholding e-mail link thing isn't a long time thing, I just feel some people are about to get bombed with enough mail or ARE bombed with enough mail that they don't need me helping to contribute to the pile. I will continue to use mailing links in the future. Slipgate

Link information
8:08 PM EST
About my links, if any sites have renamed or been moved, or I have not got the proper name up, e-mail me so I can make fixes. In other news, see yet by my update timestamps that I have no life? Slipgate

Apologies to Redwood
8:03 PM EST
In my haste to update I forgot to mention that my info on the new Quake engine game came from Redwood's Quake page. I did make some observations I didn't see him comment on, but not many people comment when quoting stuff anyways (I'm one of the few that do). Sorry there Redwood! Slipgate

New Quake engine game
7:52 PM EST
Thought I'd mention this. There IS a new Quake engine game coming soon... Next-Generation promised a mention but hasn't done so yet, but here are the two screenshots and the press release (all anybody has so far).

SIERRA ON-LINE SECURES EXCLUSIVE PUBLISHING AND DISTRIBUTION RIGHTS FOR HALF-LIFE, THE HOT UPCOMING ACTION GAME FROM VALVE Revolutionary first-person action game features unique mix of action and adventure elements and stunning technological enhancements to licensed Quake engine.

BELLEVUE, Wash. May 27, 1997- Sierra On-Line announced today an agreement with Valve to publish and distribute the game developer's debut release, Half-Life. Half-Life combines id Software's renowned QUAKE technology, Valve's proprietary technological advances and sophisticated, innovative gameplay. The result promises to be the most exciting first-person action game available this holiday season.

Half-Life introduces a revolutionary leap in 3D first-person games by combining stunning technology enhancements with genre-breaking gameplay elements. Gamers are given opportunities to wreak havoc--in true action-game fashion--but they are also challenged to explore and strategize; for instance, telling friend from foe is no longer a simple matter of humans vs. monsters. Half-Life's strong story elements, advanced inventory system and story-integrated challenges create an experience never-before-seen in traditional "run-and-gun" action games.

The game features many technological advances, including 16-bit color, sophisticated colored lighting, and environmental effects such as translucency, dynamic textures, and metallic surfaces. A proprietary character animation system gives creatures the highest polygon counts and most fluid character motions seen in a first-person action game. In addition, an advanced artificial intelligence system lets non-player characters demonstrate remarkable cunning, including group behaviors and progressive strategic movement and ambush skills. The result is an entirely immersive playing environment with intensely realistic life forms. Half-Life contains support for Open-GL and Direct 3D and MMX hardware acceleration. Internet multiplayer support for up to 32 players is also included.

Assigned to a top-secret experiment at a decommissioned missile base, you've made an amazing breakthrough, an alarming discovery, and a stupid decision. Now, with the pieces of your colleagues scattered around the lab, you must fight your way past crafty alien monsters to the surface, where a full-scale battle has erupted between the invaders and government troops. Safe at last? No way. The military is just as interested in silencing you as they are in eradicating the alien menace. You must make a last ditch attempt to reach the alien world, foil their monstrous schemes, and figure out how to make peace with your own murderous kind.

Along the way you'll discover fantastic experimental weapons, diabolically cunning death squads, and grotesquely beautiful worlds. It will take a fast trigger finger and a faster mind to survive, as not every monster is your enemy and not everything is as it seems.

"Sierra On-Line is thrilled to have the opportunity to publish Half-Life," remarked Ken Williams, CEO of Sierra On-Line. "Valve's enhancements to the Quake engine technology introduce gameplay and design elements that will thrust Half-Life to the forefront of first-person gaming. Gamers will agree that the results are nothing less than mind-boggling."

"Our goal with Half-Life was to build the most exciting and technologically advanced game possible," said Gabe Newell, co-founder and Managing Director of Valve. "When it came to selecting a publisher, it was very clear that Sierra was the most committed to leap-frogging the current generation of games and giving gamers a product that will be head and shoulders above anything else shipping this year."

Valve's prestigious development team is comprised of many well-respected names within the gaming community, including: 3D artist Chuck Jones, formerly with Apogee/3D Realms, where he was an artist and animator for Duke Nukem 3D, Rise of the Triad, Shadow Warrior and the Duke Nukem Plutonium Pack; game and level designer Harry E. Teasley III, former art director of Williams' Doom for Sony Playstation; Tools Architect Ben Morris, creator of DCK (Doom Construction Kit) and WorldCraft; game designers Steve Bond and John Guthrie, creators of the Quake Airplane and Quake Kart; and level designer Dario Casali, one of the world's best-known deathmatch level designers, including those found on id Software's Final Doom.

Half-Life, on PC CD-ROM, is scheduled to ship in November, 1997 and will be available at most software retailers, as well as through Sierra Direct at (800) 757-7707.

