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May 24, 1997

More stories about Carmack's plan update
There is a blurb from PcGamer here. It is about Carmack's plan update. Slipgate

3dfx cards topping market
Go here for a PcGamer blurb about 3dfx cards being the best. They mention the Voodoo Rush also if I remember, but it is brief. Slipgate

QOOLE Quake 2!
According to what the QOOLE authors say, QOOLE will support Quake 2 when the time comes. That's two editors I've heard from so far, Worldcraft and QOOLE. Any others? Thanks Prophet! Slipgate

Quake 2 chat tonight!
The Quake 2 chat is TONIGHT, at 7 pm EST time (midnight for UK folks) in the IRC Undernet #nebulachat channel! Don't be late! Thanks to the Quake 2 Nebula for the info. Slipgate

New webring graphic
The Quake 2 webring has a new webring graphic (check it out below). Thanks to DnV, the maintaner of Impulse ][, for the graphic. This graphic may not be implemented by all Webring members yet though, but I'm jumping on it now. Slipgate

Mailing list
A new edition of the mailing list was shipped out to subscribers today. If you have subscribed to the list check your mail. Slipgate

May 23, 1997

I just said that, Boot
BootNet has a story about Carmack's finger update here, take a gander. Slipgate

Next Generation Quake 2 thing
There is a story on Next Generation about how Activision is winning the "bidding war" for Quake 2. Slipgate

One more thing
I forgot to mention Disruptor also updated his plan. Here you go:

If anyone has any other outstanding issues with QuakeWorld progs fixes (not EXE changes), please drop me an e-mail with the report. The fixes I made a few days ago seem to be working very well, and I'd like to release them to the comminity as soon as possible.

Any comments should be sent to Disruptor of course. Slipgate

Apologies for late update
I'd like to apologize for updating so late in the day. It'll probably be May 24 before people read this update :). It's fully explainable, I had school, and then I went to "The Lost World" (great movie, btw). After that I came home starving and ate dinner, and now I'm updating. Full day :). Anyways, keep on reading, this update has some MEAT in it. On one last note, please be aware that I'm no Blue but I do get over 20 messages each and every day at this point, so use a REALLY catchy topic line to get me to read a letter right away :). Slipgate

John Carmack plan update
John Carmack made this plan update late yesterday:

Bad news.

It looks like this is when "unsupported" really becomes unsupported

Glquake and QuakeWorld were fun to do, but keeping the datasets compatable with quake 1 really has held me back a lot. I badly wanted to get one more release out, but circumstances have forced me to finally ireversibly break with compatability, and I just don't have the time to devote any effort to a stagnant codebase. You probably wont see any more releases from Id until hexen 2 ships. Sorry.

I have given Zoid and Jack Mathews free license to extend and upgrade the QuakeWorld codebase from the last released revision, so this may actually mean that QW receives more attention than I was able to give it.

On the bright side, the new bsp format will offer some great new capabilities that will be apreciated by all:

Greater robustness. Only one bsp tree is built, and no surfaces are generated that weren't part of the map brushes.

No fixed clipping hull restrictions. You can now set any mins/maxs you like.

You can tell the texture that a trace clips on in the game, so different surface attributes are now possible.

Textures are no longer stored in the bsp file.

Full color lightmaps for glquake. The "surprise" that I mentioned before was colored lighting hacked into glquake in a way that didn't require a change in the format, but this is better.

If any hard-core add on hackers can present a serious case for additional modifications to the bsp file, now is the time to let me know.

Not storing textures in BSP files will make them much smaller. The rest of the stuff sounds great too. Slipgate

Another Quake 2 chat tomorrow
There is another Quake 2 chat tomorrow. After the last one and people having trouble with the Java chat applet, we were talking about doing the next one on IRC. However, I'm not sure if it is on IRC or on the old Java Chat area, Nite did not specify in his e-mail. I recommend going to Quake 2 Nebula to find out (that's where the java chat was held before). The chat, wherever it is, is tomorrow (Saturday) at 7 pm EST. That's 12 midnight for UK folks. Slipgate

Entermedia will have Hipnotic LIVE!
Since the Fault Line is an Entermedia affiliate, I thought it appropriate to mention this. This is pretty cool anyways. Here is the e-mail I got from the content manager of Entermedia:

This is a quick note. A formal release will follow sometime prior to the show. This is a BIG event, so please pass it on to your viewers.


On June 4th at 7PM CST (5PM Pacific/8PM Eastern), all are welcome to visit the EnterMedia Network Web site at "" and chat live with several members from the SiN development Crew @ Hipnotic Interactive. We'll be hosting a moderated chat session to discuss Hipnotic's first original project and their plans for E3 Atlanta!

Space is limited, so arrive early and come prepared to pose questions to our guests. During the chat session we will be randomly awarding prizes in the form of Quake Mission Packs!

