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NAME: Grenade Launcher

AMMO USED: Grenades


RATE OF FIRE: Approx. 1 grenade every 1.1 seconds

DAMAGE DEALT: Max of about 120 per grenade

"The grenade launcher is useful for delivering firepower into hard to reach areas or clearing out potential ambushes. We do not recommend using the grenade launcher in confined area."

This weapon fires grenades which will bounce around for a while and explode roughly 3 seconds after being fired, or when they hit an enemy, whichever comes first. These pack quite a bit of punch; enough to gib most of the small enemies. Grenades are explosives, meaning they have a blast radius which will damage enemies even if they are not hit directly. It is a pretty big blast radius...try not to get too close to your grenades as they're exploding. When firing, for maximum distance, get a running start, aim slightly up, jump, and press fire just at the peak of your jump. If you're at close range, fire while walking backwards so you don't hurt yourself.