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NAME: Chaingun

AMMO USED: Bullets


RATE OF FIRE: Max of approx. 28 bullets per second

DAMAGE DEALT: 8 per bullet (6 in deathmatch)

"The chain gun makes mince meat out of your enemy, but requires an insane amount of ammunition. The long spin up and spin down time makes the chaingun most effective for sustained attacks."

This is the weapon of choice for taking on big boys such as the tank, brain, and gladiator. When you start to fire, the barral rotates very slowly and you don't do much damage. The rate of fire then quickly increases as you hold down fire, and the barral keeps on spinning for a second (and firing) after you let go. This baby can eat all your ammo in 10 seconds, so make sure you aim carefully. If you have enough experience you'll be able to time it so that you let go of fire before the enemy's dead, and the spin down shots kill him.