ALL attendees must be using Netscape Navigator, as our Chat section is designed under i-Chat (, the most popular Internet chat plug-in available!

Questions or comments? Send them to:


Martin Kozicki
Executive Content Manager
The EnterMedia Network

This is very cool indeed. I'll need to go get I-Chat!

ADDITIONAL NOTE: Entermedia was down since Monday at 1:30 pm due to connectivity problems. That's why there was a nondescript over to the left instead of the affiliate logo. Slipgate

Worldcraft will support Quake 2
To be on the safe side, I had asked Worldcraft's folks if it would support Quake 2, and according to them it will. Any other editors going to support Quake 2? Let me know. Slipgate

The belated Quake 2 suggestion packet
I've had this suggestion packet dangling for a long time. I've gotten some but not many suggestions, please send more. I've decided that since I've procrastinated so much in organizing it, here's a dead limit: On June 19, I will assemble the first "Quake 2 suggestion packet" featuring groups of suggestions in one e-mail instead of gazillions of unimportant single suggestions. If you have a suggestion, I need it in my mailbox by June 19 or it will be in the "second Quake 2 suggestion packet". I'm not kidding around anymore....... that's a set date :). Slipgate

May 22, 1997

Quake 2 mailing list mentioned by Blue
Blue's News mentioned the Quake 2 mailing list, and minutes later Nite had 20 more requests to join it. In the time it has taken to write this update he has gotten 15 more e-mails :). Disruptor from id Software also mailed him asking to join it :). He's happy. To join the mailing list, e-mail Nite. Thanks Blue. Slipgate

Fault Line now listed in Entermedia's network area
The Fault Line is now listed in Entermedia's network area since we are their first undersigned affiliate. Slipgate

Visitor 10,000's screenshot!
Karl Mehltretter, my 10,000'th visitor from Germany, sent me this screenshot. It may not display in your browser, save it to disk and look at it in a real image program. Slipgate

Tons of Prophet news, mostly Daikatana related
Prophet has mailed me a TON of stuff..... most of it is relevant to the page but NOT all so here goes:

Strike 1 for Prophet: Daikatana WILL use the Quake 2 engine (DLL's and all) and here's a story about Daikatana.

Strike 2 for Prophet: Hexen 2 preview right here. Also a bleat about Hexen 2 here, with the additional info that Blood hits stores retail today (not interested myself, though Blood is OK). It's semi-related since its Hexen 2, but this isn't a Hexen 2 news page, so don't expect much Hexen 2 news here :).

Strike 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, etc.: Lots of Daikatana blurbs on various pages, including stuff about N64 Daikatana. Many links, so I'll just present them this way: Go here for a story on Ultra Game Players ( Here's a thing on Daikatana for N64, and here is a Next Generation blurb. I think that's enough Daikatana news for a Quake 2 news page, heh. Sorry about the "unrelated" stuff. Slipgate

May 21, 1997

Prophet mails me now!
Prophet mails me news now too! According to him, OGR has an article about Daikatana being unveiled at the EIDOS Interactive booth of E3. It mentions that Daikatana uses the "Quake 2 engine" which may not really be entirely correct. Here is a URL for your eyes:

Anyways, thanks Prophet! Keep it coming! Slipgate

Broke 10,000 hits
10,000 was broken by Karl Mehltretter. He is in Germany, and the screenshot he sent me was from a German version of Netscape Navigator! Very cool. The screenshot I got stopped sending over from my mail server at the last few bytes, so image programs open it but browsers don't open it right (the taskbar is a garble since that's the part of the image missing). I asked him for a resend, if and when I get it I will put that up, if I don't I'll put up the one I have, just be advised to download it and view it instead of using the browser. Here is Karl's letter to me:

So I am Visitor 10000 and took this screenshot (v10000.gif).
As a prize I would love to see a 3dfx-card shipped to Germany but
I would also be happy to see my name on your excellent web site.

-Karl Mehltretter

Believe me Karl, I wish I had the money for a 3dfx card. Slipgate

Disruptor plan update
Disruptor made a plan update about Quakeworld stuff...... kinda relevant since Quakeworld is the Quake 2 network codebase. Here it is quoted:

I was working on the QuakeWorld progs for a bit and fixed a few issues. The updated progs are running on our QuakeWorld server at; (

The fixes are;

- Double, tripple, and in some cases, quadruple damage bug fixed
- Player velocity is no longer carried over on respawn
- Respawn telefrags are now a thing of the past

I would like to "stress-test" them for a while before I release them. Please e-mail me should any of the aforementioned bugs crop up again.

