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NAME: Super Shotgun

AMMO USED: Shells (1 shot uses 2 shells)

MAX AMMO: 150 with bandolier, 100 without

DAMAGE DEALT: Max of about 100

RATE OF FIRE: 1 shot every 1.5 seconds

"This is the uncompromising big brother to the Shotgun, intended for a close encounter of the dangerous kind. It eats more shells than the Shotgun, but the show is well worth the price of admission."

This weapon is indeed the big brother of the shotgun. The basics are the same as the shotgun: it uses shells, fires a buckshot, and is most effective at extremely close range. This weapon, however, packs a much bigger punch. It can be enormously powerful at point-blank range - up to about 65 damage. It takes only 1 shot to kill an infantry, 2 for a parasite, 2 for a gunner, 3 for a beserk, and as little as 6 for a tank. This is the weapon of choice for many people. A few things to watch out for: it eats shells rather quickly, using 2 per shot. It is not effective at long range - the buckshot scatters a lot. It takes a long time to reload, one and a half seconds, but that's not usually a problem because the enemies are typically reeling backwards after being hit the first time :). With those things in mind, pick this baby up and start gibbing!