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Rocket launcher

AMMO USED: Rockets


DAMAGE DEALT: 100 - 120 (random)

RATE OF FIRE: One rocket in about 1.4 seconds

"The rocket launcher delivers heavy fire power to your target. Be careful not to use this weapon in close combat."

This is similar to the first Quake's rocket launcher, with one exception, being that the rockets are much slower (this was implemented in the name of weapon balance). The rocket launcher is very powerful, killing virtually all of the small enemies on one direct hit. The tanks seem resistant to rockets, possible because of their armoured body, but that doesn't make the rocket launcher uneffective, just not QUITE as effective. Rockets explode as soon as they hit anything, and since they are explosive, they have splash damage. This means that the explosions hurt the enemy (or you, so don't fire into a wall) even if the rocket did not hit them directly. Another cool part about thr rocket launcher is "rocket jumping", first created in the first quake. Nothing has changed since then; to rocket jump, aim straight down at the ground, jump, and fire a rocket almost immedieatly after jumping. The force of the explosion will take off about 20 health, but you will be sent upwards MUCH higher than you can normally jump.