Of course, this was in addition to his VERY long disclaimer. Slipgate

Quake 2 with no modem support either??? :(
According to Redwood, since they are using WinQuake as somewhat of a base for Quake 2 (like they are with Hexen 2) they might not have modem or direct connect support in Quake 2 either (in reference to the update earlier about it not being in Hexen 2). This upsets me deeply :(. Yes, I know that ISP modem connects will still work, but modem to modem and direct connects are still important also. Slipgate

Wampey's Census has Quake 2 questions
Wampey's Census has some Quake 2 questions submitted by American McGee. Chances are the feedback is going to him. Go fill it out (there is 1 unrelated question about TeamFortress in the survey). Thanks to Quake 2 Infocenter for letting me know about that :). Oh and thank you all for putting up with the odd update here before :). Slipgate

Mixed opinions
Of course there are mixed opinions on the possible merger I and the Infocenter asked about yesterday....... It's not set in stone yet or anything, we are thinking. Opinions are welcome. Slipgate

Visitor 10,000
Whoever is visitor 10,000 take and send me a screenshot. I wish I could think of a prize for the lucky person, but please let me see it :). This counter WOULD be at 10,000 already if it hadn't gone down so much in the past few days....... argh. Slipgate

May 20, 1997

New Quake 2 page
There is a new Quake 2 page, Katarn's Quake2 Area.

Thanks to Redwood and QuakeMania
Redwood's Quake Page and QuakeMania both have links to us. Thanks guys. I have linked QuakeMania under Other Links in return. Redwood I already have linked. Slipgate

Site redesigning a bit
I'm testing some ideas out at home for new layout styles, trying to see what looks new and better. This includes timestamps, better layout, nicer text, a SINGLE links area that looks less shabby than the current links areas. I may be a little sparse on updating for a while for those and school-related reasons, but honestly I don't think it'll make the site suffer. Slipgate

Netly News article
There is a Netly News article about Quake movies, mostly about the Rangers, with quotes from John Romero and Carmack. Carmack mentions making demos easier to record in Quake 2 in a variety of ways including the release of a demo editor. He likes Quake movies, according to the article. Slipgate

We and the InfoCenter?
What do you think about The Fault Line and the Quake 2 Infocenter teaming up into one page? Opinions are welcome. Slipgate

May 19, 1997

American McGee interview on PlanetQuake
There is an American McGee interview on PlanetQuake. Really short, done by Fragmaster, a little strange, and conducted through e-mail. Slipgate

ConQuest, a Quake 2 level
This is a letter I got from Marc Roussel. If your interested, follow the link.

Yep, its true, a Quake2 level based on 5 of the 8 newest screenshots of Quake2

you can take a look at

You may put screenshots on your page and talk about it or just put my Webpage adress

Thanx, and I would like to know as soon as you've updated your page IF YOU DO of course....

See ya

So there you go :). I will mail him and let him know I updated :). Slipgate

Modem support?
If what I'm reading is correct, Hexen 2 will not have modem or direct connect support. I mean, that's wrong, its ruling out a whole ton of otherwise multiplaying people..... not everyone sets up a LAN to play with their neighbor you know. I am going to rant to Planetquake about this....... I sure hope they see the light and add the modem and direct connect support....... Also, Quake 2 BETTER have modem and direct connect support. What's better, poor support or no support? I'd take poor support anyday. Not happy here. Slipgate

Quake 2 FAQ link changed
Nite got one of those server push things for his page DarkNite. The old URL will still work, but because of his request I have changed the URL in the link. If you have no idea what I'm saying, don't worry about it. Slipgate

American McGee plan update
American McGee updated his plan regarding the shocking X Files episode last night (If you don't know what I'm referring to, just ask ANYONE who watches the show or is on the IRC channel #xfiles). Without further ado:

believe the lie?
you know, season finales really suck :)
we all know that mulder isn't *really*
dead, but now we get to spend the whole
summer wondering. bah.
chris carter, you smoke too much dope.

Well, I think he's still alive too...... but anyways..... Slipgate

May 18, 1997

Survey on the Infocenter
E-munch's Quake 2 Infocenter is holding a survey now to get user opinions on the page......... I filled it out, I recommend you do the same :). I gets LOTS of mail from you guys, but not much of that mail is feedback on the design. Maybe I should hold a survey too (this one on the page instead of 3d games :) ). Also, I think I've made enough updates today. Good night (it's 11 pm for me). Slipgate

Thanks AND congrats to Slipgate Central
Slipgate Central finally re-evaluated this site and updated their listings, plus, they finally started using the banner for the Fault Line that Nite sent them a while back. It's a cool banner, maybe you'll see it sometime when you are over there. About the rating: This site used to be a 2.5 out of 5 on site design and a 4 out of 5 on content. It's now a 3 out of 5 on site design, and the content rating hasn't changed. Also, congratulations to Slipgate Central for finally getting recognized by Yahoo. as a good Quake site with the "sunglasses" picture. Wow, I think that's the first time I had a link to a search engine on this page. Slipgate

