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NAME: Hyperblaster



RATE OF FIRE: About 5 "zaps" per second

DAMAGE DEALT: 10 per zap (15 in deathmatch)

"A hyper blaster is an energy chain gun with no spin up delay. Its high rate of fire is incredibly effective at destroying the enemy and depleting your energy cells."

This is one of the more powerful weapons, particularily useful in taking out medium enemies such as the berserker and gunner. Just press fire, and don't let go until everyone you can see is dead :). It fires a lot of blaster shots, exactly the same as those fired by your side-arm, in quick succession. This works well against the small enemies as well as medium, but it simply takes too long to deal enough damage to kill a tank, so you'd be better off switching to a chaingun. One thing to watch out for: if you fire over a long period of time, the barral will require a second of time to spin down, during which you will be unable to fire. In deathmatch play, this weapon cuts through enemies faster than anything else, provided you can get a straight shot.