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NAME: Machinegun

AMMO USED: Bullets

MAX AMMO: 250 with bandolier, 200 without

RATE OF FIRE: About 3 bullets per second

DAMAGE DEALT: 8 per bullet (6 in deathmatch)

"Although this weapon is easy to use, its light weight allows for considerable kickback that will push your gun up. Fire in short bursts until you can effectively steady your aim."

This is likely the first rapid-fire weapon you will pick up. It is most effective at close to medium range - at long range the bullets scatter signifantly and make it hard to severely damage your target. There is a lot of kickback when firing this weapon - if you fire for more than a few seconds, your aim will slowly drift upwards and you will have to aim down to correct it. The machinegun is most effective against the smaller opponents, perfect for guards and enforcers, but can be used against the larger ones too if you have the time and ammo. In deathmatch play, the kickback has been greatly reduced, so the gun will not drift upwards at all.