Added Nebula link
I've added the Quake 2 Nebula to my Quake 2 Links area. My Quake 2 Links and Other Links areas are very shabby...... I've got a newer better layout in store for them soon, and I'm also putting them together into ONE links area split into two categories. All my existing links will be implemented still in the new layout. See what I mean yet about no life? :) Slipgate

Quake 2 Nebula got a new format
The Quake 2 Nebula now has a bit nicer, less graphic intensive, rather sporty format :). Check it out. Slipgate

Timestamp my updates?
Do you think I should timestamp updates (as in put down what time I made the update while writing it)? Send me what you think about this. The Void and also Redwood's Quake Page both are timestamped, but I think you'll think I have no life if I do that and you see when I make these updates. On the other hand, maybe I don't have a life :). Slipgate

Ranger Gone Bad 3
Not really Quake 2, but I'm a fan of the Ranger movies and well, Ranger Gone Bad 3 is a few weeks away from release. They finished all the rough filming and now sound and editing and all those other fancy things are all thats left to be done. You've probably read this on other pages by now. Anyways, go to the RangerWeb to find out more 'bout that. (85 megs?? Wow.) Slipgate

Survey is finished
I finished the survey. 50 responses. I've now removed the temporary Geocities account I was using, so the link below won't work anymore. To all the people who responded to my survey: Thank you very much. I got an interesting variety of opinions, and at some point when I'm finished compiling the data I'll let you folks have a peek at it if interested.

Now that the survey is over, don't expect to hear any more about it, this page is full on Quake 2 again. Sorry for the detour. Slipgate

New worthy Quake 2 page
There is a new worthy Quake 2 page, Impulse ][. Go check it out, I have added it to my Quake 2 Links area.

In another note, I'm seeing so many great formats on new pages, and e-munch's new format caused my mouth to drop open. Do you guys think I need a new format or do you like this format as it is?

On one last note, just 2 more responses to the survey will give me a nice round number easy to calculate percentages with, but I otherwise do have enough responses now. I wouldn't mind you sending in one, though. See below for what I'm talking about if you don't know. Slipgate

New format on e-munch's Quake 2 Infocenter
The Quake 2 Info Center run by e-munch has an incredible new format........ he told me he was changing the format but my God it rules now! Slipgate

Almost finished with survey!
I've gotten tons of responses to the survey (see below to see what I'm talking about), thank you all for helping me. Really, I have enough now but if I can get four more responses it will be a nice round number easy to calculate percentages with. Slipgate

Give me a little assistance here
Alright, here is the deal. For a school class I have to do a survey. Fortunately I can do it on whatever I want to, just the style of the results have to be a certain way. I'm doing it on 3-d games (gee, where did I come up with that?) Here's what I'm asking. I have a copy of the survey online at Geocities at the following URL: Please fill out and submit the survey to me (it's a mail form, I will get the results). You are anonymous so you don't need to worry. I need about at least 25 responses to the survey.

I will take the survey down once again when I'm finished with it. Now, go fill it out and help me out here! Did I mention that with this project out of the way I'll have more time for the Fault Line? Thanks. Slipgate

May 17, 1997

John Carmack was right as usual
There is an article up on Gamespot that is called MMX: Much Hype for Little Gain. Thanks to Dyno's Quake 2 news for that one. It doesn't actually quote John Carmack, but it does tell of how little MMX helped on MMX games compared to the vanilla versions and such, go read it and by the way it is 2 pages so hit the next key after you finish reading the first page. Slipgate

Java chat a mixed success
The Java chat was a mixed success. We had some visitors and got some good talk about Quake 2 and what should be better over Quake and such, but some people had trouble using the Java applet and also it wasn't very easy to log stuff. I tried but I got a chunk of the beginning, a chunk of the end and missed a bit in the middle. Rather than incomplete logging which doesn't make sense, I decided to quote some of the better highlights of the chat. Unfortunately, those are the parts I missed logging on. We talked about a few things, such as being able to do real zero-g combat and turning upside down and such, artificial intelligence actually somewhat being INTELLIGENCE, breakable brushes and whether they would just blow up or could be worn down (I can't see how they could be worn down, based on my map editing knowledge. The texture mapping problems if they could be worn down would be hell.). Things like that. Some people also expressed a fear that when all is said and done Quake 2 won't be any better than Quake then Doom 2 was to Doom. All in all, a good chat, I'm sorry I can't present it to you. We are thinking of doing more of these but doing them in an IRC channel.