Founded in 1996, Valve develops games software. Based in Kirkland, Washington, the company consists of more than 20 leading artists, game designers and programmers. More information about Valve is available through the company's web site at

Sierra On-Line is one of the original developers and largest worldwide publishers of interactive entertainment, productivity and educational software. The company recently merged with CUC International, a technology-driven, membership-services company that provides access to travel, shopping, auto, dining, home improvement, financial and other services to 66.3 million consumers worldwide. The company's common stock is traded on the NYSE under the symbol CUC Intl. Sierra's corporate headquarters are located in Bellevue, WA.

What most news pages haven't mentioned is that this Valve Software company has Wedge, Choryoth, Ben Morris, and Dario Casali who was in Team TNT. So, this product really is something to look forward to. I'm pretty sure that this will use Quake 2 enhancements. By the way, the screenshots WERE NOT taken in GL mode, just 16 bit software rendering. (In other words, this is basically what the game will look like on typical video cards). Slipgate

Thanks to all sending me suggestions so far
7:38 PM EST
I wanted to thank EVERYBODY who has sent Quake 2 suggestions so far. Keep them coming for that packet I promise! On a side note, so far people are agreeing with my rant of earlier today..... If you haven't read it yet scroll down. Slipgate

Quakemania link
5:50 PM EST
It turns out in the link redo we forgot to include the link to Quake Mania we once had. It's been put back in. Thanks for letting me know Polish (e-mail link withheld to give his mailbox some slack). Also, I fixed an html error that may have caused problems for Internet Explorer 4. Slipgate

Congrats to The Void
5:49 PM EST
The Void has now broken 50,000 hits. Congratulations on their accomplishment! Slipgate

A RANT a day keeps the doctor away
5:48 PM EST
You've seen other Quake folks rant before. Ever seen me rant? No? Well, pull up a chair because here I go.

Some people (even those in the webring) seem to have the opinion that the sites dedicated to Quake 2 are competing. This is not really true. If any member of this webring comes upon significant information (in other words, a scoop) that the others don't have, we will hook the others up basically. This webring has a newsletter that goes out to all members on ocassion, when there is stuff to communicate about. We call it a newsletter, but it is really an ocassional e-mail from one member of the ring to all other members. Earlier when debating whether or not the Infocenter and this page should join up, I noticed some webring members saying it was a great idea and others expressing concern over even more interest in their page lost. People preferring one page to another is an unavoidable fact in this webring, despite all our cooperative efforts. If you like the Infocenter or Maximum Carnage or the Nebula or any of these pages better than the Fault Line, or vice versa, you are completely welcome to your opinion. I truly hope we of the webring don't get divided or enter into a conflict. But, while I mention Quake 2 sites, I should mention something else. This is sort of a second rant.

This webring is great and is host to what in my opinion is many excellent sites. All the sites in the ring are worth a look. I won't say any names, but it disturbs me when a page is started solely so that it can get in this webring. After that, the page is not up to date any more because it just proves too much work for the person that put it together, almost as if said person assumed that was it, he was in. We've been lenient so far, and the webring has approved some really young sites that managed to keep up and have become really good, but at this point we can't have the same leniency anymore. Start a Quake 2 page if you are genuinely excited or whatever about Quake 2. Don't let the webring be your first thought. If after a week or two you are still in the fold and doing well, feel free to apply to the ring. I'm of the opinion that the Fault Line, when it began, was not worthy then of what this ring is now. Now, I try and stay in all modesty, but I do think that it fits its role in the webring, as do many of the sites here. I'm just a little worried, in that, would you rather have a webring of 16 sites that are great and really up to date, or a webring of 40 sites that all are five months behind and have a format that blows?

With either of these rants, I mean to implicate NONE of the Quake 2 webring members, just try and put my finger on some disturbing trends/behaviors I have noticed. If I said anything offensive or out of line, consider this entire rant stricken from ever having been said, or just request an apology from me. Slipgate

May 26, 1997
Links page completed
3:01 PM EST
I've finished the links page (it was unfinished before), with nifty little tables and everything. If there's anything that is in the wrong column, notify me or Slipgate. BTW, Real Life? Bah humbug (or something). =) Nite

Eggdrop blues
3:04 PM EST
If you know what an Eggdrop is, continue reading. No, it's not some kind of olympic game or anything. My bot MultiSync, who resides on #quake2 and #nebulachat (Undernet), is getting lonely and would like some more eggdrop bots to link to, as to start a Quake-related botnet. Again, if you can help, click on my name there. Nite

Merger not going to happen
11:43 AM EST
Remember a while back the possible merger I talked about with E-munch's Quake 2 Infocenter? Well, We've decided it really wouldn't be a good idea. You can come down from the building now John...... :). Slipgate

11:44 AM EST
I've now got a basically reliable source of E3 info, so I should be able to tell you some E3 stuff once its over, despite not being able to go myself. Don't ask me who :). Slipgate

Back from the dead
11:37 AM EST
The Fault Line is finally back on track here. I've started the layout change I discussed. Up there you see the timestamp, and I'm sure you notice other changes besides :). I was unable to attend the Quake 2 chat although I wanted to, due to Real LifeTM. I'm nearing the completion of my school year also, which is why I'm not updating as much (busy and stuff). Slipgate

New layout and stuff
2:24 PM EST
Tell me what you think. Go exploring :). Slipgate

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