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NAME: Hand Grenade

AMMO USED: Grenades


DAMAGE DEALT: Max of 125

RATE OF FIRE: 1 Grenade every 3 seconds, grenades explode about 4.5 seconds after pressing fire

"Twist the grenade to activate the fuse timer. The longer you hold an active grenade, the farther you'll throw it. Just remember to throw at some point. Throwing the hand grenade does not make a sound. Therefor the aliens can't easily trace it back to you."
This is one of the coolest innovations in Quake 2. You don't need a grenade launcher to use grenades! As the manual states, you can throw them on their own. Hold down the fire key to throw them farther, but be careful: they will explode in your hand if you hold down on fire too long. Listen carefully: they explode on the forth loud "tick". If you let go right before the fourth tick, it will explode right in front on you. A good time to let go is right after the second tick, which gives the grenade enough time to travel. The grenades are similar to those fired out of the grenade launcher, except that these are desinged for closer range and do more damage. Remember, don't get too close to them and don't aim straight up, killing yourself is not fun.