The people attending were some of the webring guys (Tritian, Blackstealth and Dyno didn't make it, and some others I think, but most made it), as well as Crash of Single Player Quake and Patrick Cupka of The Void. Nite made it to the chat but since it was 3 am for him he was taking lots of caffiene (sp?) :). Slipgate

Entermedia press release
The Entermedia guys were OK with printing the press release up here, so here it is. Enjoy........ and remember that in a press release everyone involved is made to look really good (it's a press release after all). Without further ado:


The Fault Line - the Internet’s most popular
Quake II news site - now a part of EnterMedia

MAY 9, 1997 (NASHVILLE, TN) -- The EnterMedia Network, a new online gaming news and information Web site located at "", announced today that they have officially signed their first Network affiliate. The inaugural addition to the Network area of EnterMedia is The Fault Line (, a news and information source for Quake II by id Software (

"We’re very proud to sign such a great new Web site to what we look forward to being a long list of Network affiliates," said Martin Kozicki, Executive Content Manager at The EnterMedia Network. "The Fault Line represents what we’re looking for in an affiliate by having a slick design and interface, along with fresh content that people want to read. Well, that and it’s just plain cool!"

EnterMedia is currently in negotiations with several popular Web sites to bring them into the Network. Unlike other so-called 'gaming networks', EnterMedia does not enforce or requisition changes to the affiliate Web site. They believe in allowing the Webmaster to retain full control over their own project, with just minor aesthetic changes that involve bearing new banner advertisements and the EnterMedia logo.

"I had heard about EnterMedia before," said Ismail Saeed, founder of The Fault Line, "as they have gained popularity in the 3D gaming community. Their biz guys approached me and offered a great deal. My long-time viewers and newcomers alike both gave me a 'yes' when I asked if I should join up with EnterMedia. I encountered many visitors both on Internet chat groups and channels, and through extensive amounts of e-mail-- more than I've ever gotten-- and all of them said they loved the idea and that I should go with it.

"EnterMedia has been very amenable to my needs and concerns, and has proven easy to get along with without compromising what in my opinion makes The Fault Line an excellent site to see."

EnterMedia will continue to list The Fault Line as an affiliate member in the Network section of their Web site ( Web sites interested in joining EnterMedia’s affiliate program should contact a representative of the Web site to discuss terms and conditions. If you are an advertiser or marketing specialist looking to engage in online advertising and wish to discuss the potentials of advertising with EnterMedia and their affiliates, please view their online Media Kit at "" or call BlueStar Communications at (615) 831-1220.


The EnterMedia Network is a project developed by Titania Publications, LLC in early 1997. Not just a gaming information source, EnterMedia will also be a community that caters to the needs and wants of the online gaming fans across the world by providing several content area's as well as a network of affiliate Web sites representing the best gaming and entertainment Web sites in the world.

For more on EnterMedia, please contact:

Martin Kozicki
Executive/Editorial Content Manager
The EnterMedia Network

For more on advertising opportunities with EnterMedia, please contact:

Greta Laho
VP/ Business Development
BlueStar Communications

Online Media Kit:

# # # #

There you have it :). Slipgate

May 16, 1997

Java Chat tonight!
The Quake 2 Java Chat that was mentioned a few days ago is tonight. This is a reminder to those interested in coming. Many folks from the webring will be there (myself included), and anyone else who wants to come is welcome. Here's where the chat is @ (joke intended): It will require using a browser that can run a Java applet. It is tonight at 10 or 10:30 PM Eastern Standard Time. Be aware that if you aren't in the US Eastern Standard Time Zone to convert that time to your clock. Yes, it will be 3 AM in the UK. Nite is staying up for it :). Slipgate

Back after a while
Nite's been doing a lot of the updates recently. This is because of two reasons: a) I've been pretty busy this week, b) Trying to let you know that this page DOES have two maintainers. In any case, I have some work on this page to catch up on so here I am. I have made another Old News installment so this page will load quicker now. I've also done some other stuff........ (more on that later) Slipgate

Some new links
I've added some new links. One is for a Hexen 2 site run by a friend of Quake 2 page runner Dyno. (Check my Quake 2 Links to get to Dyno's page and check the other links for the Hexen 2 site). Another is to the page Talon's Strike. Good pages, check them out. I've also added a link to The Void to my Other Links area. I have contemplated combining my Other Links and Quake 2 Links areas into a single Links area with a two column table. Feedback on whether its fine this way or the new way would be better is appreciated. Slipgate

Entermedia deal done
I'm an Entermedia affiliate now. WOOHOO! :) I will put up the press release later if I can. Slipgate

May 14, 1997

Quake2 WWDC
Being a UK guy, I'm not sure what the WWDC is, but anyway, this is part of what Carmack said -

It [WWDC] is actually a port of the current research QuakeWorld-merging-into-Quake2 codebase, so it only plays network games at the moment.

It is running through 24 bit display postscript, and doesn't have the assembly language compiled in, so don't believe anyone that says it was running faster than under windows. It was a fast demo system. There is a good chance that it will be a bit faster then win32 when I am done with it, because the direct-to-screen API doesn't require all the locks and unlocks of Direct Draw, and the sound access will avoid the DirectSound penalties, but basically they should be the same.

98% of the support I need for games is present in rhapsody, and now that there is an existing game for it, the remaining decisions can be rationally guided.

I am still going to press the OpenGL issue, which is going to be crucial for future generations of games.

I am definately going to support Quake 2 on rhapsody. I may make a public release of the QuakeWorld demo, but I will probably wait until we get the full screen api working. Omnigroup has a little qspy-like openstep program that we can use with it.

So it is most definately true about Quake2 having the current QuakeWorld system. He says that it only played network games at the time of going to ".plan" - I really am hoping that they are concentrating on single-player before multi-player this time. Nite

Gamecenter jumps on the bandwagon
Yep, Gamecenter have produced a very small Quake2 feature. You can find it by clicking here. Nite

May 13, 1997

PC Gamer Quake2 Feature
Yes, another one, but this time it has a Real-Audio interview with Sandy Peterson at PC Gamer. Nite

Use Realaudio!
This is Slipgate....... I have compared the RealAudio and RealVideo versions of the Sandy Petersen thing, and you can't even hear well on the RealVideo, go for the RealAudio. Slipgate

Carmack .plans
Carmack updated his .plan with this -

I have considered a glide port many times (especially now that the rendering code is in a dll), but I allways reach the conclusion that it wouldn't be justified.

On the plus side, it could get a 10%-15% speedup over the OpenGL driver without going through too many contortions. Primarily by saving transforms for the lightmap pass and doing tightly packed vertex arrays for the enemy models.

The big drawback is that every codepath that gets added holds back future innovation. Just having software and gl is a lot of work, and I have allready commited to verite support. This is a difficult point for some people to understand, but it is crucially important. The more places I need to rewrite a feature, the less likely I am to put it in. If I only had the opengl version to worry about, Quake 2 would be so much cooler...

So now you know. Nite

American .plans too!
American McGee made this plan update recently:

Strange request and the 5th element

This is going to be an odd request but here goes...
If there is anyone out there who does (or knows
someone who does) sound effects for motion pictures
please send me an email. I'm looking for someone to
bounce some ideas off of about the sound effects
in Quake2.

Btw: If you haven't seen "The Fifth Element" yet, go
do it. It came very close to bumping "Blade Runner"
as my all time favorite movie. I'll admit it has it's
flaws, but it has some of the best visuals, sounds, and
music out there.

After a while he made this simple plan update.

U2 kinda sucked.

Interesting man, isn't he :)? Slipgate

Go see Quaker Joltmeal
A good other site to see is Quaker Joltmeal by Magic Monkey. Check it out. Slipgate

Quake Squared
ID has used Quake with a squared (exponent 2) sign on both their website and in the PC Gamer Sandy Petersen interview page. Anybody think that's Quake 2's logo? :) It was interesting to note that Sandy Petersen said the game was basically done except for finishing the levels and getting really good sound in. Slipgate

May 11, 1997

Q2 mailing list launched
Finally, the Q2 mailing list has been launched. On joining, you will receive a weekly email (sent on Saturdays probably) with a few of the more important news items of that week. Of course, you'll still have to come here to get the full story though. =) So to join, email and just tell me (I'm doing this manually until I find a script). If you want to cancel your "subscription", just email me again and tell me. Thanks. Nite

Format change
You will see there is no lowerleft frame now. I have come up with a different solution :). Perfect on 800x600 now, and actually usable on 640x480 now. Slipgate

I have removed irrelevant finger links from this page. Slipgate

Send mailing list comments to Nite
Nite is the one with the mailing list. Send what you think about it to Nite, not Slipgate. Thank you. Nite

Screenshot contest
On the Runner1 homepage there is a contest to make levels in Quake that look like the Quake 2 screenshots look. Read more about it there. Slipgate

Quake 2 java chat!
Next Friday at 10pm EST (US Eastern Standard Time) there is a Java Chat on the Quake 2 Nebula. The chat will be at the following URL: People are free to join, but keep in mind that since its a Java chat, you must be able to handle Java in your browser. Thanks to Jonathan Ruff for organizing it up and holding it on his site. Slipgate

Stop reading, it's Mother's Day!
Get off the computer and let your Mom know how much you love her :). Slipgate

May 10, 1997

Quake 2 Preview thing
There is a Quake 2 preview called I Brake for Quake by Computer Gaming World on Gamespot. It's not what was in the issue, it is something else. Go read it, it turns out that id tells magazines some things it doesn't tell us :). Thanks to The Void for the info. Slipgate

Now on ICQ
I'm now on ICQ. For those of you on ICQ, my UIN is 1088038. For those of you not on ICQ, you can page me from the following URL: Please don't send me just trash, send me something meaningful. You will need my authorization before you can add me to your contact list. Slipgate

Interview with maker of first Quake grappling hook
With the news of Quake 2 possibly INCLUDING a grappling hook, Needlez's Well of Wishes (go to the No Macarena version :) ) has an interview up with the guy who made the first grappling hook for Quake (the one that eventually got built into CTF). It's a pretty cool interview, go read it :). What's even cooler is his first inspiration was Bionic Commando (I like many loved that game). Slipgate

Quake 2 mailing list?
What do you think of the idea of having a mailing list you can subscribe to, with letters coming out once weekly giving some of the news? Not all, but some? And if you are interested you can get the full scoop on one of the pages in the Quake 2 webring? How does that sound? Let FA-Nite know whether or not you think this is a good idea. If you mail me, I'll tell him what you say, but its far more direct to mail him. Slipgate

New member to the webring
I'd like to welcome the Quake 2 Nebula to the Quake 2 webring. It is run by Jonathan Ruff. I should warn you t's a very graphic intensive page, it will take time to load. Slipgate

How focused on Quake 2?
The Fault Line is a Quake 2 only page. My question is, how Quake 2 only do you want it to be? Should I mention developments on other games using the Quake 2 engine like Duke Nukem Forever and the new Hipnotic game or not? This page is geared specifically at Quake 2 but if you want this page to be about other games using Quake 2's engine also let me know. For now, I will post this bit: Check out Nuke Zone, a Duke Nukem Forever page that has sprung up. Also, go to and find out about SiN, the game coming up from then using the Quake 2 engine. Is that so bad, or do you want me to not mention any Quake 2 related games and just Quake 2? Let me know. Slipgate

May 9, 1997

Another budding Quake 2 page
Go check this page out, it's run by a guy I know on IRC called Prestige. He has a Quake 2 page and its promising....... check it out and bookmark it if you like it. I've added his Quake 2 page to my Quake 2 links. He'll have a link up there for you to get to his Quake 2 page. Slipgate

Quake 2 Preview on Next Generation
There is a Quake 2 preview up on Next Generation online. Very small and short, mostly just the screenshots and info we already know. Check the link if you want. Thanks to The Void for the info. Slipgate

Entermedia deal starting to go through
Entermedia will be making press releases on Monday about the Fault Line signing up as a member with it. I'm going to be quoted in the press releases :). Anyways, due to mounds of homework this weekend I won't be able to update the site as much as I'd like this weekend. However, I'm using this update to make up for it :). Slipgate

Information about Quake 2 screenshots
The Quake 2 screenshots may not be indicative of regular Quake 2 performance. As I mentioned yesterday, it turns out GLQuake screenshots are greater than 256 colors, and those screenshots are in the GLQuake equivalent mode of Quake 2 (two modes, gl and regular, are present in Quake 2 and can be switched between). The following John Carmack quote was brought to my attention by Rotwang.

It is really cool to be able to switch between software and gl without even restarting the game. We will be testing Quake 2 extensively in GL and even doing some specific development for it. My current wild guess is that about 15% of quake 2 customers will run the OpenGL version (there will be several cards coming out this year that are fast enough, besides just 3dfx), so it is definately a factor in our decisions.

Rotwang also gave me a heavily edited version of an EFNet #quake IRC log where Disruptor visited and talked briefly about the screenshots on May 7. This has been formatted nicely by myself for the page but not edited in any way.

Disruptor: lafarga: We took the shots on an Intergraph TDZ410 workstation
Lafarga: Disruptor: Hmmm. One of the ones with a Realizm card in it?
Disruptor: lafarga: but it looks sweet on a 3DFX in 640x480
Disruptor: yes lafarga
Lafarga: Disruptor: May I ask if there's any truth to the rumor that id's hiring of Hook means that there will be a 3DFX native (GLide) version of Quake?
Disruptor: lafarga: "I can't comment on that at this point in time"
Disruptor: Demon: Those shots were from GLQuake2

Furthermore, the Quake engine is apparently not typical of greater than 256 colors being standard without a rather major rewrite. This based on information provided to me by Christian Wagner, who runs a FAQ at This FAQ was mentioned on Blue's News, and I was pointed towards this FAQ both by Christian Wagner himself and by Rotwang. I found this same partial IRC log on the FAQ via a link, so thanks to the maintainer (Chris Wagner). Slipgate

May 8, 1997

American McGee plan update
American McGee updated his plan. Here it is straight from the horse's mouth:

I've been searching for something cool to give the sound effects in Quake2 an edge and I think I have found it. Today I ordered a system from a company called Symbolic Sound that should allow me to create some really unique and awesome game sounds. Can't wait till the UPS guy shows up with it! You can see what I mean at:

Its a good idea that they are focusing on sound. Quake's sound is just too common (the variety of HellKnight sounds are all nearly the same thing, etc.). I mean, sure its good, I'm not insulting it, but it could be better :). Slipgate

Bad beans about the screenshots
I received the following e-mail regarding my update about the screenshots and how it looked like Quake 2 was SuperVGA. Thanks to Garebear for mailing me.

Well, I know for a fact that Quake 2 will NOT USE MMX TECHNOLOGY. I few weeks ago I e-mailed John Carmack and this is what he said (concerning MMX and their games)...

MMX is not nearly as usefull for games as the propaganda says it is. MMX cpus are faster in general though, because they have larger caches and a couple other improvements.

I recommend waiting for the new 3dfx rush video card, which should be out soon.

John Carmack

Just thought you would like to know that! Keep up the great work on that page!

Garebear, thanks for the info, and thanks for the compliment. It looks as though Quake 2 won't be SuperVGA, but if it has colored lights then it's probably got to be. In another bit of news, I learned Quake 1 GLQuake screenshots are also thousands of colors anyways. Now we really are mystified by what video Quake 2 will feature. Slipgate

I will keep running my page
I got so many letters saying to keep the page going after Quake 2 came out I've decided to keep it going :). Slipgate

Quake 2 newsgroup update
For those of you who can't get to the Quake 2 newsgroup, be aware of how new it is. It hasn't propogated all news hosts yet, and sadly, news hosts won't always have all groups of an alt category (one of the reasons that there are rec Quake newsgroups). Try again in a day or two, or a week or two, depending. I didn't start the newsgroups and I'm not a newsgroup whiz, I'm sorry I can't help. Slipgate

Page makeover
You've noticed the page makeover by now. What do you think? I've added Quake 2 links and other links, differentiating between the two, as well as other various stuff. I think the left side of this page looks better now, but I cringe for 640x480 users still. If you have a GOOD Quake 2 page, e-mail me and I'll link you. (And that's all I have to say about that.) Slipgate

May 7, 1997

NEW SCOOP! exists now!
The newsgroup exists now. At the time of this writing, there are 11 messages. 1 by myself and 10 others. Finally! Slipgate

Quake 2 pics without crease lines!
Yes, there are 8 new pictures for your viewing pleasure. So I suggest you view them, or you will never know.

It should be noted that Tim Willits made a statement to the effect that Quake 2 is a work in progress and not to bug them with questions...... Of course I'll still ask some questions but I won't bug them with stuff they haven't decided yet. FA-Nite

Entermedia deal went through
The Entermedia deal has gone through. Of course, you can tell that much from the graphic off to the left :). Soon I should be getting a banner. Entermedia saw my plea for web space and has offered to host me on their (URL would be I am considering it. By the way, this page really DOES need at least 800x600 resolution for proper viewing now. Slipgate

Cool beans about the screenshots
Not only are the screenshots JPEGS, which hints that Quake 2 might have color depth greater than 256 colors, but I counted the colors of the screenshots (not by my eyes of course) and there are THOUSANDS of colors in them. Quake 2 looks like it will be SuperVGA, but no word on whether it will use MMX or not. Probably will. It should be noted that the screenshots were taken in the Quake 2 equivalent of GLQuake. Slipgate

Fault Line concerns
I'm sorry to burst your bubble while you are enjoying the new screenshots (which I'm sorry we updated about late), but this is of concern to us. The Fault Line was originally alloted 3 megabytes of space (which we have long since used up and more). We need to find somewhere to host us. Sort of similar to what Redwood was asking, we're wondering if any major Quake domains out there are willing to host The Fault Line. Unlike Redwood, we don't have lots of requirements. Here are our requirements:

  • More than 3 megabytes of space (because The Fault Line uses more than 3 already).
  • Ability to handle long filenames (I think all major Quake domains out there can do this, but just making sure).
  • Ability to upload updates via FTP rather than HTTP. We don't like changing our existing style.
  • Hopefully a short easy to remember URL for the page. ( = good, = bad).

  • If any major Quake domain out there is willing to host the Fault Line, let me know please! Slipgate

    What after Quake 2 is out?
    What would the user community like to see happen to the Fault Line once Quake 2 is out? Do you want us to make a final update to the effect, "The game is out", and then stop updating the Fault Line and end its life, or do you want us to continue the Fault Line by having it switch gears into a page dedicated to Quake 2 happening news, like new levels or modifications out, etc. What do you want the Fault Line to do once the game is out? Let me know. It is a pleasure running this site and I will definitely continue it on different gears once the game is out if you want me to. Slipgate

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